If you try to click on to http://www.longislandserialkiller.com this is what you’ll see.


Due to the lack of sensitivity and the amount
of people who this website has offended it is being disabled. This website was
started to help bring more attention to case and help catch the Long Island
Serial Killer but it obviously has not. We who created this website do not feel
like running it anymore due to the amount of emails and negative responses it
has received.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

When I started blogging about the posts I’d read on this site I had no idea I would be writing about its final days. But that’s what ended up happening. Some say it will return after things settle down (not sure what that means, I guess by most they mean when TROLLS get bored and have moved on to something else) But for now it is gone, and with it, it’s sister page on Facebook: Catch The Long Island Killer. Unfortunately I had only been to that site twice before it shut down. But it seemed like many similar posting was going on there, and since there are Facebook pages connected to these, I would have liked to read over it much more.
I did though, as I tirelessly keep posting, read a lot of stuff from longislandserialkiller.com. The site was basically separated into 2 parts. Articles written by those involved with the site, which included news articles etc. The other part were articles sent in by reader as emails to the site. Both the reader stuff and the site stuff had a comment section, and that is where things got serious, how serious? Heres a comment from one of these posts:
imagine how far the s family took it for their neighbors to even consider it. twisted bunch. gee, joey why not tell the story of how your parents met? open the can and the worms come out.
flukeyou claims not to be who i say he is. so what about that video on chanel 11? the one of you punking gus, right after his knee replacement. sure made you feel like a big man huh? hmmm? did you think that went away? think again. might be a good idea not to physically assault your neighbors on camera, and then speak about it on facebook. you outted yourself. little joey.

The personal info thrown back and forth in these comments, which seem not only to accuse people of being frauds, but to connect them to the case as well, contradicts itself sometimes but other times seemed to hit on some truths about both the case and these posters. We are gonna look at some of those posts here and try to figure them out as well as understand the motives of some of these posts. Before we get started, there is something I need to get out of the way first…