The first post I read on was from the screen name Mysterymom7 (to save typing I will follow suit and use the abbreviation MM7 a lot). The post was not unlike others written about the Long Island case, but as I started reading the comments I discovered some strange back and forths between some of the posters. I covered alot of this part in my other blog and I don’t want to start off this blog repeating every thing from that blog, so I’ll just use this post to once againg give a link to MM7’s blog “Catching LISK”:

Her side of this story as well as lots of insights on this case are well worth reading. And she posts links to here so she can’t be as bad a PS149 says. Seriously though,  MM7 seems to be seeking TRUTH and I highly compliment anyone who dares to do so.

We will come back to this part of the story, but first let’s take a look back…