Doc’s family, canning family, coletti family, Gambino family, Newman family, brewer and Pak have the information of who was really at the party that night….this also starts to explain the actions of these families during the critical period between SG knocking on BB’s door and the police arriving…and why they’re all now tangled together in a web of lies.
 Flukeyou on August 20th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

As you see in the comment above, posted by Flukeyou over a year and a half ago, Fluke was working on more than sleuthing. He seemed to have knowledge about the night Shannan Gilbert disappeared. It also seemed  known to other posters that Flukeyou was or had been a resident of The Oak Beach private community where Shannan had disappeared from. And many posters would ask for info from him. A poster by the name of Truthspider agreed with Flukeyou on his suspiciousness of the neighbors in this community. And they both seemed to narrow in on one main suspect:


Dear Santa,

When the LISK is arrested please make the news headlines read:

“Hero with real world foster care experience blows whistle on fraudulent Doctor and his phony halfway house.”

“Shannan Gilbert awarded a posthumous Prezidential Medal of Freedom for fraud detection and preventing countless more deaths.”



The above post was made under the name Brendan, the supposed “real” name of a sleuther from It was posted in December of 2011 and one of the only comments made on it was from Flukeyou:

I concur….

Flukeyou on December 18th, 2011 at 5:50 pm

It seems that the 2 sites ( and were about to connect, at least with a few sleuthers, and a POI (person of interest) was beginning to become an ongoing debate and the start off much mud-slinging and airing of dirty laundry.

It would become clear that both Flukeyou and Truthspider believed Dr. Hackett to be Shannan’s killer and that many of the Oak Beach residents knew and were in someway helping to cover it up.

So here we have 2 sites and 2 screen names that are about to start circumstances a rollin’ to where both sites would have to remove posters, change how they run, and one of the sites would eventually shut down. And right away some posters thought somtething was up…

Hmmmm….this ‘Truthspider’ guy from WEBSLEUTHS, aka “Brendan Murphy”…the one with the Obsession with PH….
You mean to tell me there’s ANOTHER ONE who has an Obsession with PH….???

There is one here that is Obsessed with the DR. as well, AND
I will go so far (as some others would agree) as to FRAME him for something he DID NOT DO.

Hmmmmmm…….As you say Cheryl, on here, People can be-whoever they want.

Deee on January 1st, 2012 at 2:31 am

And there were “others” that agreed…