I’m not here to try and change anybody’s opinion, only to offer mine. I’ve also seen the video of JS jr.acting,believe it or not, more reserved than normal while dealing with a neighbor. He must have known the cameras were on. He’s a guy with some serious anger problems. I don’t consider that a video of a resident acting poorly towards a victims family member.
Jenny, please be aware that I’ve been following this story since it began and have watched all the shows, read all the stories and seen all the videos. I’ve also lurked around on a few different web sites that discuss it.
NO WAY, sorry you got a bad impression of OB. As far as the property value argument, most people I know wouldn’t leave the beach for all the money in the world.
People are not always going to see things the same way, and should be able to discuss why they see the same thing differently, without it turning into an attack on anyone. Not that I feel at all attacked, or feel that I’ve attacked anyone.
mcme on February 8th, 2012 at 3:35 pm 

The first mentions of Joey all seem to be about an Oak Beach resident who is seen on the News.  Mentions of J.S. Jr. on the news with neighbor Gus. I did not see these news programs, I do not know who J.S. Jr. is, but due to so many early posts of him on the news and the mentions of him being a neighbor in Oak Beach, leads me to believe the Scalice Family lived in the gated community.  This is why I’m not capable to really sleuth this case, I don’t even know if the Scalice family lived in Oak Beach, but again, many comments from different sleuthers  say that they were.

And from the beginning it seems there were some people on the site that thought Flukeyou was Joey. And I’m guessing MM7 knew (or thought) Flukeyou was Joey. Yet even when PS149 accused Flukeyou of being Joey (at the time I thought this was a new accusation, now I know it has been going on for a while) there is still some hesitation for anyone to come right out and say Flukeyou is Joey, even though everyone seems to know this.

If Joey is Flukeyou a lot makes sense and a lot more can be focused on. So Joey has reasons to target CPH and has been on sites using different screen names ( I believe Too Close had noticed on at least one post I read where Fluke forgot to change his name Brendan before posting). I also think Flukeyou was behind some of the comments on MM7s blog, like Gus and Barbra H., but that’s just my opinon. But the Brendan thing confuses me because then who is Brendan/Truthspider. They seem to be 2 different people connected maybe through something to do with lifeguards. So why was Flukeyou posting under his buddies name?

What I’m getting at is there are screen names on both sides that seem may be connected to A. Flukeyou or B. Too Close Too Home. And a lot of these screen names had already stopped posting before I started reading. Did they stop posting or did they change screen names or were they just retired sock puppets?