So I had a plan to how this blog would continue… the next title was to be CHERYL#1 and bring us back into those final comments on that I first had stumbled on to in February. I was gonna write about how Chery#1 seemed to be the one who tried to really stay out of the finger-pointing and name calling and would try to keep things on topic. But as I have commented, stuff came out of the games as well and Cheryl#1 seemed to be able to separate and discuss what was important without going off on those who were deemed “spreading misinformation”. Not that Cheryl#1 did not comment on people being suspicious with the info they had (such as Flukeyou). But Cheryl seemed (to me at least) try to stay above the drama without constantly complaining about the drama like others did. This would have then brought me to M.D. Rice and Linda. Which would have came first, I’m not sure, because honestly I was worried about Linda’s. I knew it was gonna seem harsh. So I probably would have ended Cheryl#1 leading into the sometimes arguments that Cheryl#1 and M.D.Rice would get into. Then next would have titled

M.D.RICE and I would have written about M.D.Rice someowhat take on the case (which is a little confusing because they never could really fully comment  on their ideas, but I believe it had something to do with a professional hit man with a personal vendetta of some sort. Which I would have then gone into how that makes me thing of Fluke and the other “gangster names” said to have lived in OB. Then on to how some like Cheryl#1 suspected M.D.Rice was a fake screen name or not who they claim to be or something like this, I have not yet gone back to reread and get the whole jist of it, and since I’m not continuing the blog in this manner there is no need to at this moment figure out M.D.Rice. But I do know I would have ended that blog discussing why commenters like Cheryl#1 and others saw things in M.D.Rice’s comments but could not see what I saw in Linda’s comments. Which would have made the next blog called

LINDA, (edited since original post) Linda’s comments seemed to be contradicting.  She could be nice and friendly but then could also be pretty harsh. From feeling foolish to suddenly ranting on and on about others.  Linda was not the only one to call names, but hers could be like I said, harsh. Next would have been

PS149 which would have been cool, cause PS149 has recently joined us here in comments. I mainly would have had questions about comments PS149 made and why they were so sure (if they did not know him personally) KNOW CPH was innocent. I would have also brought my belief that PS149 and Too Close Too Home did not seem like the same person to me, but I wondered if they didn’t know each other in RL. I would have then bought it full circle to

MYSTERYMOM7 and about how I felt about her being stalked, which I have said again and again is a CRIME and not a GAME and she needs to keep up on it till some one is held responsible, I would have also gone into how, like other’s, I could see how the possible influence from Flukeyou could be distracting some of her ideas and so on and so forth, but again why go on about it now right?

Then it would have been time for some kind of ending… but what? I mean I haven’t shown anything that most of you don’t already know… the TRUTH will come out or it won’t… hopefully the CPH trial will answer some questions, but maybe it won’t. As I have always said, hopefully this case gets solved SOON!  For the victims and the families, this is what NEEDS to be done. And also as I have said I am not in any position but to ask questions when it comes to the LISK case. But I could see through some of these comments on and thought I could get a better understanding by blogging about it, and I did. But proving anything is impossible. At least for me. I can only speculate, and as of yesterday, I realized that would help no one reading this blog. Only myself. And that would defeat the whole reason I started blogging.

But we still have to have some sort of ending…

So bear with me…

just a little bit longer.