For Those I Have Mentioned


This is for those of you from LISK.com that I have mentioned in this blog, with the exception of Cristin, Jen, and Dorothy, I have separate posts for you coming soon.

But from Too Close Too Home to Linda, from Cheryl to PS149, to all of you I have written about somewhere in this blog.

I really hope you read my second disclaimer, if not you really should. I know you all only as screen names and by what you tell me or others tell me about you. I do not claim to know who any of you are really, though I have a better idea today than when I first started reading LISK.com. I’m not sure which of you are outsiders like me and which of you are connected in some way. Which of you have shared e-mails or phone calls is unknown to me.  But it is somewhat clear to me that most screen names still commenting are separate people and not sock puppets for some one else. In fact the only one I still have my doubts on is PS149. At this moment I don’t believe PS149 is a separate person but a screen name someone created to ither help MM7’s story or expose it. Well I know who is trying hardest to expose it, so you might get who I think PS149 is. But I wouldn’t put it past DPH or MM7 to create the screen name to help them look like victims. Point is I don’t think PS149’s identity is so unknown.

Again, not fact, but it is what makes sense to me after all I have read. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but we all know PS149 has not made many comments here. I think there are a few screen names afraid to because I might figure them out. Meaning you Fluke and PS149.  Although there was lots of talk about sock puppets, I think most fake screen names came as a direct link to Cristin’s and Jen’s game. I don’t want to leave JS or Dorothy out of that, because they had their parts to play.

So there, I know it’s not much, but it’s something right? Those of you who were like me and only trying to understand why these games were being played got brought into the accusations for no other reason than not understanding or not believing hype and BS. To a point where even now I couldn’t tell you if anyone was actually involved in this case (other than the ones who put themselves in it).

Also to any of you who actually spoke with Cristin on the phone, although I do not believe JS or MM7’s phone was bugged, she has said that she recorded quite a few of her calls.  She gave me a list of people she has talked to, I don’t know how many of them were by phone, but if you did talk to MM7 over the phone, there is a chance it was recorded. Hopefully anyone recorded by her knows they were recorded, because that is one thing I know is not legal.

And as for the Fieldnotes interview that we all know now didn’t happen. I myself just found this out recently, another part of this game that they will play off as something else then it actualy is, a lie plain and simple.  I remember this is when I first heard of DPH because PS149 (if I remember right) said Fieldnotes said he never talked to MM7 but had a call from someone named Dorothy claiming to be MM7. (one of the biggest clues to who PS149 is right there, MHO) All BS and all of them wrapped up in it.

Why? Maybe to get close to Mari, maybe to get money (there is a definite underline dialog here that people are asking for help with bills etc. but again not my place to go into) maybe a book as some have suggested. But I doubt any of them actually think they are close to solving this case like they would lead everyone to believe. Cristin has already backed off most everyone they have connected including DPH’s husband, which is funny because DPH wrote me saying her and Cristin had proof that her husband and CPH knew each other and that they were part of this big Crime Ring they both were about to expose. Cristin stepped back from her accusations of CPH long enough to say he may not be the killer but is evolved in this group of guys who think paying for sex is a good hobby. Depending on which day, some or all of them are killers or involved in human trafficking. But are any of these people connected? Again, it sounds to me like the only one Cristin is still claiming as her POI is CPH. Which is good, because DPH can now remove all those names she sends out to people (she don’t even know) as criminals.

Again I don’t know who is involved in any real criminal activity, so far none of them have been able to crack any case nor get the police to make any arrest. So it seems a few of you had a good idea back on LISK.com as to what was going on here. I compliment those of you who stuck with this ( I wasn’t always nice to all of you). Again though some of you had e-mails and phone calls etc. to know what you knew. I got there eventually, lol.

One last thing, and this is gonna sting a little, but I can no longer keep this in the shadows. I was asked at first not to post this for fear it would then disappear like everything else has.  I did not want to post it because it is not a nice blog and I felt bad reading it. But it seems to be real (although I will let you decide for yourself) if not then I will wait for some other reason it exist. Take a look your self, quick because it may go away now that I put it out there. Here is the link that was sent to me:


I have a few comments about this blog, but since I am not totally sure of why it was written or why it is still out there I will wait on those comments.

But I will say this… several things in this blog are things that were leaked out on LISK.com and then said was a reason that phones must be bugged. MM7 wrote in public and in private to me, these were things she only discussed with Joey and since she did not think he told anyone else about them her conversations must have been listened too. But then some one sends me a blog from 2008 showing all of these things. Am I missing something? Any one could have read these.

Again, this is why I call this a game, and please don’t anyone think I’m looking to play. Those of you privy to info, this is just to show you that EVERYONE is privy to info. And for those of you not privy to info, I’m gonna do my best to make you part of that EVERYONE.

We were outsiders, some trying to help, some just looking for honest information, but others wanted to turn it into something else. Not our fault. They are the only ones who can come clean and stop this.

For The Reader


This blog still gets lots of views daily. I don’t know if all the readers of this blog  are mentioned somewhere in it or if I actually have other outsiders reading. But this is for them if they are out there. This is also for anyone still reading, who came over from MM7’s blog or LISK.com but are not mentioned anywhere in this blog. I hope there is a few at least. So again, this is for you, the reader who is not involved.
Depending on how long you have been reading or how much you have read, you may have seen me write early on that because of all the e-mails, phone calls, etc. done behind the scenes it was impossible for someone just reading to tell what was really going on. With everyone conspiring in secret, what was coming out in public form could not be trusted.  Even when I first started blogging about it I did not want to get caught up in that because I knew it was a twisted scene.

So at first, like you, I read what was written in public and that was what I had to go by. Even in my blog, if someone wanted to correct me or explain something, it was done in public form in the comments. I eventualy decided to send a few emails as I have talked about before, but I still stayed away from that web I knew was out there. But again, behind the scenes things were happening.

After LISK.com was down, while both my blog and MM7’s blog were both up a falling out was happening. In public we all read about MM7 distancing herself from  Flukeyou, but what none of us knew was MM7 and Jen were the ones about to break up. It is a little funny now, that it is this falling out that would lead to me getting wrapped up in the behind the scenes stuff which would then lead me to know about this falling out. See? Twisted.

MM7 and Jen were working together, in fact they both tell me that Jen introduced Joey  (Flukeyou) to Cristin (MM7).  I think MM7 believes Jen was trying to set her up the whole time and expose her to Mari. This brings someone named Susie into the story. I have no idea who Susie is (and that doesn’t mean I need anyone to tell me who she is, I know who YOU all say she is, I just mean I have never seen her comment nor have I had any contact with her) From what I gather MM7 thought this Susie was saying MM7 was writing a book but now believes it was Jen who did this. Whether Jen and Cristin’s fall out was because Jen no longer wanted to work with Cristin or that Jen had all along been pretending to work with her to prove she was lying about her motives, the outcome is the same. Jen starts sending me emails to discredit Cristin. At first I didn’t think much about it, others had already told me MM7 was ither mislead or straight up deceitful. But the more e-mails the more I could see, that Jen and Cristin were playing the kind of games I had been saying all along was going on. And Cristin always hated that I called what I saw going on in her blog and LISK.com a game. And here was the tip of the abyss right here, but I knew that because of  all of the behind the scenes emails, phone calls, IM’s and Skypes it was now a huge mess and I did not want to sort it out.

So I sent a message to Mari, to tell her about how I thought people were playing games on the internet with info from her court case and google sleuthing. I told her I felt I needed to let her know because these people led me to believe they had contact with her, those being Cristin, Jen, and Dorothy. I did not say anything really negative about them, just that she/Mari  should look into what they were saying about each other if she wasn’t already. I don’t know how my message was received, I’m not real good at messages, no spell checks kill me, plus I really did not want to bother her so I’m not sure I came across right. Also these three have actual contact with her, and I have no idea what they might say about me.

We all know the outcome from there, Mari commented on my blog and I got a lot more e-mails from Jen, Dorothy, and Cristin. I mean lots and most of them quite lengthy.  Some of them filling in all the behind the scene gaps. Bam! I was now stuck in this web of e-mails. And all though there is quite a bit of honesty in these e-mails, everyone tells it as if they are the victim. You can’t all be victims… in fact even with all three of them sending me their side of things I still feel as I stated long before I had this good of grasp on what was going on here, and that’s none of you are victims, not really. Mari and her search for truth are the victims here. Yep still don’t see it any differently then I did before all of these e-mails from people who somehow think they are victims in this, something all three of them put them selves into.

I don’t know if this helps clear anything up for the other outsiders out there, but I have a few more messages for those more involved here and there will probably be comments below with another perspective, so keep reading… good insights still to come.

One More Thing…


I think this blog is not so much done, as it might be shifting again… or maybe I need to start a whole other blog to continue in a whole new direction.
Now that DPH has decided I might be a part of this Crime Ring, a whole new world of words want to pour out of me. I’m gonna try to help you DPH, though your actions up to this point do not assure me you deserve this help.
It should be obvious to you that if you start pointing a finger at me then you only prove what others say about the both of you (DPH & MM7). That if you don’t agree with them they will call you an accomplice to murder. I know you have seen this written as many times as I have.  So again if you keep doing this to people that don’t agree with you your list will be so long NO ONE will believe you. (the list you sent me is already pretty long, if you add the name zero to it, well that just may be your jumping the shark moment)

I don’t know much about your divorce so  I may be wrong, but it seems to me all this could not be helping you there. So implicating one more person who has nothing to do with your husband or what you believe he has done definitely won’t help you there.

And finally, and this is a little tricky, but if you get what I’m saying here it will be the biggest help to you yet:

If people tell me that they have been wrongly accused of something by you just because they don’t believe as you do (some deep stuff there if you take it that way) and then you wrongly accuse me of something because I don’t believe the things you tell me, all you are doing is creating more people who don’t believe you. I know  I’m not involved in this, and you can not convince me other wise because, once again, I know I’m not involved. So everyone you accuse of things that they  know they are not guilty of will never believe anything you say about others. I hope you get that. Because all though this Jen/Cristin feud is bad enough, you take things to places that are just not acceptable or at least shouldn’t be.

One Final Truth


You may have noticed that comments are no longer getting through, I felt Mari should have the last word there for now. I do want to clear a few things up for those who have not read this blog as a whole as well as give a little more understanding to where things are at the moment. This blog has never been about sleuthing or whether I believe someone’s deductions. It has always been against the public smearing and airing of personal info. From the very first I explained I did not agree with people sleuthing and pouring out case info that needed to be given to LE. Any comments suggesting they know any thing about any case, I said to give the info to proper LE. I have constantly put out links to Mari’s Facebook page for Shannan and links to 48 HOURS and strongly encourage that everyone go to these sites for more info and to show support. I have always said that this is about the comments and post that people were putting out there that I thought looked like games being played. Again I could not understand why ideas were being argued the way they were, if you have info give it to LE and let them handle it. Of course I think some people question whether LE is handling it, but this is not for me to discuss, but even then take it to someone who can do something with it, on-line finger-pointing will not help any thing.

Now that both MM7’s blog and LISK.com are gone (the 2 places where the comments that bothered me were) my blog stands alone and it may not be easy to understand why I keep it up. To explain that I will have to go into  the many emails I have received by a few people. This is only to clear things up and to show why I am still here.

Let’s go back to the first person I contacted, MM7, after all most of my info came from her blog, and I was also worried that if she was in danger, she really needed to get LE involved. This was right around the time LISK.com disapeared. Flukeyou and PS149 (this is from memory ony) had been throwing out info back and forth about residents of Oak Beach. Well Fluke was, PS149 was countering about one main resident and his family. Outing Fluke as JS. MM7 was asking for forgiveness and had said she no longer thought it was CPH. In our emails she told me she was really being stalked and that she didn’t mind my blog because it was more proof of the crazy posts. And my blog got tons of crazy posts and personal info and general junk. I tried to remove most comments that had used last names and personal info. And at any time someone asked me to remove something I did. DPH asked me to remove her name and initials from here and I did, then she started commenting everywhere on my blog. And just a note, I had told MM7 that she needed to be careful who she was talking to. I never believed her phone was being bugged, I truly thought information she was giving others was getting spread around and used against her. She told me she was backing off talking with Flukeyou but still trusted him and that she was secretly working with DPH and please not to tell any one. Which until now I have not mentioned, but I think it is now out in the open  that they are working together, so no foul done, right?

I actually did not share many emails with MM7. And a few others that I did share emails with told me that her ideas on the case were misguided and I shouldn’t listen to her. Point I’m making here, I did not share any ongoing emails with any one. Then came Jen.

Jen claimed she had worked with MM7 until she realized MM7 was using the same methods to get info that she accused others of doing to her. Jen sent me tons of stuff she thought proved MM7 was not being stalked but was creating situations to self promote or help spread her beliefs of CPH being involved in the case. Again tons of stuff that ment nothing to me, I told her the same thing I told MM7, “I am not the one you need to prove anything to, LE or Mari but not me.” I have yet to hear a story from any one that I believe, I’m beginning to see that the blog and sleuth world is one big game of he said she said and misinformation.

Lots of accusations from Jen and some stuff to back some things up, much like MM7.  Now we are talking close to the time MM7’s blog disappeared. Along with Jen’s endless supply of stuff I could do nothing with, MM7 wrote a few more e-mails assuring me that she was being stalked and the crime ring she had uncovered is responsible for a lot of missing and dead people. She also told me she believed Jen was a driver for this crime ring. Again, I told both Jen and MM7 all of this means nothing to me, give it to the people who can understand it and do something about it. It was obvious to me these 2 had a feud with each other, I told them both that most of the stuff they sent me could mean lots of things, but they just sent me more to try to convince me, which was fine since I did start a blog and post emails so I wasn’t upset with the info, some of it was quite inlightning and helped me understand each of them better. It was just they both contradicted each other and I didn’t know ither of them, so how did I know who was telling the truth? Both of them had some good points and both had some things I just didn’t believe. But at this point MM7’s blog is pulled and there is not much left for my blog, I had no intention to talk about Jen and MM7’s private e-mails. Then 2 things happened. One was Mari commented here, which I’ll get to in a minute, the other was DPH.

We have Jen and MM7 who is Cristin and if I thought some of their ideas in their e-mails were hard to belive DPH was about to blow my mind. DPH or Dorothy, bombarded me with emailsthe other day. First warning me not to use any thing in her e-mails in my blog, then telling me to remove a comment made about DPH (which I did) and then proceeded to list many names she believed were a part of this crime ring. Jen’s name was one of these. I found this all very surreal. Dorothy and Cristin were telling me Jen was part of this crime ring they have been looking into, while Jen was telling me  Dorothy and Cristin were liars and had personal vendettas that they were linking into the LISK case.  I knew long before this point no good would come of any of this and in fact I thought nothing would come from it, I was way beyond this thinking now. Good or bad, maybe something will come out of this. I could not get through to anyone that they needed to be going to Mari or her lawyer or LE. But I tried again a few times with Dorothy. I told her, I am not the one to be telling all this stuff to, I could not prove to anyone who was doing what to who. For an example, both Jen and Dorothy told me the other one called CPS on them. Why tell me that? I have no way of knowing who is telling the truth here. Dorothy’s e-mails got worse, she wanted me to say I believe you and will help you, but I could not honestly do that, all 3 of them were sending me stuff, as I’ve said, that was sometimes believable and others, well let’s just say, I’m not so sure. But again I told all of them go to LE with this stuff. If any of them have taken this stuff to LE, and they say they have, then this should be sorted out. And if not then  I’ll give a starting point, but it is truly up to those who have evidence.

Dorothy’s last e-mail went a little to far and is the primary reason I am writing this blog today. She wrote:

If you are involved in this crime ring (including supporting the monsters who killed all these innocent women, men and a little girl/age 19-24 months), then
all I can say is that I hope you FIND REDEMPTION WITH THE LORD. However, very slim chance because I am seeing the way you treat my friend Cristin and me.

Now this is coming after half a dozen e-mails naming all sorts of people as part of this crime ring.  This remark kinda upset me and again is the main reason you are reading all of this, I forgive the whole redemption remark, because I know you do not know me, a bit stingy though don’t you think. I have been very nice in all my e-mails.  And mine and Cristin’s were all pleasant. After her blog was gone she e-mailed me a few things and said good luck, and I e-mailed her good luck as well and to be careful. You see I don’t find their criminal link all that crazy. I have no idea what is going on in these cases especially to the extent of their searching and understandings, an in an unsolved case anything is possible.

Now this last e-mail from Dorothy ended with point blank telling me Jen (whole name was used) is a criminal. Then some personal info. which true or untrue did not need to be said to me. Now if there were only these e-mails from these 3 (without this last one) I don’t know if this post would have ever happened… maybe eventually.  This last e-mail just made me feel like this all needed to be brought out in the open a little more, and then Mari’s comment made me think I definitely had to set some of this straight. It is to my understanding all 3 of these ladies have contact of some sort with Mari. So I would hope if she does not know the info these 3 are passing around the internet, someone will have her read this.

Cristin and Dorothy have a lot to say about who and what is going on here it all needs to be looked into if it has not been already, again I see points to some of what Kristin had blogged about. But Jen has a lot of points as well. I am not the one to confirm or deny most of what they have all sent to me. I can not know who is part of a crime ring or not.  I do not know any of the names Dorothy sent me except one… Jen’s. And again this is only because she got in touch with me to warn me not to listen to Cristin. So ither Jen is part of this crime ring or Cristin and Dorothy are saying she is to people maliciously or their sleuthing is wrong. I don’t know, but it seems a simple enough place to start. Because if Mari is in contact with all 3 of these people I would think she would want to know about these things. LE as well.

One last thing regarding Dorothy’s last e-mail and this post. Because she has suggested I am part of a crime ring and because she has a list of people she is passing out to everyone.  This blog has to stay up for now and this post had to be written. I do not want my name popping up on anyones lists.

So here is what I had to say about all of this, as I said from day one: An outsiders view to a game of words

But as you can see others still have a lot to say about this… they just need to start saying it to the right people.



I started a blog years ago on Myspace (Yes Myspace). I was not a blog reader, so I didn’t know much about it. I just felt I wanted to say somethings to the world an so I did. It was something I called my “Sunday Blog” .

It started out a lot like my current zeroblog here on wordpress. In the few years I wrote it, the blog was really all over the place, eventually becoming  what I called a blography (which was my biography in blog form) But it didn’t last because:

A. My creative side is a big skitzo and can not focus on one thing for to long.

B. I started thinking the world and the way it treats each other was just the way they want it, who am I to try to change it.

And although A is still true and B is some times still true (though deep down we truly want to treat each other better, I hope) I had decided it was time to try to start my zero blog up again, but this time try to stay focused (ha!). But I still was not a blog reader so I had no idea how to even go about getting a blog account.

Meanwhile while looking up info in Shannan Gilbert and the Long Island Killer I came across LISK.com and MM7’s blog.  This led me to wordpress and since I was there I decided to get my new Zero Blog started.

When I started writing my blog I knew I wanted to blog about what I read on LISK.com and MM7’s blog, and I also knew it might become its own blog. So even before I started writing “Catfish & Serial Killers” on my other blog I created another blog called MM7 vs LISK. It was nothing but a title but it was there waiting.  What would it be about? How a sleuther was outed on LISK.com because of her beliefs in an open case, or how maybe the killer himself might be stalking her and leaving cryptic messages on her blog. Yes probably. But as I have said many times my understandings of what was going on here changed constantly. At the time I thought most everyone involved were outside the case and just fighting about opinions, so of course I didn’t understand why MM7’s belief that CPH was a killer caused so much obvious hateful comments.

I did not know about Joey Scalice Jr. And to be fair to this day although I have shared emails and im’s with quite a few people, I have not with JS/Fluke. I sent him one message but never heard back from him. So what I know about him is through his posts as Flukeyou on LISK.com (I’ve read 100s of  them) and what others tell me or have commented about him. But as I have said before this all leads back to him… but it isn’t that simple and I would love to hear Joey’s side of this, so what do you say Joey?  Send me an email: zerodinh@rocketmail.com

I know it’s a long shot but I have kept all my private conversations that, PRIVATE. And there are things you could set me straight on, so…  we’ll leave it there.

So back to this blog, by the time all 3 parts of “Catfish & Serial Killers” was written I still wanted to write a separate blog about MM7, LISK.com, and all the commenters, but the title would not fit because there was just so much more going on there then I first suspected. I needed a new name, I decided on The Long Island Serial Killer & The Internet. Which I was never totally happy with but thought it fit and would do.

You may have noticed I kept MM7vsLISK.com as the http address for this blog, at first that was because I didn’t know how to change it, but in the long run I decided to leave it because it still had meaning in the blog. And lately all the sides have seemed to once again divide on to 2 sides. But with MM7’s blog now gone, and in fact MM7 no longer existing there is not much more for me to go with the whole MM7 vs LISK. It is not there at the moment. DPH and MM7 (I guess I should write CKB) are taking it off the blogs and into fully proving CPH’s involvement and the connection to DPH’s estranged husband. And I have told them I hope they do, because no one else can.

This blog how ever will remain and I’m sure comments will continue, though most stopped a long time ago. As with MM7’s blog and LISK.com it’s the comments that say everything. And again anyone can contact me through above email and Facebook. And my other blog is just about to pick up where this one is leaving off. Because this type of thing happens every day.



So when I looked at my comments today Too Close Too Home had commented on MM7’s site being down. I went to look… and site is there but I can see no content. Are we blocked from the blog? Does it have something to do with Mother’s Day? I guess I’ll wait and see what happens next. And just when I thought this had pretty much come to a stand still.

As Murt says: Stay Tuned

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Cyber Stalkers and Bullies


If you look at all the blogs I put links to in my last post, I mean really look at them you will see where they all are taking the same story now and putting their own spin on it. Radionewz had an article posted by someone using the name Truthspider. Is this John or Brendan or maybe Joey? Who know’s at this point, but it is obvious to any long time reader of any of this, that the post was a common “misinformation/sensationalism/finger-pointing/promising everything delivering nothing type post”.

It warns Murt of MM7 and that  “she will expose your affiliation with Dr. Hackett, Oak Beach, Joe Brewer & Amber Lynn Costello & Kim Raffeo & Shannan Gilbert.” Now of course from here no connections are ever brought forward. But Radionewz does have several more articles announcing FBI might be looking into Murt “according to MM7”. This of course is somewhat corrected by MM7  that there is no report to FBI about Murt, just that she is being stalked by possibly CPH or a friend of his.  So is Murt connected to this Drone? To CPH? To MM7?  Radionewz does call itself a parody, so it is hard to tell if this is a place in search of truth or spoof. That being said I like the site, and it is fun to read, but they are definitely playing this a little.

Which brings in Anonymous. Connected to Radionewz and Murt through Op Michelle (if I’m wrong here, don’t come after me). Anonymous is an internet group known for “Truth Seeking” but they are also known for “Lolz Seeking”.  Again, like Radionewz, I like Anonymous, and can understand what they do, but it is a little up in the air when it comes to Murt and MM7 how much is search for truth and how much is search for entertainment. Once again this is connected by the very questionable Drone and the immediate chatter about it once the pic was first posted. But everything the trolls, sock-puppets, or proxies (the last one is the name I am giving to the ones posting on my blog) commented about was after the picture was up and anyone could have looked up info on it and started in with the screen names Drone Pilot etc. So when it comes to this Drone, it is once again a he said/she said thing and seems very unlikely. If there was anything to it, authorities should have done something about it by now. There did not seem to be a camera on it, and as far as phone tampering the two things have nothing to do with each other as far as I can tell. So it was a toy and may have nothing to do with stalking… until Murt comes into it. If it is his and a camera was involved and he is connected to CPH well that’s different. But it does not seem to be going that way.

So how did Murt get involved? Again a he said/she said story. Murt says he was sent a request from Anonymous  to check into the Drone. MM7 says she decided to go back to her Twitter account to see if anyone could give her info on the drone and Murt just decided to send her an e-mail. Well maybe the stories aren’t so different as they claim them to be. MM7 put it up on Twitter and Murt responded. According to one post I saw that MM7 had asked Michelle if any of her Anonymous friends could help with the whole DRONE thing. So this fits both of their stories, but still seems funny. At the very least Murt should be weary of sharing anonymous friends. Bottom line though,  why and how Murt got into all this is questionable, but I don’t think these 2 (MM7/Murt) came together by chance or luck.

So Michelle, Radio and others have been stalking Murt for years, acording to Murt. Though they claim he is the stalker. As well as now both sides claim the other might be covering something up in the Haleigh Cummings Case. (again, sound familiar?)

Two sides both with their own allies claiming the other of Cyberstalking/Cyberbullying . But this is going on for years, both sides obviously feeding the fire. Hmmm.

MM7 claims that her stalking had escalated to phone tampering, again something I hope if taken to the authorities they are looking into it. She also says Flukeyou is possibly being stalked and his phone bugged as well. No word from Fluke on this, so it is unclear if he has taken his possible phone bugging to the police. Because of his connections to Oak Beach and the LISK case I would think the police or FBI would definitely want to look into it. Now on the other side many say Flukeyou and/or MM7 use stalker methods for their own agendas. And others come straight out and call them stalkers as well. Who is stalking who? If the question has to be asked, then the answer is most likely, no one is being stalked, not truly. Because all sides here seem to be inviting the others to the dance. This probably explains the lack of any real police involvement. But it is distressing because cyberstalking and cyberbulling is serious and the nature of it is already so confusing and complex. Real harassment can be twisted not to look so.

Now the other side of this, which I admit I am very new to the back story, deals with some real cases as well. Including 2 cases in Ohio: The Steubenville Rape Case and the Jacob Limberios Case. It seems that both Michelle and Anonymous got involved here and helped with finding the truth, which I totally applaud. So maybe their involvement here can help… but let’s get to the TRUTH, the LULZ here are too easy.

Other Sites


Longislandserialkiller.com has been down now for a while and is probably not coming back. The site led me to MM7’s blog “Catching Lisk”: http://catchinglisk.wordpress.com

MM7 also has a page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mysterymom7

Shannan’s Facebook Dedication Page is the best place to go on Facebook if you are interested in this case: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128

There are a few others that have popped up:



I’m sure there are others as well, but these are the ones I have checked out.

Due to this new “Dronegate” happenings I have come across some other blogs. They do not deal with the LISK case nor seem to be connected, but they do connect to MM7’s blog, and now mine. Starting with Murt’s:


So with MM7, my blog, and now Murt’s blog there are three different views on what is going on here. But Murt has a past that mirrors the likes of LISK.com which deal with the Casey Anthony Case and the Haleigh Cummings Case (I woke up to booth MM7 and Mort having both blogged about the Haleigh Cummings Case today) as well as cases in Ohio. This mainly dealing with Michelle McKee and  a blog site called radionewz, which has post by Truthspider? Here’s a link: http://radionewz.net/

I spent the last few days looking into both of them and discovered a familiar story. Accusations of interfering in cases that eventually turn into accusations of involvement in cases including right up to exposing someone as a child molester, killer, etc. A feud going back to 2006??? For all these cases involved here, the poor victims and families seem to suffer from everyone’s internet feuds. Though I do not want to give the impression that I am against people getting involved in things where they think they can help but if there are ulterior motives and no help is seen, just an endless circle of finger-pointing, accusations, and threats I have to ask why? The problem is everyone has their own answer to this question. But do they really?  If any of you thought my blog was confusing before… boy are we stepping into it now.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I just keep getting curiouser and curiouser…

Here are a couple of other blogs connected to Murt and this side of the story:



That last one brings  Anonymous into it, via Michelle Mckee. Yes we are now way down that rabbit hole.  Here are Murt’s and Michelle’s Twitter where a lot of this part of the story unfolds:



So I’m often asked why I blog about these different screen names and people I know nothing about. And I have answered this many times, but to truly simplify the answer, I’m looking for some kind of conclusion. I know that may not come, but I’ll be here bugging everyone till it does. (don’t quote me on that)

The thing is… most of the people involved here claim to be TRUTH seekers and all I have seen is a continuous never-ending story.  No answers no truth. And because of the different real cases involved it becomes a little worrisome. This is just a small example of what is going on in sites and blogs everyday. So I’ll put a question out there, to anyone involved in any of the sites I have just mentioned, although the question is not aimed at any of you in particular, and definitely not at any of the victims families (their sites are understood).

Who or why are you blogging for? And before you answer, the victims and their families do not benefit from ongoing stuff that never concludes anything. And if you say for your readers, well if you talk of truth and justice, then your readers should get truth and justice not ongoing nothingness. And those promising anti bullying, that are just pointing back and forth at each other do no justice to their readers who need clarification and understanding of what bullying and cyber-stalking is.

Everyone has their reasons for what they do… and you may consider these questions rhetorical if you wish, but at least ask yourself… what are the reasons for what YOU do?

Disclaimer #2


If you have not read the first disclaimer, I would suggest that you do before reading this blog.  And just to add to it as I move this blog onward:

I am not involved in the Long Island Killer Case, I am not involved with anyone associated with it, Long Island, or  Florida.  I only felt something was wrong with the posts and comments being left on LISK.com. Which led me to MM7’s blog and all sorts of other internet connections. Blah, blah, blah, I’ve explained my interest in this and my blog many times already.

Just remember this blog largely deals in heresay. Things I’ve read, things others tell me. Some things are said to be facts, and some may be, but I have not seen much proof nor have I asked for it. Through out most of this I have seen many different sides and all are questionable. But since this deals with real people, real tragedy, please do not take anything written here by ANYONE as gospel. Look for proper information from proper places. And of course any one with information on any crimes from bullying to  cyber-stalking to abuse to human trafficking to murder and anything in between, PLEASE report everything to the proper authorities.

A New Look

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As much as I liked the chalkboard look, I realize it was hard to distinguish things I wrote and things I posted from  other people and sites. The board was cool, but the chalk was limited. I chose the chalkboard mainly for the “in school” effect, which to me is what LISK.com felt like, and there I was putting all our screen names up on the board. And as much as I’ll miss the chalkboard, I’m not the teacher here, I learn more about all of this everyday. Also, I want any one who reads this to be able to tell things apart better, which as I stated, the chalkboard made difficult to do at times.

So for these reasons and the fact that this blog is gonna be here for a little while longer the chalkboard has become a note pad, because we are still in school here, let’s hope we might learn something.