If you have not read the first disclaimer, I would suggest that you do before reading this blog.  And just to add to it as I move this blog onward:

I am not involved in the Long Island Killer Case, I am not involved with anyone associated with it, Long Island, or  Florida.  I only felt something was wrong with the posts and comments being left on LISK.com. Which led me to MM7’s blog and all sorts of other internet connections. Blah, blah, blah, I’ve explained my interest in this and my blog many times already.

Just remember this blog largely deals in heresay. Things I’ve read, things others tell me. Some things are said to be facts, and some may be, but I have not seen much proof nor have I asked for it. Through out most of this I have seen many different sides and all are questionable. But since this deals with real people, real tragedy, please do not take anything written here by ANYONE as gospel. Look for proper information from proper places. And of course any one with information on any crimes from bullying to  cyber-stalking to abuse to human trafficking to murder and anything in between, PLEASE report everything to the proper authorities.