I think this blog is not so much done, as it might be shifting again… or maybe I need to start a whole other blog to continue in a whole new direction.
Now that DPH has decided I might be a part of this Crime Ring, a whole new world of words want to pour out of me. I’m gonna try to help you DPH, though your actions up to this point do not assure me you deserve this help.
It should be obvious to you that if you start pointing a finger at me then you only prove what others say about the both of you (DPH & MM7). That if you don’t agree with them they will call you an accomplice to murder. I know you have seen this written as many times as I have.  So again if you keep doing this to people that don’t agree with you your list will be so long NO ONE will believe you. (the list you sent me is already pretty long, if you add the name zero to it, well that just may be your jumping the shark moment)

I don’t know much about your divorce so  I may be wrong, but it seems to me all this could not be helping you there. So implicating one more person who has nothing to do with your husband or what you believe he has done definitely won’t help you there.

And finally, and this is a little tricky, but if you get what I’m saying here it will be the biggest help to you yet:

If people tell me that they have been wrongly accused of something by you just because they don’t believe as you do (some deep stuff there if you take it that way) and then you wrongly accuse me of something because I don’t believe the things you tell me, all you are doing is creating more people who don’t believe you. I know  I’m not involved in this, and you can not convince me other wise because, once again, I know I’m not involved. So everyone you accuse of things that they  know they are not guilty of will never believe anything you say about others. I hope you get that. Because all though this Jen/Cristin feud is bad enough, you take things to places that are just not acceptable or at least shouldn’t be.