This Is The End?


When I first wrote Catfish & Serial Killers:

I knew then this LISK.com thing was very complicated. Although I may have been wrong about some things, that I was not. This blog has got to end because there is nothing more I can offer. All three of you (DPH,MM7,JJJ) claim to be the victims here (in a case that already had enough victims) all 3 of you think you are the hero here as well. MM7 is gone but I’m sure she still has all her stuff saved (just like JJJ) and thinks she has been cyber stalked. JJJ, MM7, and DPH claim different aspects to stalking, from slandering and threats to phone tampering and someone actually physical stalking them.  I have e-mails after e-mails accusing each other. But you are undermining the subject. You got involved for your reasons and you did some sneaky stuff and people called you out. Who said what in the comments, who cares? They are comments.  So all 3 of you get off this stalking and victim game, it’s old and no one buys it. You all sipped from the same kool aid.

I know some of you feel like you were victimized, but trust me anyone who is entertaing those ideas with you are not helping you, so I will not do so. From what I see you all got into bed together and then tried to screw each other. MHO. Don’t like it, don’t read my blog. In fact don’t comment here or send me emails, etc. I don’t have time for your games at the moment. REAL LIFE is very busy. But since this is my blog and my email account, remember I am always here.  If you come here don’t expect me to drink your kool aid. I’m not on a side here. If you knew me (crazy thing is none of you do, so why care about my opinion so much is well, crazy) you’d know I don’t like to choose sides. Most of them are usually wrong.

LISK.com is gone and so are MM7’s blog and FB page. These are the main reasons I started this little(heh) side blog. It has outlived it’s purpose. I have been told Fieldnote’s blog is also gone. Maybe it’s a good thing we all stop, maybe not. Time will tell on that one. (Time will tell if we all truly stop). But I don’t think most of the real harm was what was posted out in the open (although some of that was harmful in lots of ways), it was the behind the scenes stuff that did the most damage, and at the moment has not come to a complete end. But for here, for now, my input on the game is done.

So this blog is at an end. The game has been exposed, the players have been exposed…


Latest E-Mail From Jen


I recieved an email from Jen to day that was titled: What Are You Orchestrating?

[ ] Where my remark inserted.

jjj QUOTE:

What was requested of me, [by Mari] I did for someone I care about & who deserves the best which includes the truth! I’ve vowed to stick it out through thick & thin, looking for no glory. Again, no one in the WS, LISK or any other related “blogging” world knew of me as a poster until



But this is just not true

[??? Are you saying Mari didn’t ask??]

… I have emails from you that would counter everything you just wrote. Don’t the 3 of you get, that the emails you sent me paint the picture very well. One of you did and is gone for now.

[Yep, gone, within days after Ben Sullivan called me, asked for your blog address to read with his own eyes along with FB pages? But I didn’t make calls? ]

[Have no idea what emaiIs you rec’d from those 2 but wouldn’t trust their authenticity. I’ve seen MM7’s altering handiwork & DPH’s. And so has DPH’s husband]

But you have sent me many things that would have people questioning your motives.

[My motive, support Mari & provide help IF she asks ]

Also, and this goes for you and DPH, I am an OUTSIDER,

[If you say so but you are now acting like an INSIDER thinking you Know me when you don’t have a clue]

trying to link me

[LINK YOU? TO WHAT? Is this remark to cast further suspicion on me as tho’ I said something in emails to you privately that you refer to in your post to this effect?]

or cast doubts about my motives will only come back and make you look silly.

[Is this a threat disguised by the use of “silly”?]

with LE has my name and number, but still no call backs.

[Does it disturb you that I was called back & NOT you? Maybe cause I had info that you don’t? Maybe cause I was slandered? Maybe cause I witnessed the mental abuse of DPH’s son? Maybe YOU are the “0”?]

Why because ither none of you have gone to them as you say you have, or they know you and don’t think any of this is important.

[I can assure you I’ve called everyone I said I called. Linda can vouch for that as she was on the phone with me when I made one of the calls.]

Still trying to get this last post for this blog done, but this is already finished. You each go back n forth from being the victim to being the hero… yet niether are true. Just people who are trying to feel needed.

[Let me tell you one thing you should never forget, even if I don’t have 1 person in my life & nothing of material value, I have great wealth & all my needs met, no need to look outside myself or to the puppetry prancing about in cyber

nothingness! I am not in the emotional playground of “trying to feel needed” for I & the One I trust most is he who supplies all my needs physically, emotionally & spiritually.]

I get that. But this is an OPEN CASE! Now if you really have reread my blog , then pay attention to how many times I wrote: if you feel like you can help or need help go to LE, let them do their job! stop playing back n forth he/said she/said internet war games.

[Do you think I needed your blog & your “advice” to go to LE? Do you think I need to post a journal of actions taken? You’ve deviated from what you claimed was the intent of your blog. When I didn’t comment, I was suspect for not defending myself. Then when I responded to comments, you commented for the most part & maybe 1 or 2 remarks from those whose comments I replied to. ]

Latest E-Mail From Dorothy


From Dorothy Hill
To Zero Dinh

I do not lie. I am HORRIFIED as I Just found out from Cristin that someone set up a fake Twitter account and has been sending tweets from it! YOU are one of the followers! that is NOT me! I am going to take this all the way through criminal investigations to have the person arrested and fully prosecuted under State of NY, State of CA and FEDERAL laws. I am SO DONE with this crime ring

I think I know who ps149 and “linda” are

TWO men, one in Massapequa and other in Manhasset…two copycat serial killers…..who ARE responsible for Shannan’s death. Now we are going to go prove it.

JOEY BREWER has been quiet the last two years…..he has so much to hide. That BASTARD> HE HOSTED wild sex/orgy/drug parties. WERE THERE any police at thost parties and if so, who? WAS PETER TARTAGLIA there? I am filing criminal charges against that bastard this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He works for Suffolk County Thomas Spota and he is COVERING UP THE CRIME RING!!!!!!

This was sent to me an hour ago, and really I’m just tired myself of these games. Is this really DPH sending me all this stuff? Is that really JJ Fieldnotes or Mike D.commenting about being PS149?  Which would fit right into where people like NERD have hinted lately who was PS149. And all that comes with that comment…  Yea… this is truly crazy people. I’ve done all I can to help you all come out of your emails and DO THE RIGHT THING! I’ve called LE, I’ve sent an IM to Mari, I’ve pointed out all I can . I have read through hundreds and hundreds of posts, comments, and emails.  Each time I do something there seems to be ripples, so hopefully posting  this latest e-mail will bring cracks with those ripples.

Game or Not?


A lot of behind the scenes stuff about MM7’s Facebook page and then a few comments on my blog about it as well, so I since I hadn’t looked at it much lately I had to take a peek.



I looked over all the reposted Linda comments. The whole page is now kind of hard to understand and I don’t know what she is trying to show with some of these posts. She has misleading posts about Linda commenting that she is CPH and then has posts from this blog saying Linda is wrong about her posting these things, then says she finally (in a comment not a post) says she does not believe Linda is CPH.  But why post all Linda’s comments in the first place. Very misleading indeed.

But what really caught my eye was this post by MM7:

When I put out a pawn (someone I still believe is a very suspicious person), my “opponent” pitched a fit and threw the board, and the chess pieces flew in every direction. Psychology would tell me that “piece” I chose to move meant something bigger to my “opponent” than I had anticipated. This “piece” was moved months ago, and is still having an affect. It was a strategically moved “piece” and the information I’ve gathered from my “opponent” has been valuable. The spectators of this “chess game” didn’t notice other pieces being moved prior to the big move since it happened so quickly. It happened, nevertheless. This was a “game of chess” with 2 “players”. The only thing the “spectator” can do is watch. They may never know why one “player” chose to make a move when s/he did. If you ask a chess player why s/he made a move at a particular point in the game, s/he may never be able to explain because it was anticipation of the opponent’s next move in that moment that the choice is made. That choice is made regardless of whether or not a spectator would have chosen to move the piece because it isn’t the spectator in the game.

So much I’d like to say about this, but I’ll say only one:

I thought this wasn’t a game.

For MM7, Jen, & Dorothy


Originally I was gonna address each of you separately but I know with each post things would be said and it might take a while to get all 3 out there. So let’s do all of you at once, OK? I know the three of you like to share, you share info about people you don’t with each other and you share info about each other with people you don’t know. All good then.

MM7- You claim to not being liked to be called a liar, but you seem to like to skate the truth enough that you should understand why some people might see you this way (again I urge you to look up the tale of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”) Listen, from here on out although you don’t need to prove any thing to any one, I doubt you’ll get many people to believe any thing you say on this subject without it. I don’t even know what you really believe anymore. Is there a CRIME RING? Was there really any proof of that or just more heresay? Is there any proof of Dorothy’s husband being involved in the LISK case or is this more smoke and mirrors? You say now Linda is not involved, but your Facebook still mentions her, so please help me out here, why not just apologise for your treatment of Linda and move on and not mention her any more, or is this just more slight of hand and you really do think Linda is CPH?  You have made so many misleading statements I really don’t know where you stand anymore. Maybe because you no longer have a place to stand.

Jen- You say you want to help Mari and expose MM7, then come out of the shadows and do so, but as with MM7, your games and misdirection makes it hard to believe any thing you say. You knew of MM7’s 2008 “VENT” blog, so why shouldn’t the obvious deduction be that you are PS149? Or did you give the blog info to him/her as you did to me? Or did they give it to you maybe? How is it that MM7 forgot about this blog but you knew all about it?  Fishy, fishy, fishy. If you have nothing to hide and you just want to stop MM7 (this is starting to sound like my post to PS149, go figure) then just come out and do it. Don’t keep sending out bits of stuff here and there. The cloak and dagger stuff is not needed, “the truth will set you free”, but only if you want it too.

Dorothy-  You are quite the judgmental one aren’t ya?  That is your biggest downfall. The bible is a great tool for bettering you own life, but when used to judge others and condemn people who don’t agree with you to “fire and brimstone” well then it’s just a hateful book. Like most things in life religion is more about yourself then other people. You would do well to learn this and stop spitting hate at people. Also if you husband did all the things you say he did then stop posting it on here and do something about it. Learn from MM7’s mistake of posting things about scorned love, it will bite you in the end. I am seriously thinking about getting more involved in your story. The things you said are ither very scary and you need people to start helping you with this instead of using your failed marriage as their own personal tool to link others to the madness. Or they are delusional and again some one needs to help you. Or, and I hope this is not the case, they are lies that you are using for some reason yet unseen.  This is such a tough one because you actually are going through something, and it needs to be dealt with and not manipulated.

The game is up girls, and I think you know it. Of course you probably won’t admit it, but it doesn’t matter. Unless any of your many twisted accusations and stories of stalking and bullying are ever proven (and let’s face it, so far that’s not looking very good) then it’s nothing more than a Caucus Race.


For PS149


Now here we are once again where I had planned different posts, but comments,  Facebooks, etc. have changed what I had to say. So, although I already covered the whole PS149 thing in the last post, I feel now I need to say a little more on the subject.
Before “spending some time with the family” this weekend I put quite a bit out there:
1.Fieldnote interview=Fake
2.Leaked info of MM7’s cigarette burn arrest and poker party robbery probably not due to bugged phone as much as an old “forgotten” Vent Blog.
3. MM7 records some/if not all of her phone conversations.

But what seems to be all the buzz is my mention that  PS149 might be a sock puppet. Although all I really implied in the end was, sock puppet or not, the identity is not a secret to some of these players like they would have us believe. And I am 99.99% sure of that (can never be fully sure when dealing with such shenanigans).

So since I’m sure who ever you are PS149, you are probably reading this, why not just come forward and tell us who you are and how you got all your info. Jen, right? Or was it Dorothy? Or am I right and no one gave you info because you are Jen or Dorothy? Or JS or someone we don’t even know about yet that  is in on the big game. Or MM7 herself right? Or how bout MM7’s husband? Maybe he’s just getting revenge for all that crap MM7 posted about him in her “Vent” blog?

I’m pretty sure I know who you are, but only YOU can PROVE who you are. So how bout it?  If you truly want to expose the things you know, why stop? I mean now more than ever the things you said on LISK.com are being realized as truth. It was you who said MM7 never spoke to Fieldnotes in the first place, so here we are with the proof and you have nothing to say? Makes no sense.

So please  step up and tell me I’m wrong. Or right for that matter.

MM7 say’s I’m wrong because you are her stalker and therefore must be CPH. She thinks I’m being led to believe this way. By who I’m not sure, because Jen is just as unhappy with me stating this (haven’t heard from her since). So neither of them like what I have to say about you, PS149, makes me wonder if they still aren’t working together.

Listen I’m sure this web is gonna get a lot more tangled before the REAL truths are admitted. But you (PS149) can help by-pass some of that by coming clean. So once again, how bout it?