Now here we are once again where I had planned different posts, but comments,  Facebooks, etc. have changed what I had to say. So, although I already covered the whole PS149 thing in the last post, I feel now I need to say a little more on the subject.
Before “spending some time with the family” this weekend I put quite a bit out there:
1.Fieldnote interview=Fake
2.Leaked info of MM7’s cigarette burn arrest and poker party robbery probably not due to bugged phone as much as an old “forgotten” Vent Blog.
3. MM7 records some/if not all of her phone conversations.

But what seems to be all the buzz is my mention that  PS149 might be a sock puppet. Although all I really implied in the end was, sock puppet or not, the identity is not a secret to some of these players like they would have us believe. And I am 99.99% sure of that (can never be fully sure when dealing with such shenanigans).

So since I’m sure who ever you are PS149, you are probably reading this, why not just come forward and tell us who you are and how you got all your info. Jen, right? Or was it Dorothy? Or am I right and no one gave you info because you are Jen or Dorothy? Or JS or someone we don’t even know about yet that  is in on the big game. Or MM7 herself right? Or how bout MM7’s husband? Maybe he’s just getting revenge for all that crap MM7 posted about him in her “Vent” blog?

I’m pretty sure I know who you are, but only YOU can PROVE who you are. So how bout it?  If you truly want to expose the things you know, why stop? I mean now more than ever the things you said on are being realized as truth. It was you who said MM7 never spoke to Fieldnotes in the first place, so here we are with the proof and you have nothing to say? Makes no sense.

So please  step up and tell me I’m wrong. Or right for that matter.

MM7 say’s I’m wrong because you are her stalker and therefore must be CPH. She thinks I’m being led to believe this way. By who I’m not sure, because Jen is just as unhappy with me stating this (haven’t heard from her since). So neither of them like what I have to say about you, PS149, makes me wonder if they still aren’t working together.

Listen I’m sure this web is gonna get a lot more tangled before the REAL truths are admitted. But you (PS149) can help by-pass some of that by coming clean. So once again, how bout it?