A lot of behind the scenes stuff about MM7’s Facebook page and then a few comments on my blog about it as well, so I since I hadn’t looked at it much lately I had to take a peek.



I looked over all the reposted Linda comments. The whole page is now kind of hard to understand and I don’t know what she is trying to show with some of these posts. She has misleading posts about Linda commenting that she is CPH and then has posts from this blog saying Linda is wrong about her posting these things, then says she finally (in a comment not a post) says she does not believe Linda is CPH.  But why post all Linda’s comments in the first place. Very misleading indeed.

But what really caught my eye was this post by MM7:

When I put out a pawn (someone I still believe is a very suspicious person), my “opponent” pitched a fit and threw the board, and the chess pieces flew in every direction. Psychology would tell me that “piece” I chose to move meant something bigger to my “opponent” than I had anticipated. This “piece” was moved months ago, and is still having an affect. It was a strategically moved “piece” and the information I’ve gathered from my “opponent” has been valuable. The spectators of this “chess game” didn’t notice other pieces being moved prior to the big move since it happened so quickly. It happened, nevertheless. This was a “game of chess” with 2 “players”. The only thing the “spectator” can do is watch. They may never know why one “player” chose to make a move when s/he did. If you ask a chess player why s/he made a move at a particular point in the game, s/he may never be able to explain because it was anticipation of the opponent’s next move in that moment that the choice is made. That choice is made regardless of whether or not a spectator would have chosen to move the piece because it isn’t the spectator in the game.

So much I’d like to say about this, but I’ll say only one:

I thought this wasn’t a game.