When I first wrote Catfish & Serial Killers:

I knew then this LISK.com thing was very complicated. Although I may have been wrong about some things, that I was not. This blog has got to end because there is nothing more I can offer. All three of you (DPH,MM7,JJJ) claim to be the victims here (in a case that already had enough victims) all 3 of you think you are the hero here as well. MM7 is gone but I’m sure she still has all her stuff saved (just like JJJ) and thinks she has been cyber stalked. JJJ, MM7, and DPH claim different aspects to stalking, from slandering and threats to phone tampering and someone actually physical stalking them.  I have e-mails after e-mails accusing each other. But you are undermining the subject. You got involved for your reasons and you did some sneaky stuff and people called you out. Who said what in the comments, who cares? They are comments.  So all 3 of you get off this stalking and victim game, it’s old and no one buys it. You all sipped from the same kool aid.

I know some of you feel like you were victimized, but trust me anyone who is entertaing those ideas with you are not helping you, so I will not do so. From what I see you all got into bed together and then tried to screw each other. MHO. Don’t like it, don’t read my blog. In fact don’t comment here or send me emails, etc. I don’t have time for your games at the moment. REAL LIFE is very busy. But since this is my blog and my email account, remember I am always here.  If you come here don’t expect me to drink your kool aid. I’m not on a side here. If you knew me (crazy thing is none of you do, so why care about my opinion so much is well, crazy) you’d know I don’t like to choose sides. Most of them are usually wrong.

LISK.com is gone and so are MM7’s blog and FB page. These are the main reasons I started this little(heh) side blog. It has outlived it’s purpose. I have been told Fieldnote’s blog is also gone. Maybe it’s a good thing we all stop, maybe not. Time will tell on that one. (Time will tell if we all truly stop). But I don’t think most of the real harm was what was posted out in the open (although some of that was harmful in lots of ways), it was the behind the scenes stuff that did the most damage, and at the moment has not come to a complete end. But for here, for now, my input on the game is done.

So this blog is at an end. The game has been exposed, the players have been exposed…