A third disclaimer? It is the will of the wheel.
And most of you probably saw it coming.
If you have read my other disclaimers you know I have tried to keep this about the comments left on longislandserialkiller.com and those who made the comments. I tried not to get into the case itself too much or discuss the actual sleuthing done on the case. I looked into the game being played on the pages of LISK.com, MM7’s Catching LISK blog, and other web sleuth sites. This blog was not about the LISK case but about those who connected themselves to it and created some kind of alternative reality on the internet. But this is no longer true.
To move on and make any kind of sense of all that we have seen on the now removed blogs and sites we can’t help but get into the case itself, because those who wrote in these comments and blogs have placed themselves deep into the case in different ways.
But no mater where this blog leads I still always STRONGLY urge anyone with information or questions to go to LE or proper websites. There are many places to go to learn more about this case or to lend support.
Make no mistake, that if you chose to read here, to comment here, to screen shoot here, that no mater where the new discussion leads, this blog is and always will be about one thing…