If you don’t know what is, it is short for and is where I first came across posts and comments discussing the Gilgo Murders that seemed strange to me. I’ve blogged about the many things I read posted there but again I read there for such a short time before the above screen was put up and the site disappeared. The site itself had been up for years, in fact it had been up almost as long as the investigation had been going on. And as those who read and commented there soon realized, it wasn’t just LE conducting investigations. Since I was new to the site, it wasn’t tell I went back and read older comments and posts, that I realized that a game of circles was being played. In my opinion, at least a few people were creating different screen names to help play this game, and when some would leave they were replaced by new ones. Repeating old things as if they were new, but for new readers it was, only long-term readers could have seen what was going on, and there were a few of them that would try to point things out from time to time. But since it took a while for the so-called “Sock Puppets” to be discovered, it was difficult for the regulars to be sure who was who. Maybe by looking back now and with some input from those reading here that also read there, maybe we can piece together a little bit of who might have been who. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.