Many have said I am endangering them, some think I am obsessed with them, oh let’s just put it out there, Jen, Cristin, and Dorothy have all claimed things like this. I don’t want to go over again how this is not true and how I am no more obsessed with these 3 than any other’s mentioned here. From Fieldnotes to Junior from CPH to The Drifter, I am interested in all who might be able to stop the games and help the case.

This being said there is only one at this moment I feel needs to be further discussed and her actions stopped. That Is Dorothy Price Hill. The things she is still posting on places like Facebook is just jaw dropping to me and I don’t understand why no one is stopping her from creating so much unneeded drama and confusion.

So even though I am trying to take this from the beginning a step at a time to better understand and it’s commenters, I will also be putting up the latest ramblings of our friend DPH.

Some may feel I am attacking her or even obsessed with her, and I’m afraid the titles I chose for these selected posts will only make this seem even more so, I assure my goal is to get her help and to stop her ramblings which if anyone wants to accuse someone else of endangering people or confusing the facts of this case, she is who we should be addressing.