Well, well, well. We are fighting hard for Suffolk County Police Dept to release the content of Shannan Gilbert’s 22-minute call to 911 on May 1, 2010 (several FOIA requests) as my ex was there — is friends with Joseph Brewer who hosted the parties. Brewer lied to the Suffolk County Police who went back later 2010 to interview him. He was NOT home alone that night. I bet Jimmy Burke and Peter Tartaglia both know who was there. Let the FBI put Burke and Tartaglia on lie detector tests and bring in the experts.
These were not harmless “poker night” parties as my ex would tell the kids and me, but FAR MORE nefarious. Just look up snuff movies.  Shannan was brave to run, just as the other woman did years before that and also the woman who escaped in Atlantic City. The killer slashed her throat and SHE GOT AWAY. Wheels are turning.