If you are just coming to this blog it may seem confusing, many have told me that it is hard to keep up with who is who. And that is understandable, even those involved in all of this are not sure of who EVERYONE truly is. And with all the fake screen names, well it’s my blog and I get lost. I am gonna try to keep this on track and look at it all from the beginning to now making it somewhat easier to understand. But I admit this blog is mainly for those who were regulars on LISK.com (and websleuth, though my readings there are very limited,  it seems much like LISK.com just with administrators who try harder at eliminating the game aspect). No mater who you are reading this, I feel it is best to start at the beginning and read it all especially the comments. But this is time-consuming I know, and to be honest might leave you even more confused. So I would suggest to at least read a couple posts on my other (now in limbo) blog. http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/  (some people call it “the red and black blog”, I like that). There is a 3 part blog starting with this one: http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/catfish-serial-killers-part-1/

This is a great place to start because it is the first things I wrote about this case, LISK.com, and MM7. Then there is my last post: http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/its-all-too-much/

This is a very scattered post, but I wanted the reader to see how this whole thing unfolded for me and how easy it is for so many different things to get connected while online. The wild, wild, web is both a wondrous and scary place and we all need to be careful with where it takes us.

I hope you continue to read here, though I am more concerned at finding the truth of these situations created by some of these screen names, I still want it to be able to be understood.

I know how hard it was for me to understand when I first came to LISK.com.  I am doing my best to keep this readable and understandable. But again being truthful is the bottom line though.