So by May 13th, 2011 things had started jumping on At the top right of the page (second screen shot) you can see where it reads, ” The website had received a lot of press and emails. We have been posting some of them on the site.”

I think some of these posts were actually comments left on the posts already made by the sites administrator, but regardless if they were comments or emails, turning them into posts was a great idea, because it allowed people to focus  comments on what readers wrote and not what the administrator wrote or posted. We are gonna take a look at some of these early posts of the readers and the comments made on them, but first let’s take a full look at one of the articles the admin had posted:

LISK update 1LISK update 2LISK update 3LISK update 4

If this article by Jessica Cappelli doesn’t set the whole entire existence of, I don’t know what does.

There are a few things on here that I’d like to bring up, but I’ll just go with the few that really stuck me while reading this. (I am reading some of this for the first time, and this is one of those)

First off, like I said, it sets up the whole site for what it will become, what it was already becoming within these first months.

But what caught me most was the link at the end to a chat site. WOW! had a chat site? I can only imagine how crazy it got in there. Here is what was posted by the site creator about the chat site:

LISK Chatroom

Again an indication of what was happening on had started right from the beginning, and again I bet that chat site was insane. It obviously was taken down before I came to read at and I guess with good reason.

Profiles are also brought up here, the fake profiles on Facebook, the profile of the killer. Too bad the sites creator/creators  never wrote/posted an article about fake screen names, well at least I haven’t read one yet. Because I’m guessing they started right up on this site and a heads up from the site creator could have stopped years of misguided crap. Sorry to be so blunt, but seeing how early the games started at this site get’s to me. Knowing where all of it goes and where it is now just seems so unnecessary if this sites creator could have stepped in and worried about HELPING the case like it claims and not a game of lies and fake screen names confusing and accusing everyone.

I feel we really need to look at some of these early comments and/or emails turned posts and the comments left on them. As any reader at knows, it’s all in the comments.

But first, this post had mentioned the killer’s “profile”, and I think we need to take a look at’s posted profile of the killer.