LISK wanda 1

So the first comment/email chosen to be posted by was from a familiar screen name, one mentioned in this blog a few times, but one I know little about. Recently someone had mentioned this screen name and the possibility of it being a fake screen name for Flukeyou aka JS Jr.  I have no idea if this is true or not. But Wanda is a screen name I think we need to look at, and since it was one of the first (the first to be posted) screen names, I think that even more now. So let’s take a look at the comments left on Wanda’s post.

LISK wanda 2LISK wanda 3

So, right off the bat a reader with knowledge of who the killer is. And they got in contact with a victim’s family member.


Now we know that nothing this “Wanda” knew solved the crime, but it did set up a series of repeating themes on Again my lack of early knowledge in all of this leaves me with not knowing what “tape” Wanda is writing about, maybe someone can clue me in.  Meanwhile let’s take a look at the second screen name we see here, “Anonymous”.  Anonymous is used in so many ways these days. I have blogged about a few internet anonymouses  and different connections, but who was this “Anonymous” and what was their reason for coming to