We’ll get back to the Summer of 2011 on LISK.com but first I need to make a correction. In an earlier blog I had said Wanda’s post was the first one. But I was looking at the comments wrong, it was just the newest at the time, not the first. Wanda’s email was posted on May 15th 2011, but people had stuff posted as early as April. And scrolling down to find the first comment I came across a few screen names I didn’t know had been there that early.  We’ll look at those next, but first let’s take a look at the real first comment/email posted on LISK.com:

LISK John Doe 2

Sent in April 22nd by John Doe. Let’s take a closer look.

LISK John doe 3

The first email LISK.com decided to post was an accusation with names and an address. (I removed the address though LISK.com did not) I do not know these names and I’m guessing they are not connected to the LISK case, anyone please correct me if I’m wrong. But here we are, a dramatic site, with dramatic images, posting a dramatic first comment. In hindsight we can say how harmful this pattern would be for the real case. But here it was just the beginning, no comments even left on John Doe’s post. And since I do not know these names I can not really comment on it either. So let’s move on to a name I do know.