Once again before I go on, I feel I need to clear things up. See how the comments have a way of changing this blog. These are old snapshots that I am now in possession of sort to speak and I have snapshot them myself and posted them here. The internet has away of keeping things out there, what don’t you get. And just to prove this is how the site looked back in 201 as well as show how stupid attacks from people sometimes had no reason other than to just attack and confuse:

LISK header 1

This person, choosing the ever popular screen name “Anon” short for Anonymous if you didn’t know, is just trying to point out that the dramatic pictures and headers is not needed if the site is for helping get answers and not just looking for hype. At least that’s how I read it, and I have to say, since I am looking at the early version of this site for the first time it does shock me a little, but knowing the site like I do it only makes sense. Now even though they got blasted by some “just don’t get its” in the comments (posted below) The site took his advice, because when I came to read it in 2013 black text on white background was how it had become. All the dramatics were left to the comments, speaking of comments:

LISK header 2

Ahh name calling… and unjustified in my opinion. the post was valid, and if I had been reading it back then I would have commented along the same lines, in fact I did on some of my earlier posts on LISK.coms early look. In fact I would have suspected more to comment on this. I know later I read things about questions about this site, posted on MM7’s blog I believe, an article or something, I will have to try to find it. But anyways, maybe that is when they changed their look. But this is how it looked back then. You all were there, none of you saw this?