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So far not a whole lot, though Fascinated is very concerned with how much time and money the site admin has to put into it. The mentions of websleuth and that someone there was trying to muck it up, the way some had done at is curious, the same type of posts later on was discussed earlier in my blog:

In that post I put up a comment from made by  Dee, Dec. 2012 also speaks about this.

Hmmmm….this ‘Truthspider’ guy from WEBSLEUTHS, aka “Brendan Murphy”…the one with the Obsession with PH…. You mean to tell me there’s ANOTHER ONE who has an Obsession with PH….???

There is one here that is Obsessed with the DR. as well, AND I will go so far (as some others would agree) as to FRAME him for something he DID NOT DO.

Hmmmmmm…….As you say Cheryl, on here, People can be-whoever they want.

Deee on January 1st, 2012 at 2:31 am

So again, this game started early and people on were calling it out all the time, Marina, Deee and Too Close Too Home were just a few. And these 200 plus comments will get there as well, and we will get to them all, but for now we will take a break, well after the next 2 comments, left by Mari. It sheds a light on why the site admin might have started the poll of whether to take the site down or not in the first place.

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