Every one pops up by the end of the summer. And to be honest, the comments all read a lot like they did in 2013 when I started reading there. But as I said these are the first, people are connecting, sharing ideas, meeting in person, trying to figure out who the people with real info are. I think I get it all pretty much now. My only question is, does any of it have to do with the murders, or was it a runaway train from the beginning? I mean JS’s identity was pretty much known from the beginning yet in 2013 it was like new stuff finally coming out. Only those there from the beginning or those who stuck around long enough could see the skipping record.

Again who had the best seat in this, who could put this all together much better than me? (I’m always playing catch up) Whoever was behind the site.

They had a front row seat to it all. And as the summer of 2011 was winding down they made this known:

LISK Admin 0

This got lots of comments:

212 Responses to “Message from the Site Admin”

That’s a lot of screen shots to get started on , and I’ll get to them and the admins entire post next. But first, again, who is the creator of the site, here they make it sound as if they too are/were a neighbor as well.  Here’s an article on the sites creator from April of 2011: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/long_island_serial_killer_website_interview.php

The beginning of this article has the sites creator saying the sight was made as a mockery but the August post implies it was made to help not mock. So were they really thinking about removing the site, or was it a spoof site from the beginning and this calculated post was to stir up some good mocking? I have seen other types of crime spoof sites, they never help and usually end up gone, but not before causing controversy and confusion.

Only the creator of the site can explain what they were trying to do and other insights they might have from running the site for so long.  Again some of you probably know much more about this sites creator than me, I’m playing catch up.

So let’s catch up together by looking at those 200 plus comments on whether the LISK.com site should stay or go.