I did make a screen name at utopia guide when you or Jen started posting as screen names from there. But I don’t have a pay pal account, nor do I post there about the price of hookers. Again I bloged about this already, go read and school yourself.

There you go Jen. That’s what I wrote. No implication that you made an account there or were there. But I do believe you or DPH were behind the screen names on my blog that led me there. I do not think someone from that site commented on my blog. So relax. I’m not saying you are on or were on utopiaguide.

Cleared up now?  Good. Since you pointed out how things could be misleading (though I don’t think my comment was misleading to anyone and did not make it sound like you were a member of utopiaguide) Let’s look at some of your misleading stuff. Shall we?