Alright,  it’s over for Junior. All is exposed. His long campaing against his neighbors can be seen for what it is. Lies and false accusations. Sad thing is, if the Doc has anything to do with Shannan’s death or is hiding something, because of Junior and company and all the BS they put out there we might never know. Another thing is now you Joey are in question of being involved in something and trying to cover it up. I hope LE looks at both of you again and again just to make sure they don’t miss something  on either of you.
Dorothy is not to be believed. I spoke to her ex husband Chris Wolff and what she has put him through is just beyond messed up. Dorothy, I’m sure you know your ten commandments, but I feel I must remind you about the false witness one.
Cristin wants to clear the air. And this is questioned with good reason, we have heard it before and I still think she doesn’t get Juniors true part in this. But if she jumps back again does it matter. It would just be like, go away already.
Sad part about both of them is that if any of their findings had any substance, no one will ever know.
OK this is where this blog sat for the last couple days. Dorothy’s ongoing comments were getting to me. and the latest attacks made on Jen put me out of the mood of this particular post’s topic. So instead I made another call. I had already called Chris Wolff and got the truth about Dorothy. I had also called Cristin, and although I am being cautious, I think/hope she is trying to clear her name and therefore not still in contact with Joey, Jen, or Dorothy. If I’m wrong well then my above statement will stand true. I’m not sure if any of them are in contact any more, but with this like so much else, time will tell. My third call while I decided the fate of this post went to Linda. We talked a little while and she seemed very genuine. Our talk was great and it left me even more unsure of this post. Is it my fault I don’t get Jen? And what if I misread Dorothy or Cristin or some one else? Do I really have the right to keep on blogging about all of you?
Before anyone answers that, let me try. Jen still continues to confuse me and I don’t think I am the only one. So for this post I am going to at least try to explain why. So I guess whether I have the right or not, I’m gonna continue to blog about all of you. so where was I?
Jen says she is a part of this in every step of it and yet she is not a part of it in any way. That’s how it seems to me any way. If I was gonna sum it all up that’s it.  She first told me she got involved with Cristin at Mari’s request to see if Cristin was writing a book. The conection I believe was through a page belonging to Mari where both Jen and Cristin commented. But now Jen’s story on meeting Cristin is more focused in that Joey asked her to work with Cristin.  Am I confused? Well obviously I must be. Maybe someone can help me out there.
There are other things like this that make me question her. And I have my reasons why I think she was behind a lot of the screen names on my blog that were trying to expose MM7 to me (they all stopped when Jen finally came on as jjj and we started exchanging emails in which she exposed MM7).  But it’s not one thing and I’d have to look through tons of emails to point it all out. But the latest thing which is both something big and something small says it all.
In some of our latest emails she said she was sorry she listened to Linda and started emailing me again. Now I’m sure Linda had told her she could trust me and email me etc. but I had been the one who had written Jen and told her I was blogging again and asked if she wanted to help clear everything up once and for all, in fact at the time her and Linda had had a falling out and were not emailing each other. I wrote her this and she wrote back that she had started writing me again long before her falling out with Linda. Now this was ridicules since Linda had written me about it before I sent my email to Jen, and Jen’s first responses had a tale of her and Linda’s “misunderstanding”. Now this seems silly to argue over, but it’s just an example of how she will twist little things that don’t matter and argue with you about them even though you know the truth. But the bigger part of this is in the actual disagreement. Here is a what Jen said about the falling out (which  she says was weeks ago even though now she wants me to believe it happened after we started emailing again???) Jen wrote:
I just spoke to Linda last week after not speaking with her for weeks cause of a miscommunication.
A few weeks back, Linda did a sudden about face regarding who I am, claimed I lied, said I was spying on her for Mari or JS, was Mari’s “henchman”, said I told her “you should be buried with the other girls”. This makes me SICK!!!  I would never in a million years say that to my worst enemy. I spent hours on the phone with her cause she appeared to be in need of a shoulder to lean on based on what she said but she later denied that. So, fast forward to last week. I texted her, indicating “I need to speak to her, asking her to put all aside, no one can know, not Z, BF, blogs, nada”…yet she interpreted that as I had some deep dark secret to tell her. I bluntly told her on the phone that my text was simply asking to put all behind & nothing from our talks said to anyone.  PERIOD!!  She has a habit of dropping “hints” on the blogs about what we talk about that are not meant to be made public. She has admitted to being impulsive & kept promising to not be quick to write. But that didn’t happen. She then told me she was going to run my text by YOU to get your opinion, so I asked her “what am I, a child?  I’m explaining my text bluntly & you still don’t accept it?”  
Here she says last week and weeks ago, and this is in her first email to me in months. So why now is she trying to make me believe this falling out with her and Linda happened after we started sharing emails again? It’s silly and makes no sense to me and this is one of many things like that. But the bigger part. As you read in her email, Linda and her had a phone conversation where Linda says Jen says “you should be buried with the other girls”.  Now this is outrageous. And Linda had sent me an email before I was back in contact with Jen telling me about it. At the time I didn’t know who to believe, I mean why would Linda make this up?  But then what did this mean if it was true? More confusion regarding Jen.
Now it seems Jen has received “spoof calls” they seem to be quite popular with this crowd. And even more so Jen says someone must have spoof called Linda, that explains it. It wasn’t her. Someone spoofed her. And yet in her early emails about it with me and Linda from what I’m told never questioned the calls, Jen and Linda had been talking, just that there must have been a misunderstanding. Yea call me confused again, I don’t see what could be misunderstood as to what Linda heard. Which may be why the spoof call is now being brought up as an alternative. Is it me or is Jen using Cristin’s tricks? Sorry just a joke… kind of at least.
So did she say this? Linda says she did and I believe her. Was it a spoof call? I doubt it. She doesn’t deny them talking on the phone at first so can’t now.
So see in just these little things that have just come up, not to mention so many more that I have just not been able to quite understand, it’s not my fault Jen confuses me, right?