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One thing about Jen’s emails that I love is how she likes to throw my words back at me and they just seem to prove my point further and not the one she is trying to make (some of my favorite screen names used to do this to me). Like this clip from one of the first emails I sent her.  She has been throwing this back at me for some time how I said she seems to be the most honest one. Yes I wrote that, because back then she (Jen) was exposing things that her and MM7 had done, but even then I told her that doesn’t mean anything, she could still be anyone (though I now know she is not MM7)  and it was easy for her to be honest back then, she was tattle telling on her friend Cristin. It’s when we got in to her involvement where her lies started in (oh she’ll like that). One other thing to point out, if you look back at some of the wayward screen names that commented on my blog, they used the same technique, all nice to me when I follow where they led, but when I questioned them they were all “you don’t get it”. Yes I have my reasons for thinking Jen was behind some of those screen names, again something she hates, but deep down she knows I’m right. She’s not that far gone.  Also she is good at screen shots (she has sent me many), her emails have color schemes, and she likes to use your own words against you, not very well as I pointed out. But yes, I have my reasons for my beliefs when it comes to Jen. I may be confused by her, but I’m not fooled by her. So maybe it’s time to take a closer look at Jen. As she said, I have enough emails from her to keep myself busy.  Her emails are very interesting and very telling. Oh and very distracting.