Is there more we could learn from Yes, but this would take the site owner to help with the who’s who as well as more screen names coming forward to give their experiance (not talking about sock puppets, real readers with no agendas). But it’s there (some of it at least) if any of you want to search the archives and see what can be seen. I put up enough of the comments that I think we understand Fluke’s agenda and how the game began.

It stepped into high gear when Mysterymom7 appeared and started a blog og her own. So we will head there next to see the crap Joey put up using questionable screen names, we’ll get into the 69 IP and a few others that kept Cristin guessing but almost never understanding. We’ll see how the screen names crossed over to my blog once I began. Most of all will ask Cristin some tough questions about what she claimed was fact though she now says was just speculation.

But not till after the holidays. This blog is on vacation. I have to properly end the “red and black” blog, it has been in limbo for way to long. Plus I have something more personal I’m working on, hopefully some of you will follow me there (not you Dorothy).

So, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Go spend it with your family and loved ones. Enjoy them. Remember all of those who are no longer with us this holiday season and celebrate with those who are.