Where Do We Go From Here?


So I have read my fill at old LISK.com and reread some of the stuff from when I first got there earlier this year. I get it. Flukeyou pulled some people in and they shared screen names and misinformation. Remember early on we have Fieldnotes and Truthspider as well. The tree starts there, well somewhere Jen and Susie are there as well. (Remember Susie) All of these connect to Mari, some have met her and are helping her others are from Facebook and wanting to help. Who was there to actually help and who was there for other reasons I do not know for sure, but hindsight sure does help us see a few things.  I realize the fact that the phone call that was made to Mari from the doctor and his denial of it  plays a key role in all of this early on. And so does 48 hours, where a lot of us got the same story about the doctor. Before I ever came to LISK.com I was like who is this doctor and what does he know? And with LISK.com here is Fluke to put a personal touch on all the questions people had about the doc. And he had fake screen names and maybe a few of the already mentioned names to help spread his knowledge of the Doc and many other neighbors. And early on we have people, neighbors of Fluke and the Doc maybe, but definitely people with reason to doubt Flukes stories. And they start in trying to defluke him and also maybe figure out why he is saying some of the things he is. So here we have 2 sides of at least a few people using the sites lack of screen name security and a game begins.

Then there are the other readers here, having to figure out who is who and what their agenda is. Some of them pick sides. But the game gets really out there and many leave for different reasons. But the core remains, and when MM7 get’s  involved it really gets crazy. (I’m not sure how long DPH was involved or who put who in touch, but she was in there somewhere “helping”)

So MM7 has her reasons to think it’s the Doc long before her involvement with anyone I have mentioned above. So did I, as I mentioned above.

But watching 48 hours and reading news stories had quite a few people looking suspicious. The john, the driver, the doctor. Yes some suspicious people, how could they all be cleared? I, like many thought these things when we saw or read what was being said about this case. But after her getting involved with Flukeyou and working the case with Jen and Dorothy she knew 99.9% the doc was the killer, and because of that he was stalking her.

All very dramatic, but also very suspicious.

Some of the  gamers splinter, some question other’s motives. A lot of it comes to a head due to Joey not telling Cristin about his new baby? But this is just part of the onslaught of things  now being posted in the dying days of LISK.com.

The addition of PS149 on LISK.com helped speed this up, but Too Close had been there from the beginning trying to keep the madness Fluke and company were creating from spreading. And others like Linda were sick of the constant accusing of anyone who disagreed or found their connections questionable. My blog also came around, one more place for the show to continue. Most people just wanted the game to stop and the case to be brought back to being about the victims, the real ones not those who were victims of themselves. And I am still one of these people by the way.

There is also Websleuth, which because of my email address I can’t get an account there, I heard all the changes came there and made it much harder to become a member specifically because of  involvement of those I have mentioned above.

So back n forth it goes and it continues because the Doc is suspicious. It continues because Joey is just as suspicious. It continues because Dorothy is being used or is quite the wakko. (maybe both) It continues because Jen is either scared or sneaky. (I just can’t figure you out Jen) It continues because Cristin is either scared, played, or quite diabolical. (just my opinion, still not for sure which one applies, maybe a combo of all three)

It continues because none of the information, Joey, Cristin, Dorothy, Jen, or anyone else that was part of the games ever proved anything to anyone. It continues because you all connected and Mari at least must think one of you is hiding something or knows something, I will not speak for her, but if I was her I would be questioning all of you.

This is what I know and I doubt anyone will change my thoughts on any of this. There is still much I don’t know. There is still all the crazy screen names which is a lot more difficult to understand. And I know what I have wrote is just a general idea of what went on. I mean there is a lot more to Fieldnotes involvement in all this and when he tried to back away from it he became a child molester and a LISK suspect, so getting his side of this would be helpful, but it’s understandable why he doesn’t want any part of this any more. I don’t know much about the original Truthspider, Brenden right? Is he still involved in this somewhere? I remember cryptic posts about lifeguards and Fluke and Spider being friends.  Still so much cryptic stuff out there, which is startling when you put it up against the ongoing case and the cryptic parts of it.

Was an Oak Beach resident involved in any of murders? If so was it someone posting on LISK.com? We won’t know these answers till the case is solved. But Joey sure convinced a few people that there is something to doc putting himself into the middle of the case, unfortunately or maybe fortunately doing so also put him questionably “in the middle of the case”.

But where do I go from here with this blog?

I will post the remaining 200+ comments for those interested in reading the rest of them, though other then some virus talk, it’s a lot of the same thing. There are a few other posts with comments that I might put up here, again for those interested in reading them.

But really from here the only place to go is to continue focusing on those I know were involved here and I believe could be a little more light shedding if they wanted to be. We know who they all are, I can’t keep going over and over the things they want to keep circling around, I need to help push forward.

So let’s all enjoy our Thanksgiving and then I’ll focus in on Joey and his gang.

DPH Sighting


It seems like Dorothy’s latest comments, ones I have posted here are gone. There are still plenty more though.  And they are out there for anyone to read!

It has come to my attention that DPH might have filed a Police & FBI complaint against me today. Really? Dorothy once sent me an email telling me the FBI was looking at my blog. This led me to contacting LE myself. No one I talked to or left messages with contacted me back. I let them know all my info and all about my blog. So now if she wishes to report me for something, add me to her list, so be it. LE needs to get to the bottom of her involvement in all of this. What, if anything, does she really know. Then again, maybe LE has her all figured out.

Either way, I will continue to post anything I read from her that seems harmful or helpful. Although that can be hard to tell which is which sometimes. See for yourself:


So much going on in Dorothy’s comments. Comments with names and accusations. Comments linking everyone. Comments that are out there for everyone to see. I like these ones because they mention Scalise. But I’ll leave you with one that takes it all to another level.


DPH Sighting

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Ahh, a comment from Dorothy left on her own comment. And it mentions some of her “LIST” including LE.  Good vs. Evil? How does she get away with posting such things and why aren’t they removed to discourage her?  What is the truth behind DPH? A lady having a breakdown or a lady who has some information about criminal activities that may be LISK related yet no one is looking into them? I know most of your answers, and I would tend to agree with most of them, yet there are connections with her and others involved here that make her more than just a “crazy lady”.

DPH Sighting


Well, well, well. We are fighting hard for Suffolk County Police Dept to release the content of Shannan Gilbert’s 22-minute call to 911 on May 1, 2010 (several FOIA requests) as my ex was there — is friends with Joseph Brewer who hosted the parties. Brewer lied to the Suffolk County Police who went back later 2010 to interview him. He was NOT home alone that night. I bet Jimmy Burke and Peter Tartaglia both know who was there. Let the FBI put Burke and Tartaglia on lie detector tests and bring in the experts.
These were not harmless “poker night” parties as my ex would tell the kids and me, but FAR MORE nefarious. Just look up snuff movies.  Shannan was brave to run, just as the other woman did years before that and also the woman who escaped in Atlantic City. The killer slashed her throat and SHE GOT AWAY. Wheels are turning.

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

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Once again I am getting side tracked in this blog. I really want to get back to the early postings in LISK.com but this missing comment from DPH is setting heavy on my mind.  The creator of this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JohnDoeGilgoOakBeachCase?hc_location=stream had struck me odd from the first comments I saw of theirs on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128?hc_location=stream, you can go here and look at them for yourself.

Lots of strange questions about pictures and Shannan’s likes etc. Just kind of odd stuff, plus I think they referred to themselves as a fan of this, another odd statement. But this was at a time I was ending this blog and did not want to look at yet another suspicious commenter.

Now DPH goes and outs this person as not only the killer but also MM7’s cyber stalker. Then this comment is gone and I am left with… What?

So who is behind this John Doe page and who does DPH think it is? Her ex? CPH? Or some one else from the alleged “crime ring”.

More questions. Any one care to give some answers?

DPH Sighting


The reason I am starting these sighting posts is because of a comment left on Shannan’s Memory Facebook page by Dorothy Price Hill https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128?hc_location=stream .

It said the person behind the creation of this site:https://www.facebook.com/JohnDoeGilgoOakBeachCase?hc_location=stream

was not only the killer, but MM7’s stalker.

Now I can’t find this comment, as if it was removed. So I will not make the mistake again. I will get her comments all copied and filed, I suggest others do the same.

The hoopla and drama needs to be stopped. Truth is the only thing than can help the victims of these murders!

Before I Go on


Many have said I am endangering them, some think I am obsessed with them, oh let’s just put it out there, Jen, Cristin, and Dorothy have all claimed things like this. I don’t want to go over again how this is not true and how I am no more obsessed with these 3 than any other’s mentioned here. From Fieldnotes to Junior from CPH to The Drifter, I am interested in all who might be able to stop the games and help the case.

This being said there is only one at this moment I feel needs to be further discussed and her actions stopped. That Is Dorothy Price Hill. The things she is still posting on places like Facebook is just jaw dropping to me and I don’t understand why no one is stopping her from creating so much unneeded drama and confusion.

So even though I am trying to take this from the beginning a step at a time to better understand LISK.com and it’s commenters, I will also be putting up the latest ramblings of our friend DPH.

Some may feel I am attacking her or even obsessed with her, and I’m afraid the titles I chose for these selected posts will only make this seem even more so, I assure my goal is to get her help and to stop her ramblings which if anyone wants to accuse someone else of endangering people or confusing the facts of this case, she is who we should be addressing.

Latest E-Mail From Dorothy


From Dorothy Hill
To Zero Dinh

I do not lie. I am HORRIFIED as I Just found out from Cristin that someone set up a fake Twitter account and has been sending tweets from it! YOU are one of the followers! that is NOT me! I am going to take this all the way through criminal investigations to have the person arrested and fully prosecuted under State of NY, State of CA and FEDERAL laws. I am SO DONE with this crime ring

I think I know who ps149 and “linda” are

TWO men, one in Massapequa and other in Manhasset…two copycat serial killers…..who ARE responsible for Shannan’s death. Now we are going to go prove it.

JOEY BREWER has been quiet the last two years…..he has so much to hide. That BASTARD> HE HOSTED wild sex/orgy/drug parties. WERE THERE any police at thost parties and if so, who? WAS PETER TARTAGLIA there? I am filing criminal charges against that bastard this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He works for Suffolk County Thomas Spota and he is COVERING UP THE CRIME RING!!!!!!

This was sent to me an hour ago, and really I’m just tired myself of these games. Is this really DPH sending me all this stuff? Is that really JJ Fieldnotes or Mike D.commenting about being PS149?  Which would fit right into where people like NERD have hinted lately who was PS149. And all that comes with that comment…  Yea… this is truly crazy people. I’ve done all I can to help you all come out of your emails and DO THE RIGHT THING! I’ve called LE, I’ve sent an IM to Mari, I’ve pointed out all I can . I have read through hundreds and hundreds of posts, comments, and emails.  Each time I do something there seems to be ripples, so hopefully posting  this latest e-mail will bring cracks with those ripples.

For MM7, Jen, & Dorothy


Originally I was gonna address each of you separately but I know with each post things would be said and it might take a while to get all 3 out there. So let’s do all of you at once, OK? I know the three of you like to share, you share info about people you don’t with each other and you share info about each other with people you don’t know. All good then.

MM7- You claim to not being liked to be called a liar, but you seem to like to skate the truth enough that you should understand why some people might see you this way (again I urge you to look up the tale of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”) Listen, from here on out although you don’t need to prove any thing to any one, I doubt you’ll get many people to believe any thing you say on this subject without it. I don’t even know what you really believe anymore. Is there a CRIME RING? Was there really any proof of that or just more heresay? Is there any proof of Dorothy’s husband being involved in the LISK case or is this more smoke and mirrors? You say now Linda is not involved, but your Facebook still mentions her, so please help me out here, why not just apologise for your treatment of Linda and move on and not mention her any more, or is this just more slight of hand and you really do think Linda is CPH?  You have made so many misleading statements I really don’t know where you stand anymore. Maybe because you no longer have a place to stand.

Jen- You say you want to help Mari and expose MM7, then come out of the shadows and do so, but as with MM7, your games and misdirection makes it hard to believe any thing you say. You knew of MM7’s 2008 “VENT” blog, so why shouldn’t the obvious deduction be that you are PS149? Or did you give the blog info to him/her as you did to me? Or did they give it to you maybe? How is it that MM7 forgot about this blog but you knew all about it?  Fishy, fishy, fishy. If you have nothing to hide and you just want to stop MM7 (this is starting to sound like my post to PS149, go figure) then just come out and do it. Don’t keep sending out bits of stuff here and there. The cloak and dagger stuff is not needed, “the truth will set you free”, but only if you want it too.

Dorothy-  You are quite the judgmental one aren’t ya?  That is your biggest downfall. The bible is a great tool for bettering you own life, but when used to judge others and condemn people who don’t agree with you to “fire and brimstone” well then it’s just a hateful book. Like most things in life religion is more about yourself then other people. You would do well to learn this and stop spitting hate at people. Also if you husband did all the things you say he did then stop posting it on here and do something about it. Learn from MM7’s mistake of posting things about scorned love, it will bite you in the end. I am seriously thinking about getting more involved in your story. The things you said are ither very scary and you need people to start helping you with this instead of using your failed marriage as their own personal tool to link others to the madness. Or they are delusional and again some one needs to help you. Or, and I hope this is not the case, they are lies that you are using for some reason yet unseen.  This is such a tough one because you actually are going through something, and it needs to be dealt with and not manipulated.

The game is up girls, and I think you know it. Of course you probably won’t admit it, but it doesn’t matter. Unless any of your many twisted accusations and stories of stalking and bullying are ever proven (and let’s face it, so far that’s not looking very good) then it’s nothing more than a Caucus Race.


One More Thing…


I think this blog is not so much done, as it might be shifting again… or maybe I need to start a whole other blog to continue in a whole new direction.
Now that DPH has decided I might be a part of this Crime Ring, a whole new world of words want to pour out of me. I’m gonna try to help you DPH, though your actions up to this point do not assure me you deserve this help.
It should be obvious to you that if you start pointing a finger at me then you only prove what others say about the both of you (DPH & MM7). That if you don’t agree with them they will call you an accomplice to murder. I know you have seen this written as many times as I have.  So again if you keep doing this to people that don’t agree with you your list will be so long NO ONE will believe you. (the list you sent me is already pretty long, if you add the name zero to it, well that just may be your jumping the shark moment)

I don’t know much about your divorce so  I may be wrong, but it seems to me all this could not be helping you there. So implicating one more person who has nothing to do with your husband or what you believe he has done definitely won’t help you there.

And finally, and this is a little tricky, but if you get what I’m saying here it will be the biggest help to you yet:

If people tell me that they have been wrongly accused of something by you just because they don’t believe as you do (some deep stuff there if you take it that way) and then you wrongly accuse me of something because I don’t believe the things you tell me, all you are doing is creating more people who don’t believe you. I know  I’m not involved in this, and you can not convince me other wise because, once again, I know I’m not involved. So everyone you accuse of things that they  know they are not guilty of will never believe anything you say about others. I hope you get that. Because all though this Jen/Cristin feud is bad enough, you take things to places that are just not acceptable or at least shouldn’t be.

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