My Response


Alright, I’m gonna get to that post I stopped in the middle of due to Dorothy’s continued running of the comment. But first I need to address another of Jen’s emails here for all to see.  In this email sent to me yesterday , Jen wrote: “With all due respect, Zero, when I was asked to find out something, I did just that.  I don’t need to justify or defend my actions.  All that matters is that I know what I write to you is the truth. ”   

 Never posted on your blog as anything but my initials so why post that I did under some other name?  It’s not true!
Obviously your IP detecting isn’t accurate if you can’t tell it’s NOT me”.

There was more, but these were the parts I addressed in my return email and I feel what I wrote needs to be addressed here since they will fit in to this post I need to finish, here is my reply:

To Jennifer
Today at 12:11 PM
I’m not gonna keep addressing everything you run off about… but in my opinion ALL of you have to justify and defend your actions, and obviously quite a few other people think so too. And as for the IP addresses… someone purposely uses places like Mc Donalds to post stuff, the use of mobile devices from free internet sites like these makes it impossible to be sure, but I know the key players now, and I know who had what info when, and well that makes it pretty easy for some of us to put 2 and 2 together. But go on joining the others blaming each other and not taking your spot where you belong in this. It will all be exposed eventually, that I am 99% sure of.

Identity Fraud


As I write these blogs, I never know where to censor myself. Especially when it comes to using real names rather than screen names. Obviously others involved have not had a problem with this, so any names I use are already up there, somewhere on the internet to see. (or at least had been up there at one time) But still, I have to question myself before I do. Now part of me is not even sure some of these “names” mentioned are even really the names of people involved in this case or LISK.com. and this is why I choose to use some of these “names”.  Here’s what I mean… Gambino and Scalice are both Mob names, and I’ve seen comments on mob involvement before, but I personally can not say these families lived in Oak Beach, and were apart of this community. Dorothy Hill is a name thrown around as maybe MM7’s real, real identity. PS149 posted this:

Long Island Serial Killer » Blog Archive » ps149
 I do know that it is highly unlikely that he is the “Long Island Serial Killer” responsible for 11 … Mysterymom7 but her real name is D  (name witheld by request).


I actually found that yesterday googling different things, so this shows that even though the site is down there is still stuff floating around in internet space.

I know that the comment is not in its entirerty, but it had included an accusation from PS149 that the phone call MM7 claimed to have made to Jim Jones actually came from some one named D (name withheld by request).  In this comment by PS149, the name is mixed up a little, it would later be D (named witheld as requested), some one MM7 says she know’s but is not her. MM7 says she is Cristin, a name that was thrown out by other posters.  I found Facebook pages for both names and at least at one time they were Facebook friends and both had posted on “Catch The Long Island Killer”, LISK.com’s Facebook Doppelganger. Jim Jones also posted on there.  Now that the page is gone it is hard for me to find Cristin, D (name removed by request), or Jim Jones’ Facebook page, but they are probably set up not to be seen or something, but they were there. Now Jim Jones has been connected to all sorts of Screen Names and if I’m reading new comments right, MM7 now thinks he is writing comments on her blogs and now mine as well using different Screen Names, today it was the SN Evelyn, who is said to be Joey Scalice’s mom. MM7 says Jim Jones’ real name is Michael Dougherty. And that’s the name of a movie director.

So what I’m getting at is, even though all these names have been “leaked”, I have no proof that any of these names are real or at least really anyone involved in these posts.

So I will use them when needed, after all they have already been thrown out there, and not by me. But I am not trying to endanger anyone or use names of people who have nothing to do with this, so feel free to ask me to remove anything that you might feel is fraudulent or personal info of yourself that you do not want out there.

Now let’s get back to Joey…