I recieved an email from Jen to day that was titled: What Are You Orchestrating?

[ ] Where my remark inserted.

jjj QUOTE:

What was requested of me, [by Mari] I did for someone I care about & who deserves the best which includes the truth! I’ve vowed to stick it out through thick & thin, looking for no glory. Again, no one in the WS, LISK or any other related “blogging” world knew of me as a poster until



But this is just not true

[??? Are you saying Mari didn’t ask??]

… I have emails from you that would counter everything you just wrote. Don’t the 3 of you get, that the emails you sent me paint the picture very well. One of you did and is gone for now.

[Yep, gone, within days after Ben Sullivan called me, asked for your blog address to read with his own eyes along with FB pages? But I didn’t make calls? ]

[Have no idea what emaiIs you rec’d from those 2 but wouldn’t trust their authenticity. I’ve seen MM7’s altering handiwork & DPH’s. And so has DPH’s husband]

But you have sent me many things that would have people questioning your motives.

[My motive, support Mari & provide help IF she asks ]

Also, and this goes for you and DPH, I am an OUTSIDER,

[If you say so but you are now acting like an INSIDER thinking you Know me when you don’t have a clue]

trying to link me

[LINK YOU? TO WHAT? Is this remark to cast further suspicion on me as tho’ I said something in emails to you privately that you refer to in your post to this effect?]

or cast doubts about my motives will only come back and make you look silly.

[Is this a threat disguised by the use of “silly”?]

with LE has my name and number, but still no call backs.

[Does it disturb you that I was called back & NOT you? Maybe cause I had info that you don’t? Maybe cause I was slandered? Maybe cause I witnessed the mental abuse of DPH’s son? Maybe YOU are the “0”?]

Why because ither none of you have gone to them as you say you have, or they know you and don’t think any of this is important.

[I can assure you I’ve called everyone I said I called. Linda can vouch for that as she was on the phone with me when I made one of the calls.]

Still trying to get this last post for this blog done, but this is already finished. You each go back n forth from being the victim to being the hero… yet niether are true. Just people who are trying to feel needed.

[Let me tell you one thing you should never forget, even if I don’t have 1 person in my life & nothing of material value, I have great wealth & all my needs met, no need to look outside myself or to the puppetry prancing about in cyber

nothingness! I am not in the emotional playground of “trying to feel needed” for I & the One I trust most is he who supplies all my needs physically, emotionally & spiritually.]

I get that. But this is an OPEN CASE! Now if you really have reread my blog , then pay attention to how many times I wrote: if you feel like you can help or need help go to LE, let them do their job! stop playing back n forth he/said she/said internet war games.

[Do you think I needed your blog & your “advice” to go to LE? Do you think I need to post a journal of actions taken? You’ve deviated from what you claimed was the intent of your blog. When I didn’t comment, I was suspect for not defending myself. Then when I responded to comments, you commented for the most part & maybe 1 or 2 remarks from those whose comments I replied to. ]