My Theory,
 Very Real, Caddie, Jim Jones, 2C2H are only here to chase away innocent people looking for justice….You Hi-Jack the sight….inflict fear to those you may feel are weak..Thats SADIST, Joking via causing harm, putting out peoples info is going to get one in serious trouble.
Harm is used on here daily as well as words like: IDIOT< STUPID MENTALLY ILL< FAT<
 I feel for people if they buy into the bullying tactic to which you run the sight with.
 Joesph Brewer in my opinion has tortured, Murdered, mislead, Killed, all these young girls plus I bet at least 20 to 30 more….starting in the 1980’s.
 Along they way what better to get friendly with the nieghbors than having them invite to a girl night…….Than bringing a group to answer……Use his Nieghbors but tangle them so tight in his web….they have been guilty to of crimes ………maybe The Doctor knew about a few victims……,GC please I bet he has used escorts regularly…..shaving & getting dressed when Shannan goes banging on door?????
 Makes sense if he just got back from Joesphs party or maybe thats were JB went to have GC serviced..
Why else would Gus be up….car show NOWAY…Bu**shit
Viagra………Bet he didn’t open the door because she was already with him….
 Theory….Thats what this sight is about
Jury Box on January 7th, 2012 at 12:01 pm

So here, again we see that has been was stuck on repeat for a while. Name calling, fake screen names, giving out personal information, that was the sites modus operandi. We also see a somewhat continuing “Theory” that a group of O.B. Residence may be involved in the deaths of some of the victims as well as helping to cover it up. Which then leads to the accusations and admittance of  some commenters  living in (at least at one time or another)  Oak Beach. While all this seems to much like a movie script, it does actually make it all start to make sense.  So is that really what we got here, a few Oak Beach Neighbors online covering up their involvement in these atrocious crimes. That or the flip-side where you have Oak Beach Residences merely defending their  innocence to a slandering neighbor with an axe to grind, maybe literally.

It would much easier for me to believe that a bunch of “Trolls” were playing games on here, or that Flukeyou or MM7 were some master mind psycho twisting it all, or even what I first read in these comments, that MM7 was on to CPH and he was stalking her. But all of it loses substance when you look at each idea carefully. So weather or not any one from Oak Beach is involved in any murders aside, they seem to definitely be involved in the  Theory, of course. And one we will get into shortly. But Jury Box had a lot more to say, and theories that may not of  sat well with other commenters, especially if they were Oak Beach Residences.

I respect that you have continously tried to solve this case or bring a new outlook
Like yourself, I also am insightful…..but I see JB being the main character. As I stated earlier I recieved a messages which I mentioned. I believe JB attended a big boys party at a young age & I felt as though GC was the sponsor of the girls..I believe JB continued & so did the Doc..

I feel the Doc was supplying the GC mob with high end drugs that a rich customer paid well for. I believe GC probably felt JB was getting reckless & knows they covered up a party gone wrong……

I bet from that time, JB had people wound tightly in his web…..

Why was Gus up & in the bathroom @ that time before 5am…did he just get back from being serviced??? Car show, I highly doubt it….The key man by the gate….What was & is his ROLE??????

More to that picture than one could ever swallow…..

Where did JB take Shannan when she first arrived….The Doc’s???/
For the Sedative Right??????

Is GC, Dr Hackett on Viagra????…..Jb couldn’t get it up…it sounds….used every excuse to get MP out of the area (go to CVS for drugs & lube?)..Why did JB accuse SG of being a male????? Because he couldn’t get erect or get satisfied…. coinsidence a male dressed in womens clothing was found….What could MP say if JB said SG took off upon arrival from CVS???? would have been all on him….But Brilliant Shannan Called 911 & JB already attacked her.. JB put MP on phone.see what caused EVERYTHING FROM THAT POINT ON …. JB SAID HE WAS NOT GOING TO PAY until satisfied……..that is motive, that is why wanted Shannan to finish …that is why JB claimed SG was a male & lastly JB could never be satisfied until the victim was deceased….that’s how SK EVOLVED TO, necrophilia…..this is common……..

So wrongful Death should be as Follows IMO:

JOESPH BREWER, I believe he is the SK, the mastermind, Necrophilia, the person who got Shannan to go to LI

GUS COLLETTI, SG never entered his house which he lied, because he was part of the party if he opened the door Shannan would have pointed him out.

Dr Hackett, who sedated SG, called MG, claimed SG was in his rehab & I believe as stated the Dr gave SG a SEDATIVE

Now 2C2H is insinuating JS junior was the so called DRIFTER….not sure what thats about yet…BUT I do know the Killings started way before he was What is that about???? 2C2H knowing or being Police Officer Neighbor

Now I believe MG should strip all these people of every nickle they may have & the Lawyer should cease any monetary transactions….since the Dr already signed house over to his wife…all should be nil & void if done before Shannan went missing or that opens a suit for the Wife to be sued directly

GO MARI GO!!!!!!
I AM IN SUPPORT OF ANY ACTIONS MAKING THESE KNOWN LIARS responsible for mucking up an INVESTAGATION as well as being part of some type of group cover up/ group crime spree.

Jury Box on January 8th, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Before I go on, I’m not saying that anyone who was sleuthing an Oak beach Resident was bashed, because this is not true, and commenters got in to arguments all the time about different theories. And finger-pointing was done by most of the frequent commenters. But some of these commenters really seemed to rub others wrong and then a routine  seemed to come out. Read these next posts and see if they don’t have a familiarity in them.


jerk box on January 8th, 2012 at 8:20 pm


I am not Kimberly.but I did hit a nerve…so something must be true?????
Now Jerk Box..Ah CADDIE, Fat Man with Pooper scooper????@ the Zoo, how appropriate. When in Roman do as the Romans.

Jury Box on January 9th, 2012 at 6:49 am


jury kim you are psycho. I have even agreed with and supported fluke in the past, but you ignore that completely. You only see what supports your delusions. How do you even know if I’m a man you fool? LE can come over anytime. I have never changed my name. Unlike YOU who have falsely accused, threatened people with false arrest for being people they aren’t and doing what they’ve never done. PSYCHO. I feel very comfortable saying that, as you bear false witness, and do I really need to remind you that what you are doing is harassment, and slander. You wait until you think people are gone, then you start your bullshit over again. I never threatened anyone here. I will not just lie down and take your bullshit.

VeryReal on January 13th, 2012 at 1:37 am


jerkbox, she’s right, she’s not kimberly TODAY anyway!
You are going to hang your foolish head in shame when it all comes out psycho kim, because none of what you imply is true. Why do we have to keep explaining to you that this site has nothing to do with what the investigators think? They aren’t going to change their minds based on some wacko slanderer off their meds accusing Ronald frickin Reagan along with the rest of the world. Didn’t your therapist tell you you aren’t better yet, and have to keep taking the meds?

VeryReal on January 13th, 2012 at 1:44 am


Different Screens Names, but same game. Alright, I think we are about ready to come back to the posts and comments I first read on as well as all that has been posted in comments since the site went down. Time to come full circle sort to speak.