For What It’s Worth


Before I go on I feel I must make some things understood so that they won’t be misunderstood. Though that may happen any way.

My name is zero and I live in Las Vegas, Nv. Was born and raised in California. I continue this blog because I feel that there was something wrong done by a group of people who have confused the real case of Shannan Gilbert. And whether you believe her death is connected to the others found of Gilgo Beach or not I’m sure you would agree that anything that corrupts one case corrupts them all, I mean even without LISK.com and all the games that came out of it, these cases are confusing and full of questions.

So when I came to LISK.com and MM7’s blog “Catching LISK”, and saw all of this, I felt someone needed to show them what it looked like to an outsider. I immediately got emails and strange comments on the blog. Some people I have proven they are or aren’t who they claim to be, but many others could be anyone.

I believe Flukeyou is Joey Scalice Jr. and this has pretty much been proven to every one by now, but I have yet to talk to him in any way and still unsure if any of the Flukeyou’s commenting on my blog is him.

I believe MM7 is who she was said to be and says she is. Meaning the MM7 posting on my blog is the same one from LISK.com and who created “Catching LISK”.

I believe Jen is who she says she is and also the commenter on my blog under the screen name “jjj”. She may also have wrote on LISK.com as “jj” but she says most of those comments were not her’s but someone using her screen name.

I believe Too Close To Home is who they say they are and the same one who wrote as “Too Close To Home” on LISK.com.

I believe Linda is who she says she is and the same “Linda” who commented on LISK.com.

I believe MDRice is who they say they are and the same “MDRice” who wrote on LISK.com

I believe Fascinated is who they say they are and the same “Fascinated” who wrote on LISK.com

I believe Cheryl is the same one who posted as “Cheryl” and “Cheryl#1” on LISK.com. She has never told me who she is but I believe she had a lot of good insights on who was who on LISK.com  (a few others did as well)

I believe DPH is who she says she is and has a few screen names on my blog. Don’t know if she ever posted on LISK.com but she has a lot to say on Facebook pages dedicated to the victims. Other than that I don’t know what to believe about her.

When a screen name from LISK.com first comes here to my blog, I do my best to make sure they are the same screen name and not someone playing games. The ones I have mentioned are the only ones I am sure of.

This being said, my sources are limited and so is the time I can put into this. Which I feel is still a lot, but maybe not enough to be as quick or as accurate as some of this may need.

And even if I was 100% sure who was who, their true agendas are still unsure to me. I think I get some of what some of you are doing, but nothing is for sure in my mind other than the fact that some really messed up stuff happened here.

I am still here, because of what I have read  in sites, IMs, posts, comments, and emails. I am here because I feel something is wrong and people are being dishonest. I am here because it all seems to be messing with others who do not need this kind of BS disturbing what is already hard enough for them.

I’m here because I feel there is truth to be found in all of this. I may never have it all, and it may not help any of the cases, or the people involved.

But If I do get some truth (which I have gotten to some, right?) and if it does help the cases or people involved (and I truly hope it does) then it will have been worth it.

Bottom line is I am trying to understand all of this. I’m not on anyone’s side but the truth. And if it doesn’t fit your understandings or agendas, if it seems pointless or questionable to you, I’m sorry.


200+ Comments Cont.


So when we left off Flukeyou aka Joey Scalice Jr. was commenting on how someone needed to check his neighbors, The Cannings, backyard, under their cesspools. Now I have seen the Channings’ names brought up before, but again this is a place where I just don’t know all the names being mentioned in the comments. From what I am told they are one of the many Oak Beach neighbors Flukeyou has brought into this. Maybe even one of the screen names on LISK.com belonged to one of the Cannings???  I don’t know, but the site was full of Oak Beach Neighbors, at least someone thought so. Anyone notice some of the screen names are red?

You will also see Flukeyou go on and on about how much all his neighbors know, but as you read these comments from over two years ago, ask yourself why none of these neighbors have “cracked” and led LE to the killer or killers. If so many were involved in a cover-up, wouldn’t have something come out by now? Wouldn’t cops have something to work with? Did Junior ever have anything substantial or did he just fool enough people into thinking so and help him in his misguided witch hunt?

Ask yourself these questions and all the others you have, as you look through some more of these comments.

LISK 200+1LISK 200+2LISK 200+3LISK 200+4LISK 200+5LISK 200+7LISK 200+8LISK 200+9LISK 200+10LISK 200+11LISK 200+12LISK 200+13LISK 200+14


More Of the 200+ Comments


LISK 200c 1LISK 200c 2LISK 200c 3LISK 200c 4LISK 200c 5LISK 200c 6LISK 200c 7LISK 200c 8LISK 200c 9LISK 200c 10LISK 200c 11LISK 200c 12LISK 200c 13LISK 200c 14LISK 200c 15LISK 200c 16LISK 200c 17LISK 200c 18LISK 200c 19LISK 200c 20LISK 200c 21LISK 200c 22

Sorry this is taking so long, but there is a lot to snip and post. Well that Deee was longer winded than me. LOL. So many accusing other screen names of being fake. And let’s face it, there are quite a few of them that were. I can spot some of them, how ’bout you? So many good ideas offered to the sites admin also. Too bad they didn’t take any of it. But I believe they were getting exactly what they wanted out of LISK.com.

There’s quite a bit that can be learned from these 200+ comments. So make sure you study them all. I have to take a break and get started on my week, so I’ll leave ya with the next few. More from Flukeyou. And now that he’s commenting on the thread (at least under this screen name) you can bet the comments will heat up.

LISK 200c 23

LISK.com Admin Post and Comments Part 2


LISK 200 comments 3LISK 200 comments 4LISK 200 comment 5LISK 200 comments 1LISK 200 comments 2LISK 200 comments 5LISK 200 comments 6LISK 200 comments 7LISK 200 comments 8LISK 200 comments 9Lisk 200 1LISK 200 2LISK 200 3LISK 200 4LISK 200 5LISK 200 6LISK 200 7LISK 200 8LISK 200 9LISK 200 10LISK 200 11LISK 200 12LISK 200 13LISK 200 14

So far not a whole lot, though Fascinated is very concerned with how much time and money the site admin has to put into it. The mentions of websleuth and that someone there was trying to muck it up, the way some had done at LISK.com is curious, the same type of posts later on LISK.com was discussed earlier in my blog: https://liskdotcom.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/flukeyou/

In that post I put up a comment from LISK.com made by  Dee, Dec. 2012 also speaks about this.

Hmmmm….this ‘Truthspider’ guy from WEBSLEUTHS, aka “Brendan Murphy”…the one with the Obsession with PH…. You mean to tell me there’s ANOTHER ONE who has an Obsession with PH….???

There is one here that is Obsessed with the DR. as well, AND I will go so far (as some others would agree) as to FRAME him for something he DID NOT DO.

Hmmmmmm…….As you say Cheryl, on here, People can be-whoever they want.

Deee on January 1st, 2012 at 2:31 am

So again, this game started early and people on LISK.com were calling it out all the time, Marina, Deee and Too Close Too Home were just a few. And these 200 plus comments will get there as well, and we will get to them all, but for now we will take a break, well after the next 2 comments, left by Mari. It sheds a light on why the site admin might have started the poll of whether to take the site down or not in the first place.

LISK 200 mariLISK 200 mari 2LISK 200 mari 3

More On The Sites Look

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Since I am unsure of where this blog will go after I am finished posting all the comments from the sites admin. I will continue reading more posts and will decide from there. But in case I don’t go on in chronicle site order,  if anyone is curious when the site changed its dramatic appearance here is another admin post on just that:

LISK Site look

Now back to the comments.


LISK.com Admin Post and Comments Part 1


LISK AdminLISK Admin 1LISK Admin 2LISK Admin 3LISK Admin 4LISK Admin 5LISK Admin 6LISK Admin 7LISK Admin 8LISK Admin 9LISK Admin 10LISK Admin 11

So in these first few comments it is primarily voting and complaining about people using multiple screen names. And then Websleuth is mentioned. And so it will begin. LISK.com is laid out in these early months from December of 2010 to August of 2011. In less than a year games were being played and Joey vs The Doc had already begun. I can see the connections starting amongst these early posts. I can see exactly how it all played out.

In these early posts I see all the key players, I see victim’s friends and families, I see people like me not connected and confused by what they are reading.

These 200 plus comments shows a lot of it, but as I said it went on for a few more years, so it got really twisted. And yet as we look over all these early comments, we see as twisted as it got, it didn’t change much from the initial game.

LISK.com Summer of 2011 Part 2

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Every one pops up by the end of the summer. And to be honest, the comments all read a lot like they did in 2013 when I started reading there. But as I said these are the first, people are connecting, sharing ideas, meeting in person, trying to figure out who the people with real info are. I think I get it all pretty much now. My only question is, does any of it have to do with the murders, or was it a runaway train from the beginning? I mean JS’s identity was pretty much known from the beginning yet in 2013 it was like new stuff finally coming out. Only those there from the beginning or those who stuck around long enough could see the skipping record.

Again who had the best seat in this, who could put this all together much better than me? (I’m always playing catch up) Whoever was behind the site.

They had a front row seat to it all. And as the summer of 2011 was winding down they made this known:

LISK Admin 0

This got lots of comments:

212 Responses to “Message from the Site Admin”

That’s a lot of screen shots to get started on , and I’ll get to them and the admins entire post next. But first, again, who is the creator of the site, here they make it sound as if they too are/were a neighbor as well.  Here’s an article on the sites creator from April of 2011: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/long_island_serial_killer_website_interview.php

The beginning of this article has the sites creator saying the sight was made as a mockery but the August post implies it was made to help not mock. So were they really thinking about removing the site, or was it a spoof site from the beginning and this calculated post was to stir up some good mocking? I have seen other types of crime spoof sites, they never help and usually end up gone, but not before causing controversy and confusion.

Only the creator of the site can explain what they were trying to do and other insights they might have from running the site for so long.  Again some of you probably know much more about this sites creator than me, I’m playing catch up.

So let’s catch up together by looking at those 200 plus comments on whether the LISK.com site should stay or go.

The Doctor Is In


So JJ may be Jim Jones, that is who I am told at least.  Is JJ Jim Jones? There are posts on here by Jim Jones as well.  Maybe he started as JJ and moved on to Jim Jones. Whoever JJ is, their first posts in April might have set everything in motion.

LISK comments dates 3

LISK Jen 5

All these early posts make me wonder if someone was watching and looking for recruits. Some one fishing perhaps. And these early posters got caught. Let’s take a closer look at this first post and the 7 comments made on it. You might be surprised at what get’s brought up. Some of you might not.


More Clarification


Once again before I go on, I feel I need to clear things up. See how the comments have a way of changing this blog. These are old snapshots that I am now in possession of sort to speak and I have snapshot them myself and posted them here. The internet has away of keeping things out there, what don’t you get. And just to prove this is how the site looked back in 201 as well as show how stupid attacks from people sometimes had no reason other than to just attack and confuse:

LISK header 1

This person, choosing the ever popular screen name “Anon” short for Anonymous if you didn’t know, is just trying to point out that the dramatic pictures and headers is not needed if the site is for helping get answers and not just looking for hype. At least that’s how I read it, and I have to say, since I am looking at the early version of this site for the first time it does shock me a little, but knowing the site like I do it only makes sense. Now even though they got blasted by some “just don’t get its” in the comments (posted below) The site took his advice, because when I came to read it in 2013 black text on white background was how it had become. All the dramatics were left to the comments, speaking of comments:

LISK header 2

Ahh name calling… and unjustified in my opinion. the post was valid, and if I had been reading it back then I would have commented along the same lines, in fact I did on some of my earlier posts on LISK.coms early look. In fact I would have suspected more to comment on this. I know later I read things about questions about this site, posted on MM7’s blog I believe, an article or something, I will have to try to find it. But anyways, maybe that is when they changed their look. But this is how it looked back then. You all were there, none of you saw this?


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We’ll get back to the Summer of 2011 on LISK.com but first I need to make a correction. In an earlier blog I had said Wanda’s post was the first one. But I was looking at the comments wrong, it was just the newest at the time, not the first. Wanda’s email was posted on May 15th 2011, but people had stuff posted as early as April. And scrolling down to find the first comment I came across a few screen names I didn’t know had been there that early.  We’ll look at those next, but first let’s take a look at the real first comment/email posted on LISK.com:

LISK John Doe 2

Sent in April 22nd by John Doe. Let’s take a closer look.

LISK John doe 3

The first email LISK.com decided to post was an accusation with names and an address. (I removed the address though LISK.com did not) I do not know these names and I’m guessing they are not connected to the LISK case, anyone please correct me if I’m wrong. But here we are, a dramatic site, with dramatic images, posting a dramatic first comment. In hindsight we can say how harmful this pattern would be for the real case. But here it was just the beginning, no comments even left on John Doe’s post. And since I do not know these names I can not really comment on it either. So let’s move on to a name I do know.

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