You may have noticed that comments are no longer getting through, I felt Mari should have the last word there for now. I do want to clear a few things up for those who have not read this blog as a whole as well as give a little more understanding to where things are at the moment. This blog has never been about sleuthing or whether I believe someone’s deductions. It has always been against the public smearing and airing of personal info. From the very first I explained I did not agree with people sleuthing and pouring out case info that needed to be given to LE. Any comments suggesting they know any thing about any case, I said to give the info to proper LE. I have constantly put out links to Mari’s Facebook page for Shannan and links to 48 HOURS and strongly encourage that everyone go to these sites for more info and to show support. I have always said that this is about the comments and post that people were putting out there that I thought looked like games being played. Again I could not understand why ideas were being argued the way they were, if you have info give it to LE and let them handle it. Of course I think some people question whether LE is handling it, but this is not for me to discuss, but even then take it to someone who can do something with it, on-line finger-pointing will not help any thing.

Now that both MM7’s blog and are gone (the 2 places where the comments that bothered me were) my blog stands alone and it may not be easy to understand why I keep it up. To explain that I will have to go into  the many emails I have received by a few people. This is only to clear things up and to show why I am still here.

Let’s go back to the first person I contacted, MM7, after all most of my info came from her blog, and I was also worried that if she was in danger, she really needed to get LE involved. This was right around the time disapeared. Flukeyou and PS149 (this is from memory ony) had been throwing out info back and forth about residents of Oak Beach. Well Fluke was, PS149 was countering about one main resident and his family. Outing Fluke as JS. MM7 was asking for forgiveness and had said she no longer thought it was CPH. In our emails she told me she was really being stalked and that she didn’t mind my blog because it was more proof of the crazy posts. And my blog got tons of crazy posts and personal info and general junk. I tried to remove most comments that had used last names and personal info. And at any time someone asked me to remove something I did. DPH asked me to remove her name and initials from here and I did, then she started commenting everywhere on my blog. And just a note, I had told MM7 that she needed to be careful who she was talking to. I never believed her phone was being bugged, I truly thought information she was giving others was getting spread around and used against her. She told me she was backing off talking with Flukeyou but still trusted him and that she was secretly working with DPH and please not to tell any one. Which until now I have not mentioned, but I think it is now out in the open  that they are working together, so no foul done, right?

I actually did not share many emails with MM7. And a few others that I did share emails with told me that her ideas on the case were misguided and I shouldn’t listen to her. Point I’m making here, I did not share any ongoing emails with any one. Then came Jen.

Jen claimed she had worked with MM7 until she realized MM7 was using the same methods to get info that she accused others of doing to her. Jen sent me tons of stuff she thought proved MM7 was not being stalked but was creating situations to self promote or help spread her beliefs of CPH being involved in the case. Again tons of stuff that ment nothing to me, I told her the same thing I told MM7, “I am not the one you need to prove anything to, LE or Mari but not me.” I have yet to hear a story from any one that I believe, I’m beginning to see that the blog and sleuth world is one big game of he said she said and misinformation.

Lots of accusations from Jen and some stuff to back some things up, much like MM7.  Now we are talking close to the time MM7’s blog disappeared. Along with Jen’s endless supply of stuff I could do nothing with, MM7 wrote a few more e-mails assuring me that she was being stalked and the crime ring she had uncovered is responsible for a lot of missing and dead people. She also told me she believed Jen was a driver for this crime ring. Again, I told both Jen and MM7 all of this means nothing to me, give it to the people who can understand it and do something about it. It was obvious to me these 2 had a feud with each other, I told them both that most of the stuff they sent me could mean lots of things, but they just sent me more to try to convince me, which was fine since I did start a blog and post emails so I wasn’t upset with the info, some of it was quite inlightning and helped me understand each of them better. It was just they both contradicted each other and I didn’t know ither of them, so how did I know who was telling the truth? Both of them had some good points and both had some things I just didn’t believe. But at this point MM7’s blog is pulled and there is not much left for my blog, I had no intention to talk about Jen and MM7’s private e-mails. Then 2 things happened. One was Mari commented here, which I’ll get to in a minute, the other was DPH.

We have Jen and MM7 who is Cristin and if I thought some of their ideas in their e-mails were hard to belive DPH was about to blow my mind. DPH or Dorothy, bombarded me with emailsthe other day. First warning me not to use any thing in her e-mails in my blog, then telling me to remove a comment made about DPH (which I did) and then proceeded to list many names she believed were a part of this crime ring. Jen’s name was one of these. I found this all very surreal. Dorothy and Cristin were telling me Jen was part of this crime ring they have been looking into, while Jen was telling me  Dorothy and Cristin were liars and had personal vendettas that they were linking into the LISK case.  I knew long before this point no good would come of any of this and in fact I thought nothing would come from it, I was way beyond this thinking now. Good or bad, maybe something will come out of this. I could not get through to anyone that they needed to be going to Mari or her lawyer or LE. But I tried again a few times with Dorothy. I told her, I am not the one to be telling all this stuff to, I could not prove to anyone who was doing what to who. For an example, both Jen and Dorothy told me the other one called CPS on them. Why tell me that? I have no way of knowing who is telling the truth here. Dorothy’s e-mails got worse, she wanted me to say I believe you and will help you, but I could not honestly do that, all 3 of them were sending me stuff, as I’ve said, that was sometimes believable and others, well let’s just say, I’m not so sure. But again I told all of them go to LE with this stuff. If any of them have taken this stuff to LE, and they say they have, then this should be sorted out. And if not then  I’ll give a starting point, but it is truly up to those who have evidence.

Dorothy’s last e-mail went a little to far and is the primary reason I am writing this blog today. She wrote:

If you are involved in this crime ring (including supporting the monsters who killed all these innocent women, men and a little girl/age 19-24 months), then
all I can say is that I hope you FIND REDEMPTION WITH THE LORD. However, very slim chance because I am seeing the way you treat my friend Cristin and me.

Now this is coming after half a dozen e-mails naming all sorts of people as part of this crime ring.  This remark kinda upset me and again is the main reason you are reading all of this, I forgive the whole redemption remark, because I know you do not know me, a bit stingy though don’t you think. I have been very nice in all my e-mails.  And mine and Cristin’s were all pleasant. After her blog was gone she e-mailed me a few things and said good luck, and I e-mailed her good luck as well and to be careful. You see I don’t find their criminal link all that crazy. I have no idea what is going on in these cases especially to the extent of their searching and understandings, an in an unsolved case anything is possible.

Now this last e-mail from Dorothy ended with point blank telling me Jen (whole name was used) is a criminal. Then some personal info. which true or untrue did not need to be said to me. Now if there were only these e-mails from these 3 (without this last one) I don’t know if this post would have ever happened… maybe eventually.  This last e-mail just made me feel like this all needed to be brought out in the open a little more, and then Mari’s comment made me think I definitely had to set some of this straight. It is to my understanding all 3 of these ladies have contact of some sort with Mari. So I would hope if she does not know the info these 3 are passing around the internet, someone will have her read this.

Cristin and Dorothy have a lot to say about who and what is going on here it all needs to be looked into if it has not been already, again I see points to some of what Kristin had blogged about. But Jen has a lot of points as well. I am not the one to confirm or deny most of what they have all sent to me. I can not know who is part of a crime ring or not.  I do not know any of the names Dorothy sent me except one… Jen’s. And again this is only because she got in touch with me to warn me not to listen to Cristin. So ither Jen is part of this crime ring or Cristin and Dorothy are saying she is to people maliciously or their sleuthing is wrong. I don’t know, but it seems a simple enough place to start. Because if Mari is in contact with all 3 of these people I would think she would want to know about these things. LE as well.

One last thing regarding Dorothy’s last e-mail and this post. Because she has suggested I am part of a crime ring and because she has a list of people she is passing out to everyone.  This blog has to stay up for now and this post had to be written. I do not want my name popping up on anyones lists.

So here is what I had to say about all of this, as I said from day one: An outsiders view to a game of words

But as you can see others still have a lot to say about this… they just need to start saying it to the right people.