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So when we left off Flukeyou aka Joey Scalice Jr. was commenting on how someone needed to check his neighbors, The Cannings, backyard, under their cesspools. Now I have seen the Channings’ names brought up before, but again this is a place where I just don’t know all the names being mentioned in the comments. From what I am told they are one of the many Oak Beach neighbors Flukeyou has brought into this. Maybe even one of the screen names on LISK.com belonged to one of the Cannings???  I don’t know, but the site was full of Oak Beach Neighbors, at least someone thought so. Anyone notice some of the screen names are red?

You will also see Flukeyou go on and on about how much all his neighbors know, but as you read these comments from over two years ago, ask yourself why none of these neighbors have “cracked” and led LE to the killer or killers. If so many were involved in a cover-up, wouldn’t have something come out by now? Wouldn’t cops have something to work with? Did Junior ever have anything substantial or did he just fool enough people into thinking so and help him in his misguided witch hunt?

Ask yourself these questions and all the others you have, as you look through some more of these comments.

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A New Look

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As much as I liked the chalkboard look, I realize it was hard to distinguish things I wrote and things I posted from  other people and sites. The board was cool, but the chalk was limited. I chose the chalkboard mainly for the “in school” effect, which to me is what LISK.com felt like, and there I was putting all our screen names up on the board. And as much as I’ll miss the chalkboard, I’m not the teacher here, I learn more about all of this everyday. Also, I want any one who reads this to be able to tell things apart better, which as I stated, the chalkboard made difficult to do at times.

So for these reasons and the fact that this blog is gonna be here for a little while longer the chalkboard has become a note pad, because we are still in school here, let’s hope we might learn something.

Ruffled Feathers


Seems like no body wants to be on the other side of sleuthing…

Funny thing is, I was gonna blog today about how much more you all seemed to be pulling together and actually making some progress towards what you all say you are doing… trying to help the victims and their families. But too many of you want to blame me for what you have all created… so I will continue… if you want me to stop, ignore me, or better yet, STOP PLAYING GAMES!