200+ Comments Concluded


So let’s get the rest of the 200+ out-of-the-way. Last comments I posted were about the red tags and they were about to get into the viruses. Shall we?

LISK last 2001LISK last 2002LISK last 2003LISK last 2004LISK last 2005LISK last 2006LISK last 2007LISK last 2008LISK last 2009LISK last 20010LISK last 20011 LISK last 20012LISK last 20013LISK last 20014LISK last 20015LISK last 20016LISK last 20017LISK last 20018LISK last 20019LISK last 20020LISK last 20021LISK last 20022LISK last 20023LISK last 20024LISK last 20025LISK last 20026LISK last 20027

So by the end of that first summer at LISK.com it’s owner was already thinking about taking it down. Reading through the comments to whether the site should stay or go shows us the site owner had reason to think the site was in trouble and might need to come down. Personal info, viruses, sock puppet screen names, and a neighborhood feud that was getting really nasty. But the site continued, and not much had changed by the time I found it in February of 2013. Some of the screen names were gone and some new ones were now involved but still the same thing. Flukeyou accusing his neighbors of being involved in parties and coverup of murder and yet none of it had yet to pan out. And even now, today, after LISK.com is long gone and the games have been exposed, Junior is still calling out the same crap and not one part of it has been proven and no arrests or confessions from any of the neighbors. And why won’t the neighbors help back up Juniors stories? Because they hate the Scalice’s so much they will let a murdered girls family go without knowing the truth and a killer walk free. That’s right isn’t it Fluke? They have a vendetta against you? Or is it one of your other explanations, that the Doc has something on all of them and they are afraid of him?  How did anyone buy this crap?

Please Fluke, please MM7, please anyone (accept Dorothy) tell me where I have this wrong…

200+ Comments: The Red Tags


LISK 2001LISK 2002LISk 2003LISK 2004 LISK 2005LISK 2006LISK 2007LISK 2008LISK 2009LISK 20010LISK 20011LISK 20012

It’s no wonder people left the good fight at LISK.com, Computer Viruses with their names on it, red tags on your screen name, when clicked reveal things about you??? And many of the commenters believing a serial killer might be reading, maybe even posting!!!

This site seemed like a scary place. But it was a place where things were being said about a case that was hard to get info about otherwise.

So what were the Red Tags? This is all that is really said about the Red Tags in the 200+ comments. But I will look and see if I can find more elsewhere. Finding existing pages on the internet on a site that is gone is not always easy, some searching needs to be done, and then I you may still not find what you are looking for. But there is stuff to be found!

We can get a little bit of info on the red tags, it is mentioned that some people have different things at the bottom of the screen when you click them. And that some are different than others. I clicked on them myself and they did go somewhere. I’m not sure if they do exactly the same thing clicking on them now as they did then, but they seem to say the same thing by what the comments said about them then.

All but one of the screen names showed the same message:

LISK red highlight

The one red tagged screen name that did not lead me here was “be”, it led to an internet  provider that I now know very well and doesn’t mean much at this point.


But someone was trying to identify these screen names, or at least make others think so. A few screen names here that are called out as Neighbors of Dr. Hackett. Were they all neighbors of the Doc? I do not know the much of the screen names tagged red, other than Too Close none of then were around when I started reading at LISK.com. I know some of the commenters at LISK.com were neighbors of the Doctor or lived in Oak Beach at one time or another. Were these some of them? And what about posting someone’s internet provider? Was the site’s admin involved? Or did someone else find a way to tag these screen names?

One screen name  is left off, that we all know should have been on any list of the Doc’s neighbors, and that’s Flukeyou. The red tags seem to be a little one-sided here. But I’m not gonna speculate on what might seem obvious to me, when I’m still not sure of who did the tagging and why. Any one else wanna chime in here?

Still a few comments to go in this “should the site stay or go” post. So much learned already. The comments are about to get into the viruses that some say were being passed around through links being posted in comments.  What the heck did people reading there back then think was going on?


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We’ll get back to the Summer of 2011 on LISK.com but first I need to make a correction. In an earlier blog I had said Wanda’s post was the first one. But I was looking at the comments wrong, it was just the newest at the time, not the first. Wanda’s email was posted on May 15th 2011, but people had stuff posted as early as April. And scrolling down to find the first comment I came across a few screen names I didn’t know had been there that early.  We’ll look at those next, but first let’s take a look at the real first comment/email posted on LISK.com:

LISK John Doe 2

Sent in April 22nd by John Doe. Let’s take a closer look.

LISK John doe 3

The first email LISK.com decided to post was an accusation with names and an address. (I removed the address though LISK.com did not) I do not know these names and I’m guessing they are not connected to the LISK case, anyone please correct me if I’m wrong. But here we are, a dramatic site, with dramatic images, posting a dramatic first comment. In hindsight we can say how harmful this pattern would be for the real case. But here it was just the beginning, no comments even left on John Doe’s post. And since I do not know these names I can not really comment on it either. So let’s move on to a name I do know.

First Comment


LISK wanda 1

So the first comment/email chosen to be posted by LISK.com was from a familiar screen name, one mentioned in this blog a few times, but one I know little about. Recently someone had mentioned this screen name and the possibility of it being a fake screen name for Flukeyou aka JS Jr.  I have no idea if this is true or not. But Wanda is a screen name I think we need to look at, and since it was one of the first (the first to be posted) screen names, I think that even more now. So let’s take a look at the comments left on Wanda’s post.

LISK wanda 2LISK wanda 3

So, right off the bat a reader with knowledge of who the killer is. And they got in contact with a victim’s family member.


Now we know that nothing this “Wanda” knew solved the crime, but it did set up a series of repeating themes on LISK.com. Again my lack of early knowledge in all of this leaves me with not knowing what “tape” Wanda is writing about, maybe someone can clue me in.  Meanwhile let’s take a look at the second screen name we see here, “Anonymous”.  Anonymous is used in so many ways these days. I have blogged about a few internet anonymouses  and different connections, but who was this “Anonymous” and what was their reason for coming to LISK.com?