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Although Cristin didn’t let through many comments from those who spoke against what she blogged or had information that went against the Joey Agenda, she let him put his twisted stuff up every time. Although Cristin complained that those who posted some questionable stuff in her blogs comments must be a serial killer and stalking her, she let Joey’s comments that used the same tactics and were just as obscene, in her logic why didn’t she see Joey as a serial killer and quite possibly her stalker? Here are some of Joey’s first comments on MM7’s blog:

LISK Fluke mm72LISK Fluke mm73

Joey Agenda! Cristin had no problem letting Flukeyou continue the game on her blog. Including using sock puppets with real people’s names. People Cristin knew nothing about, but that didn’t matter to her:

LISK joey mm71LISK Joey mm72

Why was it alright for Joey to use fake screen names, post info on his neighbors, and say some really disturbing thing? And yet when others did these things they were stalkers and killers. Why? Cristin not only let comments like these through,  but she felt no need to let others reading your blog that they come from Joey. Read these next comments by him and hopefully you might see your beloved Joey in a new light:

LISK Joey mm73

If Joey can use fake screen names to write some messed up stuff, why don’t you believe he could have written some of the other messed up stuff? I’m beginning to understand why you don’t like me, I’m like “kryptonite to a hypocrite”.

Hey Joey, you still reading? I hope so ’cause I wanna share what I find as the most pitiful comment you wrote:

LISK Joey mm74

You actually use the Doc’s wife as a sock puppet screen name to praise you own mom. Now that’s f*cked up! Maybe you need some more time on the couch…


A Comment From Fascinated

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As I steer away from LISK.com for a moment and focus on a few specifics, I’d like to leave it with another view from someone who was there:

Just a note from an old timer, the chat room never worked.  It would work for a day and then it would be down for days.  I could never get it to run on my computer.  And I was not the only one.  I think it was only around for a few weeks as I recall.

Another point you bring up, the admin didn’t seem to be around much.  It was like a little side project.  i really think they only checked it once a day.  It was like you would send in an email and the next morning it would show up in the email section where others could comment on it.  And later when people began to complain about the site not moderating comments, you post something and like three hours later it would post.

when all of the screen names got out of hand and someone started posting personal information like Mari Gilbert’s telephone number, the site admin began allowing one of the family members to help moderate the site.  I am guessing this is the same family member who has given you access to the archived site.

Also, the point keeps coming up that people couldn’t see these comments, that the site didn’t go back this far.  Well, the site actually closed down for a little while.  A week or so.  When it came back, all the old stuff was gone.  I walked away just before this happened.  And it helped me quit coming to the site.  All these grown adults acting like children.  People from the webslueths coming over to LISK to push their theories.  Foreigner even accused one of the Atlantic City victims’ husband of being the serial killer.  Hugh Auslander, who is mentioned in the article above.  He started posting on LISK to defend himself.  It was crazy.  Grasping as straws and ruining people’s reputations.  REAL people with REAL lives.  I wanted no part of it.  I could only imagine what CPH was going through.  No matter what he did or didn’t do, he and his whole family become cannon fodder for the armchair detective army.  Nevermind all the so called “facts” being spewed by Flukeyou aka JS jr.

I wanted to solve a puzzle not crucify innocent people.  And all the theories in the world will not solve this puzzle.  It needs pieces that fit.  And that takes evidence.  Without evidence there is nothing but speculation.  We had not right to convict someone of a crime with nothing more than speculation in the court of public opinion.  If I had been CPH I would have sued the owner of the LISK website for libel and negligence.

As for my theory of what the LISK was created for, it seems I read a statement either in an interview or in the comments somewhere.  They wanted ownership of the domain name so when the killer was caught they could sell the site and make some money.  When the site was first created they were selling T-Shirts.  It was always about profit.  All the drama going on with the people who posted there increased the potential bottom line.  Every hit was a number they could use to attract advertisers.  So they could sell the site for more money.  It was a side business while they did their day job.

I don’t know for sure who actually owned the site but I have some theories.  And there were people who I spoke to off line who claimed to have personal ties and influence with the site owner.  Claimed to have known them all their lives.  So either that person was the site owner or was a relative.  I’m guessing brother and sister, or childhood BFF.

For Any New Readers

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If you are just coming to this blog it may seem confusing, many have told me that it is hard to keep up with who is who. And that is understandable, even those involved in all of this are not sure of who EVERYONE truly is. And with all the fake screen names, well it’s my blog and I get lost. I am gonna try to keep this on track and look at it all from the beginning to now making it somewhat easier to understand. But I admit this blog is mainly for those who were regulars on LISK.com (and websleuth, though my readings there are very limited,  it seems much like LISK.com just with administrators who try harder at eliminating the game aspect). No mater who you are reading this, I feel it is best to start at the beginning and read it all especially the comments. But this is time-consuming I know, and to be honest might leave you even more confused. So I would suggest to at least read a couple posts on my other (now in limbo) blog. http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/  (some people call it “the red and black blog”, I like that). There is a 3 part blog starting with this one: http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/catfish-serial-killers-part-1/

This is a great place to start because it is the first things I wrote about this case, LISK.com, and MM7. Then there is my last post: http://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/its-all-too-much/

This is a very scattered post, but I wanted the reader to see how this whole thing unfolded for me and how easy it is for so many different things to get connected while online. The wild, wild, web is both a wondrous and scary place and we all need to be careful with where it takes us.

I hope you continue to read here, though I am more concerned at finding the truth of these situations created by some of these screen names, I still want it to be able to be understood.

I know how hard it was for me to understand when I first came to LISK.com.  I am doing my best to keep this readable and understandable. But again being truthful is the bottom line though.

The Problems With Writing This Blog


The 3 main problems with writing this blog were always:

#1. This is a real ongoing unsolved case, which means there are family and friends of the victims that are still hoping and looking for answers and don’t need more people who do not have them putting their 2 cents in. This also means LE are still actively looking into this and related cases and also don’t need more Google Detectives mucking up investigations and wasting time. I’ve done my best to treat this as the most important part of this blog, not getting into the case, but it has not been easy.

#2. Those who post comments with questionable TMI. With so many comments including things about people (some of which I am not even sure these people exist. For example I don’t know Dorothy’s Husband’s ex-wife. How could I know if such a person is real.) So what to allow in comments is hard, I have quite a bit I took off or didn’t allow.

#3 How fast everything changes. If you read this from the beginning, you know that many blogs changed or were removed, ideas for blogs changed long before I could finish them or in some cases even start them. When I first started thinking for names for the blog I thought it was going to be to expose a group of people playing games with a house wife sleuther in Florida or maybe even a serial killer stalking her. But with the arrival of PS149, and the back n forths that came on LISK.com leading up to it being removed told me my blog would not be what I thought it would be. And these things kept happening through out writing this blog making it very unpredictable and very time-consuming. I did my best to read all blogs and comments related which became harder each day since they were being removed so often. Yes changes all around made it very difficult to keep up and keep things straight.  This also meant that important issues never even got brought up. And back in the beginning when people and posts started disappearing stated I went back and read as much old posts I could find on LISK.com. In these early readings there was familiar screen names like Flukeyou, Too Close Too Home, MDRice, Wanda, Cheryl, and a few others, and screen names I had heard mentioned in comments, like Truthspider , Jury Box, Barnaby Jones, Jim Jones (2 Jones) etc. And the more I read back the more things changed on my take of what was happening.

So although these 3 problems will I’m sure continue to make writing this blog difficult and time-consuming, I feel it is not finished and at least some answers might be there if we take another look and a few of you decide to start REALLY helping get to the truth.

From the beginning I felt something strange and diabolical might be going on in the posts and comment on LISK.com. And I had only been reading there for a couple months before it was removed.

Those reading and commenting for years knew it was much more than some online sleuthers arguing over what they think happened in a case they read about. People commenting here knew things. And behind the scenes people were sharing information and misinformation. Teams were being picked. That may a little too black n white but there was definitely a Flukeyou vs. CPH feel from quite early in the readings and people definitely were dividing into camps.

It is questionable if CPH has ever been involved in any comments or posts on LISK.com or any other related site or blog, but some believe he has been, or at least say they do.  As for Flukeyou, he posted quite a bit. and I think it’s safe to say everyone knows Flukeyou is Joe Scalice Jr. and it is also safe to say everyone knows the many different reasons for the Scalices to hold grudges against their neighbors and/or former neighbors.

This last paragraph speaks volumes if you are listening.

Buy again it may be to black n white. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there seems to be more going on here then an old grudge. And more than just Jr. commenting on LISK.com.

So shall we take a look… a real good look at LISK.com before we get into its commenters.



I started a blog years ago on Myspace (Yes Myspace). I was not a blog reader, so I didn’t know much about it. I just felt I wanted to say somethings to the world an so I did. It was something I called my “Sunday Blog” .

It started out a lot like my current zeroblog here on wordpress. In the few years I wrote it, the blog was really all over the place, eventually becoming  what I called a blography (which was my biography in blog form) But it didn’t last because:

A. My creative side is a big skitzo and can not focus on one thing for to long.

B. I started thinking the world and the way it treats each other was just the way they want it, who am I to try to change it.

And although A is still true and B is some times still true (though deep down we truly want to treat each other better, I hope) I had decided it was time to try to start my zero blog up again, but this time try to stay focused (ha!). But I still was not a blog reader so I had no idea how to even go about getting a blog account.

Meanwhile while looking up info in Shannan Gilbert and the Long Island Killer I came across LISK.com and MM7’s blog.  This led me to wordpress and since I was there I decided to get my new Zero Blog started.

When I started writing my blog I knew I wanted to blog about what I read on LISK.com and MM7’s blog, and I also knew it might become its own blog. So even before I started writing “Catfish & Serial Killers” on my other blog I created another blog called MM7 vs LISK. It was nothing but a title but it was there waiting.  What would it be about? How a sleuther was outed on LISK.com because of her beliefs in an open case, or how maybe the killer himself might be stalking her and leaving cryptic messages on her blog. Yes probably. But as I have said many times my understandings of what was going on here changed constantly. At the time I thought most everyone involved were outside the case and just fighting about opinions, so of course I didn’t understand why MM7’s belief that CPH was a killer caused so much obvious hateful comments.

I did not know about Joey Scalice Jr. And to be fair to this day although I have shared emails and im’s with quite a few people, I have not with JS/Fluke. I sent him one message but never heard back from him. So what I know about him is through his posts as Flukeyou on LISK.com (I’ve read 100s of  them) and what others tell me or have commented about him. But as I have said before this all leads back to him… but it isn’t that simple and I would love to hear Joey’s side of this, so what do you say Joey?  Send me an email: zerodinh@rocketmail.com

I know it’s a long shot but I have kept all my private conversations that, PRIVATE. And there are things you could set me straight on, so…  we’ll leave it there.

So back to this blog, by the time all 3 parts of “Catfish & Serial Killers” was written I still wanted to write a separate blog about MM7, LISK.com, and all the commenters, but the title would not fit because there was just so much more going on there then I first suspected. I needed a new name, I decided on The Long Island Serial Killer & The Internet. Which I was never totally happy with but thought it fit and would do.

You may have noticed I kept MM7vsLISK.com as the http address for this blog, at first that was because I didn’t know how to change it, but in the long run I decided to leave it because it still had meaning in the blog. And lately all the sides have seemed to once again divide on to 2 sides. But with MM7’s blog now gone, and in fact MM7 no longer existing there is not much more for me to go with the whole MM7 vs LISK. It is not there at the moment. DPH and MM7 (I guess I should write CKB) are taking it off the blogs and into fully proving CPH’s involvement and the connection to DPH’s estranged husband. And I have told them I hope they do, because no one else can.

This blog how ever will remain and I’m sure comments will continue, though most stopped a long time ago. As with MM7’s blog and LISK.com it’s the comments that say everything. And again anyone can contact me through above email and Facebook. And my other blog is just about to pick up where this one is leaving off. Because this type of thing happens every day.

Other Sites


Longislandserialkiller.com has been down now for a while and is probably not coming back. The site led me to MM7’s blog “Catching Lisk”: http://catchinglisk.wordpress.com

MM7 also has a page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mysterymom7

Shannan’s Facebook Dedication Page is the best place to go on Facebook if you are interested in this case: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128

There are a few others that have popped up:



I’m sure there are others as well, but these are the ones I have checked out.

Due to this new “Dronegate” happenings I have come across some other blogs. They do not deal with the LISK case nor seem to be connected, but they do connect to MM7’s blog, and now mine. Starting with Murt’s:


So with MM7, my blog, and now Murt’s blog there are three different views on what is going on here. But Murt has a past that mirrors the likes of LISK.com which deal with the Casey Anthony Case and the Haleigh Cummings Case (I woke up to booth MM7 and Mort having both blogged about the Haleigh Cummings Case today) as well as cases in Ohio. This mainly dealing with Michelle McKee and  a blog site called radionewz, which has post by Truthspider? Here’s a link: http://radionewz.net/

I spent the last few days looking into both of them and discovered a familiar story. Accusations of interfering in cases that eventually turn into accusations of involvement in cases including right up to exposing someone as a child molester, killer, etc. A feud going back to 2006??? For all these cases involved here, the poor victims and families seem to suffer from everyone’s internet feuds. Though I do not want to give the impression that I am against people getting involved in things where they think they can help but if there are ulterior motives and no help is seen, just an endless circle of finger-pointing, accusations, and threats I have to ask why? The problem is everyone has their own answer to this question. But do they really?  If any of you thought my blog was confusing before… boy are we stepping into it now.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I just keep getting curiouser and curiouser…

Here are a couple of other blogs connected to Murt and this side of the story:



That last one brings  Anonymous into it, via Michelle Mckee. Yes we are now way down that rabbit hole.  Here are Murt’s and Michelle’s Twitter where a lot of this part of the story unfolds:



So I’m often asked why I blog about these different screen names and people I know nothing about. And I have answered this many times, but to truly simplify the answer, I’m looking for some kind of conclusion. I know that may not come, but I’ll be here bugging everyone till it does. (don’t quote me on that)

The thing is… most of the people involved here claim to be TRUTH seekers and all I have seen is a continuous never-ending story.  No answers no truth. And because of the different real cases involved it becomes a little worrisome. This is just a small example of what is going on in sites and blogs everyday. So I’ll put a question out there, to anyone involved in any of the sites I have just mentioned, although the question is not aimed at any of you in particular, and definitely not at any of the victims families (their sites are understood).

Who or why are you blogging for? And before you answer, the victims and their families do not benefit from ongoing stuff that never concludes anything. And if you say for your readers, well if you talk of truth and justice, then your readers should get truth and justice not ongoing nothingness. And those promising anti bullying, that are just pointing back and forth at each other do no justice to their readers who need clarification and understanding of what bullying and cyber-stalking is.

Everyone has their reasons for what they do… and you may consider these questions rhetorical if you wish, but at least ask yourself… what are the reasons for what YOU do?



Originally there were 19 posts. Then 4 disappeared. Now 3 have returned. Oh Discordia! What is going on with this blog?

Well, as I have said before, my take on LISK.com and the motives of those commenting on it changed daily. This is because of the constant comments left here and on MM7’s blog. Then I tried to get some answers through emails and Facebook… now it seems like I change my mind hourly. Because of this I started deleting some things, and then I was ready to stop the blog all together. I’ll try to explain better. I emphasise on TRY.

The reason I started this blog was to show how the stuff being written on LISK.com and MM7’s “Catching LISK” was more than sleuthing… more than disagreements… more than trolls. What was going on, was an elaborate game, being played by more than one player. And in simplest terms I felt I had proven that to myself and probably would never be able to prove it to anyone on here, so what was the point, might as well end this thing. And if you read the last 2 blogs you could see I was definitely heading for an ending to this thing. Then I watched the movie “Seven Psychopaths“, if you haven’t seen it check it out, it’s pretty good. Without giving away to much of the movie, the 7 psychopaths mentioned in the title are brought together randomly to fit the story, some are connected, some come in by chance, and some might not even be real.

Any ways, this started me thinking about all the comments being left, before my blog I kinda thought most of the games were being played by 1 or 2 people or at least people who were connected to each other or to this case. And I still believe this to be true, but then I started realizing that there were some random trolls/sleuthers playing their part in this game. And the movie started me wondering maybe some random psychopaths are involved as well.

What I mean is this, there has been lots of comments that the LISK is amongst these screen names. That the killer or killers frequents these sites, maybe even creates some of them, to be involved in the sleuthing as well as stalk and mess with those out there who might be too close in their sleuthing. And as crazy as this sounds I do think this is impossible. But the movie got me thinking, that sites like these can attract others… random psychos. That was even easier to believe really.

So I admit I got a little freaked out… not for me, but for those involved that my blogs might endanger. I mean there was a lot of BS (that is not my POI)  maybe coming from sock-puppets, or trolls, or LISK, or just some random crazy person lurking in. I did not want my meddling blog to be the reason some crazy person went over the edge.

So I started removing posts. I decided I was done with this game and no ending was needed for the blog.

But the comments kept coming, so I made a fake Facebook and dug deeper.

I made a  Facebook because I wanted to communicate with the different Facebook pages involved with this.  The first Facebook person to accept my “Friend Request” did not go so well.  I said who I was and why I was bothering them on Facebook (I really did have a good reason) and got no reply, but the next day this Facebook Page was gone. Wow, I looked like a stalker.

So I decided again, I’m done with this, this just really has nothing to do with me. But the comments kept coming. Why do you come here when I accuse so many of you of playing games and have stated many times that neither side, or actually NONE of the sides are playing fair, nor being totally truthful.  But you did, so I  got more involved.

I have sent out emails, some returned some not. Most who I corresponded with had close to the same thing to say. But there was some differences, and there was still some dishonesty about who is who going on. So I went back to the Facebook page.

So I went to someone I had been exchanging emails with just to see if they were who they said they were. And yes, the Facebook Page I contacted was theirs. So here was one more person I was pretty sure was who they said they were. But after a few IMs they wanted to know more of who I really was since I now knew they were who they were. So I brought up Vegas and a few things about me, and they asked me if I was someone. A distinct name.  A name of someone in Vegas I knew.

WTF? Once again I freaked out a little. At first I thought, OMG I look like a stalker again, but they had come to my blog, right. Were they stalking me? The name they brought up was someone I had not seen in a few years so I realized, this was just another coincidence, even on the outer edges of this case strange coincidences could be found. So we knew someone mutually. I knew they were real, and now they knew who I was as well. And I got a lot of info from this person, most of it was stuff I had heard from others, but now this pattern was showing. And what have I learned… a lot.

Again, most of the info from emails etc. came from people I know are involved in this case, some closer than others,  and I will continue to not bring any of their identities up.  Since I myself made a fake  Facebook page to talk to people, I can understand why some people don’t want to be mentioned. Also I have received almost no emails back from the screen names that I think are trolls or sock-puppets or whatever you want to call them. The ones with diarrhea of the comment and like to change their screen names. I have sent a few out to them and have had no reply, probably cause they do not check their fake emails.

So what have I learned… pretty much what I have suspected. Games. And I could go on about why I thought some of you are playing them, but it would prove nothing. And since it has been going on for so long, I’m not sure which ones of you truly think you are helping, which ones of you are purposely hurting, and which ones of you are random psychopaths picked up by this rolling snowball.

But I will say this, Mari probably has no idea who zero (me) is, but she does know some of you, and it seems to me at least, Mari is the one being hurt by all this. Misinformation, misdirection, repeated BS! Mari and her family, as well as all the other victims families need answers, not games. So I hope ALL of you, but especially the ones actually involved in this case one way or another, can at least see that, and be more careful about what you are doing.

As for me and this blog… I am a stranger to this case and those involved in it so I don’t have half the info on this case as most of you and could not add much to the sleuthing. So I will move on but  still keep checking back in hopes this case is solved soon.  Today the comments here have finally calmed down so maybe you will all move on as well. But if not… I’ll still be here, I don’t know how much any of you actually read my blog anyway, like with LISK.com it’s all about the comments.

Oh and anyone wanting to chat about any of this, but not in the public forum, can  send me and email at zerodinh@rocketmail.com