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So I had a plan to how this blog would continue… the next title was to be CHERYL#1 and bring us back into those final comments on LISK.com that I first had stumbled on to in February. I was gonna write about how Chery#1 seemed to be the one who tried to really stay out of the finger-pointing and name calling and would try to keep things on topic. But as I have commented, stuff came out of the games as well and Cheryl#1 seemed to be able to separate and discuss what was important without going off on those who were deemed “spreading misinformation”. Not that Cheryl#1 did not comment on people being suspicious with the info they had (such as Flukeyou). But Cheryl seemed (to me at least) try to stay above the drama without constantly complaining about the drama like others did. This would have then brought me to M.D. Rice and Linda. Which would have came first, I’m not sure, because honestly I was worried about Linda’s. I knew it was gonna seem harsh. So I probably would have ended Cheryl#1 leading into the sometimes arguments that Cheryl#1 and M.D.Rice would get into. Then next would have titled

M.D.RICE and I would have written about M.D.Rice someowhat take on the case (which is a little confusing because they never could really fully comment  on their ideas, but I believe it had something to do with a professional hit man with a personal vendetta of some sort. Which I would have then gone into how that makes me thing of Fluke and the other “gangster names” said to have lived in OB. Then on to how some like Cheryl#1 suspected M.D.Rice was a fake screen name or not who they claim to be or something like this, I have not yet gone back to reread and get the whole jist of it, and since I’m not continuing the blog in this manner there is no need to at this moment figure out M.D.Rice. But I do know I would have ended that blog discussing why commenters like Cheryl#1 and others saw things in M.D.Rice’s comments but could not see what I saw in Linda’s comments. Which would have made the next blog called

LINDA, (edited since original post) Linda’s comments seemed to be contradicting.  She could be nice and friendly but then could also be pretty harsh. From feeling foolish to suddenly ranting on and on about others.  Linda was not the only one to call names, but hers could be like I said, harsh. Next would have been

PS149 which would have been cool, cause PS149 has recently joined us here in comments. I mainly would have had questions about comments PS149 made and why they were so sure (if they did not know him personally) KNOW CPH was innocent. I would have also brought my belief that PS149 and Too Close Too Home did not seem like the same person to me, but I wondered if they didn’t know each other in RL. I would have then bought it full circle to

MYSTERYMOM7 and about how I felt about her being stalked, which I have said again and again is a CRIME and not a GAME and she needs to keep up on it till some one is held responsible, I would have also gone into how, like other’s, I could see how the possible influence from Flukeyou could be distracting some of her ideas and so on and so forth, but again why go on about it now right?

Then it would have been time for some kind of ending… but what? I mean I haven’t shown anything that most of you don’t already know… the TRUTH will come out or it won’t… hopefully the CPH trial will answer some questions, but maybe it won’t. As I have always said, hopefully this case gets solved SOON!  For the victims and the families, this is what NEEDS to be done. And also as I have said I am not in any position but to ask questions when it comes to the LISK case. But I could see through some of these comments on LISK.com and thought I could get a better understanding by blogging about it, and I did. But proving anything is impossible. At least for me. I can only speculate, and as of yesterday, I realized that would help no one reading this blog. Only myself. And that would defeat the whole reason I started blogging.

But we still have to have some sort of ending…

So bear with me…

just a little bit longer.



These creeps have no off-switch. They’re EVERYHWERE. Especially Online.
They work very hard to be liked. But they are an infection. They’re a disease.
Now let me tell you how I really feel….

Cheryl on August 31st, 2011 at 8:36 am

I’m assuming that this is the same commenter as Cheryl#1, if I am wrong I hope someone will correct me. If I’m right then Cheryl is a good bridge from old posts to last posts, because Cheryl was there through most of it and stayed out of most of the finger-pointing. To me Cheryl seemed to be real, not a sock-puppet for someone else.  A free-thinker.  But Cheryl did doubt some of the “inside” info:


I doubt seriously that SCPD is leaking information to any Oak Beach resident.

Any “inside” information is either a lie, or actully coming from


And I doubt PH killed a woman’s daughter near his home, left her there, discarded her personal effects in his back yard, then called the victim’s mother to make sure she’d know he was, perhaps, the last people to have seen her alive.

Someone framing him would do all these things.

I’m not even sure WHO made the call from Hackett’s home. Hackett himself may have called. His behavior is strange. But why?

As for his possible stalker,
Only an obsessed individual would pour over Hackett’s income tax returns – or claim to.
Conclusions reached from that is purely speculative – junk really.

Stating as FACT that Hackett partied with hookers and drugs – leads to the reaonable conlusion that the accuser was also present. They were there- or it’s untrue.
Either Way.
This is BAD.
Personality disorder – AT BEST
I focus on Brewer and whoever else was with Shannan that night.
Absolutely NO ONE has been ruled out of this investigation
(How far would a father closely connected to LE go in order to protect his child?)

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Cheryl also pointed out how easy it would be for someone to comment as someone else, ANYONE else:

By The Way

I’m not sure WHY
But anyone can post using another person’s name on this website

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:38 pm

I’m not. I’m Cheryl (#1) using the same email address I always use.

Catch My Drift?

Mari Gilbert on December 27th, 2011 at 7:42 pm

That should not post

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Cheryl commented as Mari to show how someone could comment under any name, even if they were already commenting under another. But earlier someone else had posted as Mari:

I am so Happy that FlukeYou has a Good mind, and talks so well because I am so sick of the lies, and two-face people.
Thank you Fluke!

Mari Gilbert on November 6th, 2011 at 10:11 pm

Now, was this also Cheryl poking fun at Flukeyou, or was this what Cheryl saw and realized people may be commenting as others. So then was this Mari? I know that some of the victims families have talked to some of those who commented on this site. But this comment came out of nowhere. Was it Flukeyou?

Cheryl was one of the few on LISK.com who did not seem to have a hidden agenda or hidden info. So their insights are import.

All Been Said Before

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so, this is one way it is done. Create a false enemy, and get your victim to believe you share this in common. Then the victim lets you in under the guise of defeating the enemy. The enemy is right there next to you pointing their finger. Isn’t that so, crappy? Borderline much?

VeryReal on January 13th, 2012 at 2:08 am


@Very Real-You took the words that I could not say right out of my mouth. I suspect the reason for people posting under multiple names is that they have support from what appears to be other posters regarding their theory. I much rather debate with those who disagree than deal with creepiness esp those who are one individual who post interchangebly under female and male guises.Makes me wonder what else they are capable of. I think the killer can be found on this site or perhaps his lacky associates.

Maddalena on January 13th, 2012 at 1:53 pm


i wish some of you cooks that talk in riddles,and keep accusing people would stop it. your giving me a damn head ache.can’t even read good post cause of your shit.if your not here to help just leave.you sound like a bunch of kids, that your parents need to pay attention to what you pull up on your pc.stop insulting ppl.stop talking about ppls chin hairs,how fat they are…etc.. none of this has anything to do with this case so why say it,other than to be a immature brat.and if you continue the admin needs to block your ip address.have a great day.

wanda on January 7th, 2012 at 1:08 pm


What Mari said is what I meant by compromised. Some people here have “fly on the wall” information and I have to question exactly how they came by it.
And Sybill, I mean Sophia, used this thread to drop hints until we can came to the conclusion that best suited “her” agenda.
If these insiders have gone to Law Enforcemen then what’s their point here? We are honestly interested in the case but we are not pawns.

Cheryl on August 22nd, 2011 at 6:34 pm


Cheryl, I say keep em talkin and discern for yourself. I can tell nothing bogus is going to get passed you woman. You’re really sharp. So is Mari and the others. Im curious as to why anyone would waste precious moments of his or her life to deceive others on a discussion board and it really makes you wonder…I’m referring to Sybil and others who have stopped by to chat.

The Nasty on August 22nd, 2011 at 8:39 pm


@too close to home

I’ve been reading the two of you since the beginning…back and forth,back and forth…..Its not about the 2 of you.
Theres a poster on the other website saying similar things….are you over there busting his chops too every time he posts something?
I don’t know for sure if CPH is a killer;But he is a proven pathological liar.Definitely One of my POIs as far as involvement goes.And my opinion is not based on what Fluke says.You have to admit that things don’t look so good for CPH.
TS has done some great sleuthing on CPH on the other site…and those are FACTS.
The things Fluke posts about just happened to have been True,regardless of how he knows.
You’re the only one here (or anywhere,for that matter) that doesn’t want Fluke to talk.
So far, I know you’ve been right about one thing…..This is NOT a game.
LE is still on the case and still questioning people….
So if you have information (that are facts) about Fluke,then I suggest you meet with the detectives.
If you care so much for the victims and their families…go out there and bring some new information to the site.CPH isn’t the only POI out there being dicussed.
The other site has an abundance of interesting factual information about other questionable characters.If you want to talk research.
Speaking of FACTS…you still didn’t answer…
How do you KNOW Fluke is lying?
How do you KNOW CPH isn’t involved in any way?

BTW….for someone doesn’t know CPH…you sure get worked up.

Puzzled on March 10th, 2012 at 6:08 pm

These comments and many others, like mine, not trying to figure out the LISK case but trying to figure out LISK.com. What is the purpose here? How many are just outsiders sucked in? How many have inside info because they are involved in the case? Who’s being tricked and who’s really doing the tricking? And WHY?  Always back to this. Why is this ongoing finger-pointing game going on for so long on this site?

I heard the site had closed down once before and I found this comment left by admin:

please do not argue. we already closed the site because of people being argumentative. it is okay to express how you feel about this subject but do not attack other members of the site.

admin on March 1st, 2012 at 12:48 pm

This seems to simplify it way too much. A lot more than arugmenting was going on…