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As I steer away from LISK.com for a moment and focus on a few specifics, I’d like to leave it with another view from someone who was there:

Just a note from an old timer, the chat room never worked.  It would work for a day and then it would be down for days.  I could never get it to run on my computer.  And I was not the only one.  I think it was only around for a few weeks as I recall.

Another point you bring up, the admin didn’t seem to be around much.  It was like a little side project.  i really think they only checked it once a day.  It was like you would send in an email and the next morning it would show up in the email section where others could comment on it.  And later when people began to complain about the site not moderating comments, you post something and like three hours later it would post.

when all of the screen names got out of hand and someone started posting personal information like Mari Gilbert’s telephone number, the site admin began allowing one of the family members to help moderate the site.  I am guessing this is the same family member who has given you access to the archived site.

Also, the point keeps coming up that people couldn’t see these comments, that the site didn’t go back this far.  Well, the site actually closed down for a little while.  A week or so.  When it came back, all the old stuff was gone.  I walked away just before this happened.  And it helped me quit coming to the site.  All these grown adults acting like children.  People from the webslueths coming over to LISK to push their theories.  Foreigner even accused one of the Atlantic City victims’ husband of being the serial killer.  Hugh Auslander, who is mentioned in the article above.  He started posting on LISK to defend himself.  It was crazy.  Grasping as straws and ruining people’s reputations.  REAL people with REAL lives.  I wanted no part of it.  I could only imagine what CPH was going through.  No matter what he did or didn’t do, he and his whole family become cannon fodder for the armchair detective army.  Nevermind all the so called “facts” being spewed by Flukeyou aka JS jr.

I wanted to solve a puzzle not crucify innocent people.  And all the theories in the world will not solve this puzzle.  It needs pieces that fit.  And that takes evidence.  Without evidence there is nothing but speculation.  We had not right to convict someone of a crime with nothing more than speculation in the court of public opinion.  If I had been CPH I would have sued the owner of the LISK website for libel and negligence.

As for my theory of what the LISK was created for, it seems I read a statement either in an interview or in the comments somewhere.  They wanted ownership of the domain name so when the killer was caught they could sell the site and make some money.  When the site was first created they were selling T-Shirts.  It was always about profit.  All the drama going on with the people who posted there increased the potential bottom line.  Every hit was a number they could use to attract advertisers.  So they could sell the site for more money.  It was a side business while they did their day job.

I don’t know for sure who actually owned the site but I have some theories.  And there were people who I spoke to off line who claimed to have personal ties and influence with the site owner.  Claimed to have known them all their lives.  So either that person was the site owner or was a relative.  I’m guessing brother and sister, or childhood BFF.

LISK.com Summer of 2011 Part 2

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Every one pops up by the end of the summer. And to be honest, the comments all read a lot like they did in 2013 when I started reading there. But as I said these are the first, people are connecting, sharing ideas, meeting in person, trying to figure out who the people with real info are. I think I get it all pretty much now. My only question is, does any of it have to do with the murders, or was it a runaway train from the beginning? I mean JS’s identity was pretty much known from the beginning yet in 2013 it was like new stuff finally coming out. Only those there from the beginning or those who stuck around long enough could see the skipping record.

Again who had the best seat in this, who could put this all together much better than me? (I’m always playing catch up) Whoever was behind the site.

They had a front row seat to it all. And as the summer of 2011 was winding down they made this known:

LISK Admin 0

This got lots of comments:

212 Responses to “Message from the Site Admin”

That’s a lot of screen shots to get started on , and I’ll get to them and the admins entire post next. But first, again, who is the creator of the site, here they make it sound as if they too are/were a neighbor as well.  Here’s an article on the sites creator from April of 2011: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/long_island_serial_killer_website_interview.php

The beginning of this article has the sites creator saying the sight was made as a mockery but the August post implies it was made to help not mock. So were they really thinking about removing the site, or was it a spoof site from the beginning and this calculated post was to stir up some good mocking? I have seen other types of crime spoof sites, they never help and usually end up gone, but not before causing controversy and confusion.

Only the creator of the site can explain what they were trying to do and other insights they might have from running the site for so long.  Again some of you probably know much more about this sites creator than me, I’m playing catch up.

So let’s catch up together by looking at those 200 plus comments on whether the LISK.com site should stay or go.

One More Thing…


I think this blog is not so much done, as it might be shifting again… or maybe I need to start a whole other blog to continue in a whole new direction.
Now that DPH has decided I might be a part of this Crime Ring, a whole new world of words want to pour out of me. I’m gonna try to help you DPH, though your actions up to this point do not assure me you deserve this help.
It should be obvious to you that if you start pointing a finger at me then you only prove what others say about the both of you (DPH & MM7). That if you don’t agree with them they will call you an accomplice to murder. I know you have seen this written as many times as I have.  So again if you keep doing this to people that don’t agree with you your list will be so long NO ONE will believe you. (the list you sent me is already pretty long, if you add the name zero to it, well that just may be your jumping the shark moment)

I don’t know much about your divorce so  I may be wrong, but it seems to me all this could not be helping you there. So implicating one more person who has nothing to do with your husband or what you believe he has done definitely won’t help you there.

And finally, and this is a little tricky, but if you get what I’m saying here it will be the biggest help to you yet:

If people tell me that they have been wrongly accused of something by you just because they don’t believe as you do (some deep stuff there if you take it that way) and then you wrongly accuse me of something because I don’t believe the things you tell me, all you are doing is creating more people who don’t believe you. I know  I’m not involved in this, and you can not convince me other wise because, once again, I know I’m not involved. So everyone you accuse of things that they  know they are not guilty of will never believe anything you say about others. I hope you get that. Because all though this Jen/Cristin feud is bad enough, you take things to places that are just not acceptable or at least shouldn’t be.