I thought I was gonna wait tell after Thanksgiving to start-up again, but my head is racing with things to write. So here we go.

The Doctor has been a big part of this since the beginning. Some thought CPH was commenting on LISK.com. Cristin thought he was down in Florida stalking her and leaving disturbing comments on her blog.

At the beginning of this  someone asked me if I really thought CPH was on LISK.com or MM7’s blog. My answer was, “if he’s a serial killer anything is possible”.

If  I was asked this question now I would have the definite answer “NO!”. Does it mean I don’t think he’s a serial killer? I doubt it much more now. Does it mean I don’t think he has any info to add to the investigation or what went on that night April 30th/may 1st 2010? That is not my call, and with so much coming out of that little community someone may be hiding something.

But was he here. No. Did he read my blog ever? I highly doubt it. He might have been told about LISK.com or MM7’s Catching LISK, but I just don’t think he came to stir it one way or the other. This means I also don’t think he stalked Cristin or posted anything on her blog. In fact I don’t think Cristin was stalked by anyone, I’ve made that clear before.

He has not been a part of all the hoopla and theatrics of LISK.com and MM7’s blog. Some think maybe his wife or daughter or other friend or family member was commenting in his defence, but I doubt that also.

At first most did not come to CPH’s defense, but more as the defense of the neighbors in general that Flukeyou was slandering and placing at JB’s house the night of Shannan’s disappearance. Most of the commenters still said many things about the Doc was suspicious, but the more Fluke pushed, the more people came to disagree with anything Fluke said, not because they were sticking up or covering for CPH but because they knew Fluke was lying about at least some of the stuff.

So if CPH was never there, who was? Well Joey of course. He’s the one who felt the need to take this all to a sleuthing site, to continuously bash his neighbors, pull in anyone he could to get his agenda met, and confuse and accuse those who didn’t agree with his agenda.

Joey, Joey, Joey. He’s the one you find behind every game play, not CPH. CPH never wrote on MM7’s blog, but we all know Joey did. CPH is nowhere to be found in any of this part. Only constant mentions of him by Joey.

No matter who was behind the running of LISK.com, no matter who connected up into the game and when, where does it all come back to?  Who do I come back to in any conversation with anyone about this again and again?

Flukyou aka Joey aka Junior…

The Problems With Writing This Blog


The 3 main problems with writing this blog were always:

#1. This is a real ongoing unsolved case, which means there are family and friends of the victims that are still hoping and looking for answers and don’t need more people who do not have them putting their 2 cents in. This also means LE are still actively looking into this and related cases and also don’t need more Google Detectives mucking up investigations and wasting time. I’ve done my best to treat this as the most important part of this blog, not getting into the case, but it has not been easy.

#2. Those who post comments with questionable TMI. With so many comments including things about people (some of which I am not even sure these people exist. For example I don’t know Dorothy’s Husband’s ex-wife. How could I know if such a person is real.) So what to allow in comments is hard, I have quite a bit I took off or didn’t allow.

#3 How fast everything changes. If you read this from the beginning, you know that many blogs changed or were removed, ideas for blogs changed long before I could finish them or in some cases even start them. When I first started thinking for names for the blog I thought it was going to be to expose a group of people playing games with a house wife sleuther in Florida or maybe even a serial killer stalking her. But with the arrival of PS149, and the back n forths that came on LISK.com leading up to it being removed told me my blog would not be what I thought it would be. And these things kept happening through out writing this blog making it very unpredictable and very time-consuming. I did my best to read all blogs and comments related which became harder each day since they were being removed so often. Yes changes all around made it very difficult to keep up and keep things straight.  This also meant that important issues never even got brought up. And back in the beginning when people and posts started disappearing stated I went back and read as much old posts I could find on LISK.com. In these early readings there was familiar screen names like Flukeyou, Too Close Too Home, MDRice, Wanda, Cheryl, and a few others, and screen names I had heard mentioned in comments, like Truthspider , Jury Box, Barnaby Jones, Jim Jones (2 Jones) etc. And the more I read back the more things changed on my take of what was happening.

So although these 3 problems will I’m sure continue to make writing this blog difficult and time-consuming, I feel it is not finished and at least some answers might be there if we take another look and a few of you decide to start REALLY helping get to the truth.

From the beginning I felt something strange and diabolical might be going on in the posts and comment on LISK.com. And I had only been reading there for a couple months before it was removed.

Those reading and commenting for years knew it was much more than some online sleuthers arguing over what they think happened in a case they read about. People commenting here knew things. And behind the scenes people were sharing information and misinformation. Teams were being picked. That may a little too black n white but there was definitely a Flukeyou vs. CPH feel from quite early in the readings and people definitely were dividing into camps.

It is questionable if CPH has ever been involved in any comments or posts on LISK.com or any other related site or blog, but some believe he has been, or at least say they do.  As for Flukeyou, he posted quite a bit. and I think it’s safe to say everyone knows Flukeyou is Joe Scalice Jr. and it is also safe to say everyone knows the many different reasons for the Scalices to hold grudges against their neighbors and/or former neighbors.

This last paragraph speaks volumes if you are listening.

Buy again it may be to black n white. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there seems to be more going on here then an old grudge. And more than just Jr. commenting on LISK.com.

So shall we take a look… a real good look at LISK.com before we get into its commenters.

Disclaimer #2


If you have not read the first disclaimer, I would suggest that you do before reading this blog.  And just to add to it as I move this blog onward:

I am not involved in the Long Island Killer Case, I am not involved with anyone associated with it, Long Island, or  Florida.  I only felt something was wrong with the posts and comments being left on LISK.com. Which led me to MM7’s blog and all sorts of other internet connections. Blah, blah, blah, I’ve explained my interest in this and my blog many times already.

Just remember this blog largely deals in heresay. Things I’ve read, things others tell me. Some things are said to be facts, and some may be, but I have not seen much proof nor have I asked for it. Through out most of this I have seen many different sides and all are questionable. But since this deals with real people, real tragedy, please do not take anything written here by ANYONE as gospel. Look for proper information from proper places. And of course any one with information on any crimes from bullying to  cyber-stalking to abuse to human trafficking to murder and anything in between, PLEASE report everything to the proper authorities.

Florida Connection


Speaking of Daytona Beach, there are several residents that live in Oak Beach who own property in Florida. Interesting.

This was left in a comment by Fascinated on August 23rd, 2011. And I agree it is interesting. In fact it is one of the first questions I had when I started reading LISK.com back in February. What is the Florida connection?

Let’s take a look at more comments left way back in 2011 about this.

LE was looking into Daytona Beach.
People and things overlap.

Cheryl on August 23rd, 2011 at 7:31 am


A gang member with ties to all the players lives near daytona….he is capable of anything and goes by two different names…he still has a house at oak beach but was shamed out of the community…life long drug abuser with a penchant for partying…he is a close friend of GC …..has ties to bad people that do bad things

Flukeyou on August 23rd, 2011 at 3:27 pm


Oak Beach, Atlantic City and Daytona Beach are a straight line down the east coast.
If people have property in Oak Beach have properties on Daytona Beach it would mean that SK had could have connections there.

Cheryl on August 23rd, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Now this was before the Screen Name MM7 was involved in the LISK.com posts, but as we all know now, she allegedly lives in Florida. We also know that CPH also lives in Florida. This to me was the first strange coincidence I noticed last February while reading on LISK.com.  Is there something more to that… probably.

Masters Vito and Damian are 2 names that are linked to alternative lifestyle parties in the New York area. But theses parties also were in Florida.

Master Vito may just well be Vito Sarfati the narrator for “Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter”.  And according to Vito’s Facebook page he is W. the actual author of the book. And this author also just happens to live in Florida.