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I started reading back over this blog in preparation for my final posts here. The blog itself is separated in three parts. The first part I was really trying to just figure out all the screen names and real names. In March of 2013 in one of my first posts I discussed trolls and sock-puppets:

So, they are close to the same thing, the general difference being, the reason they do it.  A sock puppet has motives behind what they do, while trolls just like to mess with people. At least that’s how I read it.

And to me I see reason to believe both were/are going on here. The hard part is deciphering between the 2. One or more of these posters are very good at what they do. It is almost impossible to know who is who. There are some ways, which we will later discus, to connect them however.  But now that sites and posts are disappearing it is a little harder to do.  It’s a Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma.  Shall we get started?

And for some of the name game, it is still a puzzle to me. But I now think less troll activity was involved than I originally thought. At least not just random trollness. All the many screen names aside, the many “real” names thrown out in comments and posts were sometimes just as confusing to me. As I tried to explain in a post in April of 2013:

So what I’m getting at is, even though all these names have been “leaked”, I have no proof that any of these names are real or at least really anyone involved in these posts.

So I will use them when needed, after all they have already been thrown out there, and not by me. But I am not trying to endanger anyone or use names of people who have nothing to do with this, so feel free to ask me to remove anything that you might feel is fraudulent or personal info of yourself that you do not want out there.

I was trying to figure out who everyone was that was being thrown out there, but a lot of times they were just names to me, I had no idea who they really were.

The second part of the blog comes after I have a little better understanding of who is who and focused mainly on trying to figure out game and agenda. In May of 2013 I wrote:

So I’m often asked why I blog about these different screen names and people I know nothing about. And I have answered this many times, but to truly simplify the answer, I’m looking for some kind of conclusion. I know that may not come, but I’ll be here bugging everyone till it does. (don’t quote me on that)

And for the most part at that time I continued to blog about this because I was just looking for some sort of end to the story. The thing that would bring the who’s, what’s, and why’s together. During this time I realized some of this had been going on for a long time and that the game part of this was somewhat connected to the actual LISK case. Flukeyou really was Joey, and he really was a neighbor or Dr. Hackett. That other locals were also behind some of the screen names and that an Oak Beach neighbor dispute not only played out in the comments of LISK.com but had been going on for years and now seemed to have found its way into the LISK case. That many of those involved in the games and agendas had centered themselves right into the actual case. Joey, Dorothy, Jen, Cristin, and quite a few others had spoken to Mari and/or her lawyer as well as others in the LISK case. These games and agendas were not just some internet posts. I realized much more of what was happening was in emails and phone calls, the posts and comments were only a show most of the time. The more people who started commenting on my blog led me to contact with some of these commenters. This second part concludes when I realize that all though I could see there were games being played, and although I could see who some of the players were. I was not going to be able to prove it to any one but myself. No one was coming clean on their own, though Jen and Cristin did help a lot with what they did come out with. Joey and Dorothy have never stopped playing game once on these sites and blogs. And still so many screen names unclaimed. But I felt it was as far as it could go at that point.

During this second part of the blog and while the blog was on pause for a few months, I did continue to share emails with people. Made some contacts on Facebook. Someone told me about the “way back machine” and how it could be used to read old LISK.com posts. The more I knew about people, the real people in this with no agendas other than wanting the truth to come out and some of the games and agendas to be exposed for what they were. The more I read old LISK.com stuff. the more I felt the blog was incomplete. LISK.com and Catching LISK were both gone by this time but I still felt something could be learned by looking closer at both these sites and the people who created them as well as the one person who dominated both places with their agenda, Flukeyou. And that is what I did on the third part of this blog. I dug in deep to the early LISK.com stuff. Spoke with quite a few of the earlier commenters there. Understanding LISK.com, its creator, and what went on there was not quite the big mystery. Most of the people who were part of it had already gone through the whole who is who game, and many knew who each of the others were. So getting behind any LISK.com mysteries went rather quickly once I started in this third time. Leaving me mainly just 2 questions about it, who was PS149 who posted at LISK.com in it’s final days and why did Flukeyou use the site to sensationalize what ever suspicions he had about his doctor neighbor? We may never learn who that PS149 was. And it is probably more important to understand why Fluke did what he did.

And as we all know Fluke continues the accusations of conspiracy and coverup on MM7’s blog “Catching LISK”. It was a little harder to blog about what went on there because I had to go from memory and the few things I had saved from it. But then MM7 sent me access to her blog. I was shocked and even told her I couldn’t understand why she would have sent it to me. But I was glad she did. I was able to continue the blog showing how Flukeyou continued his agenda on Catching LISK.  Of course “Catching LISK” is a lot more difficult to figure out even with the whole blog in front of you. Part is due to commenters like NERD who take the blog for a wild ride and part is due to MM7’s claims of being stalked at least one of these commenters. In this third part of my blog I learned quite a bit more about the creators of the 2 sites I blogged about. I understood more of why these sites were made and why they were taken down. It seemed that this third part to the blog (the final part?) too must come to an end. And that is what I am attempting to now do. But as I look back over my blog and choose my final word for the final posts I feel I must once again say that I stand by this blog and the journey it describes. And I once again ask, that if you are going to judge this blog, please read it in its entirety, see my growth and understanding with each post. Remember this is from an outsiders view with no inside information or knowledge about anything. A lot of the time I am playing catch up with most of you that read and comment here, so you can see my blog through your own eyes and understanding of what went on here (here being my blog and the blogs and sites I wrote about). By reading the entire blog I think you can see clearer the conclusions I came to about LISK.com, Catching LISK, and all those who participated in them. Are they the right ones? You tell me.

I also ask that you bare with me for just a few more posts, and please be patient, I want to be as clear as possible in wrapping this blog up.

DPH Sighting



Well, once again it looks like Dorothy, Joey, and Cristin are all on that same track. Thanks to the 3 of them the Doc is about to be nailed to the wall for his involvement in Shannan’s death. And they will be heroes. They were right all along. Of course this is not what I hear, but let’s wait and see before making any rash statements.

I’d like to see everyone who claims to know what happened to Shannan put under oath and asked about their activities of that early May morning. I urge all of Oak Beach neighbors to come forward with ANYTHING they may know. Let’s find out once and for all if Joey or the Doc had anything to do with Shannan’s death.

I also would add, that if Joey and his crew are wrong, and nothing comes out of this lawsuit, then I suggest Mari sue Joey Scalise Jr. for something, I’m not a lawyer, but something to do with evidence tampering or something. I mean if the Doc is looked at because of his phone call and the idea that he said to a reporter that he saw Shannan “running away distressed” (which I have yet to see. Some did say they saw Shannan running away distressed, so there may be some misinformation or confusion here, but if there is proof the Doc said he saw Shannan that night, then yes that would be more lies the Doc is caught in and is probably hiding something, but again I have not seen it, which doesn’t matter as long as the proper people do), well then Joey’s telling of where Shannan’s stuff would be found, or where Shannan’s body would be found, or the numerous statements he has made on Cristin’s blog and LISK.com as other screen names alone, is reasons enough to have Joey put up under a microscope of the media and LE. Put Cristin and Jen up on the stand and make them tell their story under oath, I’d like to hear it. Use this blog as exhibit A.  And then get LISK.com and MM7’s “Catching LISK” blog as exhibit B and C.

All I’m saying is, if The Doc comes out of this lawsuit and nothing more is learned from it, then it is time to take a look at Joey and all those involved in feeding information to Mari and J.R . that is wrong (if the case so proves this). Their activities seem just as suspicious as any one else in this case.

200+ Comments Concluded


So let’s get the rest of the 200+ out-of-the-way. Last comments I posted were about the red tags and they were about to get into the viruses. Shall we?

LISK last 2001LISK last 2002LISK last 2003LISK last 2004LISK last 2005LISK last 2006LISK last 2007LISK last 2008LISK last 2009LISK last 20010LISK last 20011 LISK last 20012LISK last 20013LISK last 20014LISK last 20015LISK last 20016LISK last 20017LISK last 20018LISK last 20019LISK last 20020LISK last 20021LISK last 20022LISK last 20023LISK last 20024LISK last 20025LISK last 20026LISK last 20027

So by the end of that first summer at LISK.com it’s owner was already thinking about taking it down. Reading through the comments to whether the site should stay or go shows us the site owner had reason to think the site was in trouble and might need to come down. Personal info, viruses, sock puppet screen names, and a neighborhood feud that was getting really nasty. But the site continued, and not much had changed by the time I found it in February of 2013. Some of the screen names were gone and some new ones were now involved but still the same thing. Flukeyou accusing his neighbors of being involved in parties and coverup of murder and yet none of it had yet to pan out. And even now, today, after LISK.com is long gone and the games have been exposed, Junior is still calling out the same crap and not one part of it has been proven and no arrests or confessions from any of the neighbors. And why won’t the neighbors help back up Juniors stories? Because they hate the Scalice’s so much they will let a murdered girls family go without knowing the truth and a killer walk free. That’s right isn’t it Fluke? They have a vendetta against you? Or is it one of your other explanations, that the Doc has something on all of them and they are afraid of him?  How did anyone buy this crap?

Please Fluke, please MM7, please anyone (accept Dorothy) tell me where I have this wrong…

LISK.com Admin Post and Comments Part 1


LISK AdminLISK Admin 1LISK Admin 2LISK Admin 3LISK Admin 4LISK Admin 5LISK Admin 6LISK Admin 7LISK Admin 8LISK Admin 9LISK Admin 10LISK Admin 11

So in these first few comments it is primarily voting and complaining about people using multiple screen names. And then Websleuth is mentioned. And so it will begin. LISK.com is laid out in these early months from December of 2010 to August of 2011. In less than a year games were being played and Joey vs The Doc had already begun. I can see the connections starting amongst these early posts. I can see exactly how it all played out.

In these early posts I see all the key players, I see victim’s friends and families, I see people like me not connected and confused by what they are reading.

These 200 plus comments shows a lot of it, but as I said it went on for a few more years, so it got really twisted. And yet as we look over all these early comments, we see as twisted as it got, it didn’t change much from the initial game.

Jury Box

1 Comment

My Theory,
 Very Real, Caddie, Jim Jones, 2C2H are only here to chase away innocent people looking for justice….You Hi-Jack the sight….inflict fear to those you may feel are weak..Thats SADIST, Joking via causing harm, putting out peoples info is going to get one in serious trouble.
Harm is used on here daily as well as words like: IDIOT< STUPID MENTALLY ILL< FAT<
 I feel for people if they buy into the bullying tactic to which you run the sight with.
 Joesph Brewer in my opinion has tortured, Murdered, mislead, Killed, all these young girls plus I bet at least 20 to 30 more….starting in the 1980’s.
 Along they way what better to get friendly with the nieghbors than having them invite to a girl night…….Than bringing a group to answer……Use his Nieghbors but tangle them so tight in his web….they have been guilty to of crimes ………maybe The Doctor knew about a few victims……,GC please I bet he has used escorts regularly…..shaving & getting dressed when Shannan goes banging on door?????
 Makes sense if he just got back from Joesphs party or maybe thats were JB went to have GC serviced..
Why else would Gus be up….car show NOWAY…Bu**shit
Viagra………Bet he didn’t open the door because she was already with him….
 Theory….Thats what this sight is about
Jury Box on January 7th, 2012 at 12:01 pm

So here, again we see that LISK.com has been was stuck on repeat for a while. Name calling, fake screen names, giving out personal information, that was the sites modus operandi. We also see a somewhat continuing “Theory” that a group of O.B. Residence may be involved in the deaths of some of the victims as well as helping to cover it up. Which then leads to the accusations and admittance of  some commenters  living in (at least at one time or another)  Oak Beach. While all this seems to much like a movie script, it does actually make it all start to make sense.  So is that really what we got here, a few Oak Beach Neighbors online covering up their involvement in these atrocious crimes. That or the flip-side where you have Oak Beach Residences merely defending their  innocence to a slandering neighbor with an axe to grind, maybe literally.

It would much easier for me to believe that a bunch of “Trolls” were playing games on here, or that Flukeyou or MM7 were some master mind psycho twisting it all, or even what I first read in these comments, that MM7 was on to CPH and he was stalking her. But all of it loses substance when you look at each idea carefully. So weather or not any one from Oak Beach is involved in any murders aside, they seem to definitely be involved in the LISK.site.  Theory, of course. And one we will get into shortly. But Jury Box had a lot more to say, and theories that may not of  sat well with other commenters, especially if they were Oak Beach Residences.

I respect that you have continously tried to solve this case or bring a new outlook
Like yourself, I also am insightful…..but I see JB being the main character. As I stated earlier I recieved a messages which I mentioned. I believe JB attended a big boys party at a young age & I felt as though GC was the sponsor of the girls..I believe JB continued & so did the Doc..

I feel the Doc was supplying the GC mob with high end drugs that a rich customer paid well for. I believe GC probably felt JB was getting reckless & knows they covered up a party gone wrong……

I bet from that time, JB had people wound tightly in his web…..

Why was Gus up & in the bathroom @ that time before 5am…did he just get back from being serviced??? Car show, I highly doubt it….The key man by the gate….What was & is his ROLE??????

More to that picture than one could ever swallow…..

Where did JB take Shannan when she first arrived….The Doc’s???/
For the Sedative Right??????

Is GC, Dr Hackett on Viagra????…..Jb couldn’t get it up…it sounds….used every excuse to get MP out of the area (go to CVS for drugs & lube?)..Why did JB accuse SG of being a male????? Because he couldn’t get erect or get satisfied…. coinsidence a male dressed in womens clothing was found….What could MP say if JB said SG took off upon arrival from CVS???? Nothing..it would have been all on him….But Brilliant Shannan Called 911 & JB already attacked her.. JB put MP on phone.see what caused EVERYTHING FROM THAT POINT ON …. JB SAID HE WAS NOT GOING TO PAY until satisfied……..that is motive, that is why wanted Shannan to finish …that is why JB claimed SG was a male & lastly JB could never be satisfied until the victim was deceased….that’s how SK EVOLVED TO, necrophilia…..this is common……..

So wrongful Death should be as Follows IMO:

JOESPH BREWER, I believe he is the SK, the mastermind, Necrophilia, the person who got Shannan to go to LI

GUS COLLETTI, SG never entered his house which he lied, because he was part of the party if he opened the door Shannan would have pointed him out.

Dr Hackett, who sedated SG, called MG, claimed SG was in his rehab & I believe as stated the Dr gave SG a SEDATIVE

Now 2C2H is insinuating JS junior was the so called DRIFTER….not sure what thats about yet…BUT I do know the Killings started way before he was born.so What is that about???? 2C2H knowing or being Police Officer Neighbor

Now I believe MG should strip all these people of every nickle they may have & the Lawyer should cease any monetary transactions….since the Dr already signed house over to his wife…all should be nil & void if done before Shannan went missing or that opens a suit for the Wife to be sued directly

GO MARI GO!!!!!!
I AM IN SUPPORT OF ANY ACTIONS MAKING THESE KNOWN LIARS responsible for mucking up an INVESTAGATION as well as being part of some type of group cover up/ group crime spree.

Jury Box on January 8th, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Before I go on, I’m not saying that anyone who was sleuthing an Oak beach Resident was bashed, because this is not true, and commenters got in to arguments all the time about different theories. And finger-pointing was done by most of the frequent commenters. But some of these commenters really seemed to rub others wrong and then a routine  seemed to come out. Read these next posts and see if they don’t have a familiarity in them.


jerk box on January 8th, 2012 at 8:20 pm


I am not Kimberly.but I did hit a nerve…so something must be true?????
Now Jerk Box..Ah CADDIE, Fat Man with Pooper scooper????@ the Zoo, how appropriate. When in Roman do as the Romans.

Jury Box on January 9th, 2012 at 6:49 am


jury kim you are psycho. I have even agreed with and supported fluke in the past, but you ignore that completely. You only see what supports your delusions. How do you even know if I’m a man you fool? LE can come over anytime. I have never changed my name. Unlike YOU who have falsely accused, threatened people with false arrest for being people they aren’t and doing what they’ve never done. PSYCHO. I feel very comfortable saying that, as you bear false witness, and do I really need to remind you that what you are doing is harassment, and slander. You wait until you think people are gone, then you start your bullshit over again. I never threatened anyone here. I will not just lie down and take your bullshit.

VeryReal on January 13th, 2012 at 1:37 am


jerkbox, she’s right, she’s not kimberly TODAY anyway!
You are going to hang your foolish head in shame when it all comes out psycho kim, because none of what you imply is true. Why do we have to keep explaining to you that this site has nothing to do with what the investigators think? They aren’t going to change their minds based on some wacko slanderer off their meds accusing Ronald frickin Reagan along with the rest of the world. Didn’t your therapist tell you you aren’t better yet, and have to keep taking the meds?

VeryReal on January 13th, 2012 at 1:44 am


Different Screens Names, but same game. Alright, I think we are about ready to come back to the posts and comments I first read on LISK.com as well as all that has been posted in comments since the site went down. Time to come full circle sort to speak.



So who is Truthspider? This was posted on LISK.com October 2011:

GQ Magazine UK Article About The Long Island Serial Killer Case

The article is informative yet it also contains this entertaining twist;

Remember the movie “Dinner For Schmucks” where the corporate execs bring these people who they know are idiots together for a dinner party where the idiots have no clue they are being made fun of? Well this GQ magazine article features real life “Idiots” who agreed to be interviewed for the article because they thought that GQ seriously was interested in their so called “Expertise”.

I don’t know which idiot I find to be the most pathetic. It’s either the two self-declared superheroes “Zero” and “Shade” in their full body uniforms or the poor weasel amateur detective from Long Island named Brendan Murphy who is driving around the beach in his bullet proof van spying on the residents with the van’s built in periscope!!!!

These idiots are really entertaining. Sick part is, not one of them realized that they were being made a mockery of when they agreed to the interviews and photo shoots?

Now here is the really sick part- I joined that website Websleuths.com to view the posts made by Brendan Murphy as he mentions in the GQ article. I have identified him as having the username “TRUTHSPIDER” on that website. Sick thing is, this guy is OBSESSED with Dr. Charles Peter Hackett. He is so obsessed with the doctor that his avatar photo on Websleuths is a picture of the doc. I also found numerous discussions where this guy Brendan “Truthspider” Murphy (if that is even his real name) has posted all sorts of fake information about Dr. Hackett. It’s almost as if he is trying to frame Dr. Hackett for Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance as well as all of the LISK murders.

Even crazier, in that GQ magazine article and on Websleuths, Brendan Truthspider Murphy admits that he has strong ties to law enforcement and a thorough knowledge of law enforcement because his dad is a former prosecutor for the district attorney’s office and has very much political pull because he now works for one of the largest law firms on Long Island. Likewise, Brendan Murphy admits that he has a thorough knowledge of Gilgo, Oak Beach and the entire Jones Island area from Jones beach to Robert Moses because his grandfather built over 80 homes there and Brendan was involved his whole childhood with constructing docks and bridges.

The article talks about the former drug enforcement agency van that he purchased. It’s bullet proof, sound proof, has a battery well and a dry ice pellet air conditioning system as well as a periscope. Sounds to me like it’s the perfect crime scene on wheels. He can abduct someone and park that van anywhere to murder someone without anyone on the outside knowing what’s going on or having the ability to stop him. And since it looks like a law enforcement vehicle and since he portrays himself as an “amateur detective” who is hot on this case, he can easily pretend he is law enforcement without anyone thinking otherwise.

At the very least, someone had better alert the authorities or Dr. Hackett’s family to be on the lookout for this stalker and his 1989 Ford Econoline van. This person clearly has something wrong with him. just look at how he is holding his hands in that photo in the magazine. it’s as if the GQ magazine editors are sending a message to all of us that they keyed in on this character for a reason.

Submitted through email by: Lance

When I read this post the first thing I thought was, SOME ONE ELSE CALLED ZERO?

So let me just state now, I am not this Zero.


And now that I just went and read this article in GQ (link above), I again want to say, I am not that Zero.

I also wonder who ” William Wallace” is. The article says he is (or was, the article is from November 2011) a poster on LISK.com, but unfortunately I have never seen any post or comments by this Screen Name, but it seems we do have our Truthspider, at least that’s what was portrayed on LISK.com, with the Screen Name  “Brendan”  posting there. But as we have seen and will see, any one can be anyone on LISK.com.

For now let’s assume that  the SN Brendan on LISK.com is also Truthspider and he is the guy interviewed in this GQ article, or if not Brendan then maybe John as was recently posted on MM7’s blog.

Margaret      Sherick says:

February 20, 2013 at 8:57 pm  and by the way all you dumb asses wasting your time writing useless shit on this blog, Truthspider is not Brendan Murphy. TRUTHSPIDER IS JOHN MURPHY. His dad is DANIEL J BYRNES, a NYS SUPREME COURT LAW CLERK for a judge in the Riverhead Supreme court. His brother, MICHAEL MURPHY was a LIFE GUARD for many years before he joined the Navy. JOSEPH SCALISE (FLUKEYOU) is the DIRECTOR OF LIFEGUARDS for long Island. That is how FLUKEYOU and TRUTHSPIDER have a connection.



Now go back to whatever useless shit it is that you old farts do and also stop writing about AMANDA!!!

So maybe Flukeyou and Truthspider aren’t the same, but two guys who joined together to help solve this, one a sleuther/private detective with a SUPER SCOOBY VAN and a resident from the community who knew a lot about other’s who lived in it. This would make Flukeyou the very person that many have been hinting at for a long time… Joey Scalise.