Cyber Stalkers and Bullies


If you look at all the blogs I put links to in my last post, I mean really look at them you will see where they all are taking the same story now and putting their own spin on it. Radionewz had an article posted by someone using the name Truthspider. Is this John or Brendan or maybe Joey? Who know’s at this point, but it is obvious to any long time reader of any of this, that the post was a common “misinformation/sensationalism/finger-pointing/promising everything delivering nothing type post”.

It warns Murt of MM7 and that  “she will expose your affiliation with Dr. Hackett, Oak Beach, Joe Brewer & Amber Lynn Costello & Kim Raffeo & Shannan Gilbert.” Now of course from here no connections are ever brought forward. But Radionewz does have several more articles announcing FBI might be looking into Murt “according to MM7”. This of course is somewhat corrected by MM7  that there is no report to FBI about Murt, just that she is being stalked by possibly CPH or a friend of his.  So is Murt connected to this Drone? To CPH? To MM7?  Radionewz does call itself a parody, so it is hard to tell if this is a place in search of truth or spoof. That being said I like the site, and it is fun to read, but they are definitely playing this a little.

Which brings in Anonymous. Connected to Radionewz and Murt through Op Michelle (if I’m wrong here, don’t come after me). Anonymous is an internet group known for “Truth Seeking” but they are also known for “Lolz Seeking”.  Again, like Radionewz, I like Anonymous, and can understand what they do, but it is a little up in the air when it comes to Murt and MM7 how much is search for truth and how much is search for entertainment. Once again this is connected by the very questionable Drone and the immediate chatter about it once the pic was first posted. But everything the trolls, sock-puppets, or proxies (the last one is the name I am giving to the ones posting on my blog) commented about was after the picture was up and anyone could have looked up info on it and started in with the screen names Drone Pilot etc. So when it comes to this Drone, it is once again a he said/she said thing and seems very unlikely. If there was anything to it, authorities should have done something about it by now. There did not seem to be a camera on it, and as far as phone tampering the two things have nothing to do with each other as far as I can tell. So it was a toy and may have nothing to do with stalking… until Murt comes into it. If it is his and a camera was involved and he is connected to CPH well that’s different. But it does not seem to be going that way.

So how did Murt get involved? Again a he said/she said story. Murt says he was sent a request from Anonymous  to check into the Drone. MM7 says she decided to go back to her Twitter account to see if anyone could give her info on the drone and Murt just decided to send her an e-mail. Well maybe the stories aren’t so different as they claim them to be. MM7 put it up on Twitter and Murt responded. According to one post I saw that MM7 had asked Michelle if any of her Anonymous friends could help with the whole DRONE thing. So this fits both of their stories, but still seems funny. At the very least Murt should be weary of sharing anonymous friends. Bottom line though,  why and how Murt got into all this is questionable, but I don’t think these 2 (MM7/Murt) came together by chance or luck.

So Michelle, Radio and others have been stalking Murt for years, acording to Murt. Though they claim he is the stalker. As well as now both sides claim the other might be covering something up in the Haleigh Cummings Case. (again, sound familiar?)

Two sides both with their own allies claiming the other of Cyberstalking/Cyberbullying . But this is going on for years, both sides obviously feeding the fire. Hmmm.

MM7 claims that her stalking had escalated to phone tampering, again something I hope if taken to the authorities they are looking into it. She also says Flukeyou is possibly being stalked and his phone bugged as well. No word from Fluke on this, so it is unclear if he has taken his possible phone bugging to the police. Because of his connections to Oak Beach and the LISK case I would think the police or FBI would definitely want to look into it. Now on the other side many say Flukeyou and/or MM7 use stalker methods for their own agendas. And others come straight out and call them stalkers as well. Who is stalking who? If the question has to be asked, then the answer is most likely, no one is being stalked, not truly. Because all sides here seem to be inviting the others to the dance. This probably explains the lack of any real police involvement. But it is distressing because cyberstalking and cyberbulling is serious and the nature of it is already so confusing and complex. Real harassment can be twisted not to look so.

Now the other side of this, which I admit I am very new to the back story, deals with some real cases as well. Including 2 cases in Ohio: The Steubenville Rape Case and the Jacob Limberios Case. It seems that both Michelle and Anonymous got involved here and helped with finding the truth, which I totally applaud. So maybe their involvement here can help… but let’s get to the TRUTH, the LULZ here are too easy.

Other Sites


Longislandserialkiller.com has been down now for a while and is probably not coming back. The site led me to MM7’s blog “Catching Lisk”: http://catchinglisk.wordpress.com

MM7 also has a page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mysterymom7

Shannan’s Facebook Dedication Page is the best place to go on Facebook if you are interested in this case: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128

There are a few others that have popped up:



I’m sure there are others as well, but these are the ones I have checked out.

Due to this new “Dronegate” happenings I have come across some other blogs. They do not deal with the LISK case nor seem to be connected, but they do connect to MM7’s blog, and now mine. Starting with Murt’s:


So with MM7, my blog, and now Murt’s blog there are three different views on what is going on here. But Murt has a past that mirrors the likes of LISK.com which deal with the Casey Anthony Case and the Haleigh Cummings Case (I woke up to booth MM7 and Mort having both blogged about the Haleigh Cummings Case today) as well as cases in Ohio. This mainly dealing with Michelle McKee and  a blog site called radionewz, which has post by Truthspider? Here’s a link: http://radionewz.net/

I spent the last few days looking into both of them and discovered a familiar story. Accusations of interfering in cases that eventually turn into accusations of involvement in cases including right up to exposing someone as a child molester, killer, etc. A feud going back to 2006??? For all these cases involved here, the poor victims and families seem to suffer from everyone’s internet feuds. Though I do not want to give the impression that I am against people getting involved in things where they think they can help but if there are ulterior motives and no help is seen, just an endless circle of finger-pointing, accusations, and threats I have to ask why? The problem is everyone has their own answer to this question. But do they really?  If any of you thought my blog was confusing before… boy are we stepping into it now.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I just keep getting curiouser and curiouser…

Here are a couple of other blogs connected to Murt and this side of the story:



That last one brings  Anonymous into it, via Michelle Mckee. Yes we are now way down that rabbit hole.  Here are Murt’s and Michelle’s Twitter where a lot of this part of the story unfolds:



So I’m often asked why I blog about these different screen names and people I know nothing about. And I have answered this many times, but to truly simplify the answer, I’m looking for some kind of conclusion. I know that may not come, but I’ll be here bugging everyone till it does. (don’t quote me on that)

The thing is… most of the people involved here claim to be TRUTH seekers and all I have seen is a continuous never-ending story.  No answers no truth. And because of the different real cases involved it becomes a little worrisome. This is just a small example of what is going on in sites and blogs everyday. So I’ll put a question out there, to anyone involved in any of the sites I have just mentioned, although the question is not aimed at any of you in particular, and definitely not at any of the victims families (their sites are understood).

Who or why are you blogging for? And before you answer, the victims and their families do not benefit from ongoing stuff that never concludes anything. And if you say for your readers, well if you talk of truth and justice, then your readers should get truth and justice not ongoing nothingness. And those promising anti bullying, that are just pointing back and forth at each other do no justice to their readers who need clarification and understanding of what bullying and cyber-stalking is.

Everyone has their reasons for what they do… and you may consider these questions rhetorical if you wish, but at least ask yourself… what are the reasons for what YOU do?