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Although Cristin didn’t let through many comments from those who spoke against what she blogged or had information that went against the Joey Agenda, she let him put his twisted stuff up every time. Although Cristin complained that those who posted some questionable stuff in her blogs comments must be a serial killer and stalking her, she let Joey’s comments that used the same tactics and were just as obscene, in her logic why didn’t she see Joey as a serial killer and quite possibly her stalker? Here are some of Joey’s first comments on MM7’s blog:

LISK Fluke mm72LISK Fluke mm73

Joey Agenda! Cristin had no problem letting Flukeyou continue the game on her blog. Including using sock puppets with real people’s names. People Cristin knew nothing about, but that didn’t matter to her:

LISK joey mm71LISK Joey mm72

Why was it alright for Joey to use fake screen names, post info on his neighbors, and say some really disturbing thing? And yet when others did these things they were stalkers and killers. Why? Cristin not only let comments like these through,  but she felt no need to let others reading your blog that they come from Joey. Read these next comments by him and hopefully you might see your beloved Joey in a new light:

LISK Joey mm73

If Joey can use fake screen names to write some messed up stuff, why don’t you believe he could have written some of the other messed up stuff? I’m beginning to understand why you don’t like me, I’m like “kryptonite to a hypocrite”.

Hey Joey, you still reading? I hope so ’cause I wanna share what I find as the most pitiful comment you wrote:

LISK Joey mm74

You actually use the Doc’s wife as a sock puppet screen name to praise you own mom. Now that’s f*cked up! Maybe you need some more time on the couch…



I thought I was gonna wait tell after Thanksgiving to start-up again, but my head is racing with things to write. So here we go.

The Doctor has been a big part of this since the beginning. Some thought CPH was commenting on LISK.com. Cristin thought he was down in Florida stalking her and leaving disturbing comments on her blog.

At the beginning of this  someone asked me if I really thought CPH was on LISK.com or MM7’s blog. My answer was, “if he’s a serial killer anything is possible”.

If  I was asked this question now I would have the definite answer “NO!”. Does it mean I don’t think he’s a serial killer? I doubt it much more now. Does it mean I don’t think he has any info to add to the investigation or what went on that night April 30th/may 1st 2010? That is not my call, and with so much coming out of that little community someone may be hiding something.

But was he here. No. Did he read my blog ever? I highly doubt it. He might have been told about LISK.com or MM7’s Catching LISK, but I just don’t think he came to stir it one way or the other. This means I also don’t think he stalked Cristin or posted anything on her blog. In fact I don’t think Cristin was stalked by anyone, I’ve made that clear before.

He has not been a part of all the hoopla and theatrics of LISK.com and MM7’s blog. Some think maybe his wife or daughter or other friend or family member was commenting in his defence, but I doubt that also.

At first most did not come to CPH’s defense, but more as the defense of the neighbors in general that Flukeyou was slandering and placing at JB’s house the night of Shannan’s disappearance. Most of the commenters still said many things about the Doc was suspicious, but the more Fluke pushed, the more people came to disagree with anything Fluke said, not because they were sticking up or covering for CPH but because they knew Fluke was lying about at least some of the stuff.

So if CPH was never there, who was? Well Joey of course. He’s the one who felt the need to take this all to a sleuthing site, to continuously bash his neighbors, pull in anyone he could to get his agenda met, and confuse and accuse those who didn’t agree with his agenda.

Joey, Joey, Joey. He’s the one you find behind every game play, not CPH. CPH never wrote on MM7’s blog, but we all know Joey did. CPH is nowhere to be found in any of this part. Only constant mentions of him by Joey.

No matter who was behind the running of LISK.com, no matter who connected up into the game and when, where does it all come back to?  Who do I come back to in any conversation with anyone about this again and again?

Flukyou aka Joey aka Junior…

A Comment From Fascinated

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As I steer away from LISK.com for a moment and focus on a few specifics, I’d like to leave it with another view from someone who was there:

Just a note from an old timer, the chat room never worked.  It would work for a day and then it would be down for days.  I could never get it to run on my computer.  And I was not the only one.  I think it was only around for a few weeks as I recall.

Another point you bring up, the admin didn’t seem to be around much.  It was like a little side project.  i really think they only checked it once a day.  It was like you would send in an email and the next morning it would show up in the email section where others could comment on it.  And later when people began to complain about the site not moderating comments, you post something and like three hours later it would post.

when all of the screen names got out of hand and someone started posting personal information like Mari Gilbert’s telephone number, the site admin began allowing one of the family members to help moderate the site.  I am guessing this is the same family member who has given you access to the archived site.

Also, the point keeps coming up that people couldn’t see these comments, that the site didn’t go back this far.  Well, the site actually closed down for a little while.  A week or so.  When it came back, all the old stuff was gone.  I walked away just before this happened.  And it helped me quit coming to the site.  All these grown adults acting like children.  People from the webslueths coming over to LISK to push their theories.  Foreigner even accused one of the Atlantic City victims’ husband of being the serial killer.  Hugh Auslander, who is mentioned in the article above.  He started posting on LISK to defend himself.  It was crazy.  Grasping as straws and ruining people’s reputations.  REAL people with REAL lives.  I wanted no part of it.  I could only imagine what CPH was going through.  No matter what he did or didn’t do, he and his whole family become cannon fodder for the armchair detective army.  Nevermind all the so called “facts” being spewed by Flukeyou aka JS jr.

I wanted to solve a puzzle not crucify innocent people.  And all the theories in the world will not solve this puzzle.  It needs pieces that fit.  And that takes evidence.  Without evidence there is nothing but speculation.  We had not right to convict someone of a crime with nothing more than speculation in the court of public opinion.  If I had been CPH I would have sued the owner of the LISK website for libel and negligence.

As for my theory of what the LISK was created for, it seems I read a statement either in an interview or in the comments somewhere.  They wanted ownership of the domain name so when the killer was caught they could sell the site and make some money.  When the site was first created they were selling T-Shirts.  It was always about profit.  All the drama going on with the people who posted there increased the potential bottom line.  Every hit was a number they could use to attract advertisers.  So they could sell the site for more money.  It was a side business while they did their day job.

I don’t know for sure who actually owned the site but I have some theories.  And there were people who I spoke to off line who claimed to have personal ties and influence with the site owner.  Claimed to have known them all their lives.  So either that person was the site owner or was a relative.  I’m guessing brother and sister, or childhood BFF.

LISK.com Friday The 13th May 2011



So by May 13th, 2011 things had started jumping on LISK.com. At the top right of the page (second screen shot) you can see where it reads, ” The website had received a lot of press and emails. We have been posting some of them on the site.”

I think some of these posts were actually comments left on the posts already made by the sites administrator, but regardless if they were comments or emails, turning them into posts was a great idea, because it allowed people to focus  comments on what readers wrote and not what the administrator wrote or posted. We are gonna take a look at some of these early posts of the readers and the comments made on them, but first let’s take a full look at one of the articles the admin had posted:

LISK update 1LISK update 2LISK update 3LISK update 4

If this article by Jessica Cappelli doesn’t set the whole entire existence of LISK.com, I don’t know what does.

There are a few things on here that I’d like to bring up, but I’ll just go with the few that really stuck me while reading this. (I am reading some of this for the first time, and this is one of those)

First off, like I said, it sets up the whole site for what it will become, what it was already becoming within these first months.

But what caught me most was the link at the end to a chat site. WOW! LISK.com had a chat site? I can only imagine how crazy it got in there. Here is what was posted by the site creator about the chat site:

LISK Chatroom

Again an indication of what was happening on LISK.com had started right from the beginning, and again I bet that chat site was insane. It obviously was taken down before I came to read at LISK.com and I guess with good reason.

Profiles are also brought up here, the fake profiles on Facebook, the profile of the killer. Too bad the sites creator/creators  never wrote/posted an article about fake screen names, well at least I haven’t read one yet. Because I’m guessing they started right up on this site and a heads up from the site creator could have stopped years of misguided crap. Sorry to be so blunt, but seeing how early the games started at this site get’s to me. Knowing where all of it goes and where it is now just seems so unnecessary if this sites creator could have stepped in and worried about HELPING the case like it claims and not a game of lies and fake screen names confusing and accusing everyone.

I feel we really need to look at some of these early comments and/or emails turned posts and the comments left on them. As any reader at LISK.com knows, it’s all in the comments.

But first, this post had mentioned the killer’s “profile”, and I think we need to take a look at LISK.com’s posted profile of the killer.

DPH Sighting


Spring to Summer 2014: a friend further south traced threatening posts on a blog re: Long Island serial killings to Centerreach, Blue Point and other locations within Suffolk County. We WILL find out who was there at Joseph (“Rosy”) Brewer’s invite-only party in Oak Beach from April 30, 2010 to May 1, 2010. One guy (married, with three children) posted “Good times”. Shannan sends her strength from above in Heaven.

This Is The End?


When I first wrote Catfish & Serial Killers:

I knew then this LISK.com thing was very complicated. Although I may have been wrong about some things, that I was not. This blog has got to end because there is nothing more I can offer. All three of you (DPH,MM7,JJJ) claim to be the victims here (in a case that already had enough victims) all 3 of you think you are the hero here as well. MM7 is gone but I’m sure she still has all her stuff saved (just like JJJ) and thinks she has been cyber stalked. JJJ, MM7, and DPH claim different aspects to stalking, from slandering and threats to phone tampering and someone actually physical stalking them.  I have e-mails after e-mails accusing each other. But you are undermining the subject. You got involved for your reasons and you did some sneaky stuff and people called you out. Who said what in the comments, who cares? They are comments.  So all 3 of you get off this stalking and victim game, it’s old and no one buys it. You all sipped from the same kool aid.

I know some of you feel like you were victimized, but trust me anyone who is entertaing those ideas with you are not helping you, so I will not do so. From what I see you all got into bed together and then tried to screw each other. MHO. Don’t like it, don’t read my blog. In fact don’t comment here or send me emails, etc. I don’t have time for your games at the moment. REAL LIFE is very busy. But since this is my blog and my email account, remember I am always here.  If you come here don’t expect me to drink your kool aid. I’m not on a side here. If you knew me (crazy thing is none of you do, so why care about my opinion so much is well, crazy) you’d know I don’t like to choose sides. Most of them are usually wrong.

LISK.com is gone and so are MM7’s blog and FB page. These are the main reasons I started this little(heh) side blog. It has outlived it’s purpose. I have been told Fieldnote’s blog is also gone. Maybe it’s a good thing we all stop, maybe not. Time will tell on that one. (Time will tell if we all truly stop). But I don’t think most of the real harm was what was posted out in the open (although some of that was harmful in lots of ways), it was the behind the scenes stuff that did the most damage, and at the moment has not come to a complete end. But for here, for now, my input on the game is done.

So this blog is at an end. The game has been exposed, the players have been exposed…




Before I move on looking at comments left on LISK.com, I know that many think that this is just more distraction from the real case and justice for the victims. I want to make clear that my interest is what brought me to LISK.com and not the other way around. And as I have shown, these games of misdirection and finger-pointing has been going on at LISK.com for a long time. I just started reading it in February of this year, but looking back there are tons of comments accusing others of not caring about the victims, and not helping the victims, and hurting the victims.

I don’t know if the victims or their families are being hurt by any of this. Although I do understand that some of these screen names have been involved with the families to some extent, so I’m sure they know who the helpful ones are by now and who is spreading misdirection, maybe, but maybe not. I don’t know. But as for my involvement and this blog… I stated from the beginning that this was to find the truth behind the comments and not to catch a serial killer. But I think if you are honest you can’t help but see, that getting to the truth behind LISK.com comments can and will help the victims, even if it’s just to show that there are people out there that are misrepresenting their involvement in this case.

So if you truly care about the victims, then you should see that my wanting to seek out the truth behind all these comments and inside information still can help the victims and their families. But in my humble opinion, it is the authorities that owe it to the victims to make sense of this mess and do their job and solve this case or cases. I’ll leave you, for now, with all your own words. Did you mean them?

I agree with Wanda. I stand for the victims and their families and part of that pledge is bringing tranparancy and clarity to the investigation. Maddalena is not my real name but I do not use other names to further confuse or mix up. In defense of Cheryl 2, I think that her heart is in the right place and just happens to be her name of choice but has since made amends.

Maddalena on January 6th, 2012 at 11:35 am


That is very true,Linda. And that is the most important thing. We all want justice for the victims.

M.D. Rice on February 20th, 2013 at 8:33 pm


THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT…please stop guys!! totally not important argument in the big picture?? hello?? THE VICTIMS??

linda on February 21st, 2013 at 8:25 pm


 Most important, it just isn’t fair to the victims to have these sick individuals demanding that searching for the real killer(s) by giving the false hope of the incorrect accusation of who the LISK is. Anyone who really cares about seeking justice for the victims will understand how important it is to keep an open mind and not let the words of a few diseased minds stop anyone from looking for the real killer. The victims deserve justice. They deserve much more than having an innocent man framed for their murders while the real killer walks the streets ready and able to kill again.

For the sake of the victims, trust nothing you see written or said that cannot be verified. For the sake of the victims, do not let one man’s personal vendetta stop you from looking for the real LISK.

ps149 on February 27th, 2013 at 6:09 pm