Joey’s Comments


Although Cristin didn’t let through many comments from those who spoke against what she blogged or had information that went against the Joey Agenda, she let him put his twisted stuff up every time. Although Cristin complained that those who posted some questionable stuff in her blogs comments must be a serial killer and stalking her, she let Joey’s comments that used the same tactics and were just as obscene, in her logic why didn’t she see Joey as a serial killer and quite possibly her stalker? Here are some of Joey’s first comments on MM7’s blog:

LISK Fluke mm72LISK Fluke mm73

Joey Agenda! Cristin had no problem letting Flukeyou continue the game on her blog. Including using sock puppets with real people’s names. People Cristin knew nothing about, but that didn’t matter to her:

LISK joey mm71LISK Joey mm72

Why was it alright for Joey to use fake screen names, post info on his neighbors, and say some really disturbing thing? And yet when others did these things they were stalkers and killers. Why? Cristin not only let comments like these through,  but she felt no need to let others reading your blog that they come from Joey. Read these next comments by him and hopefully you might see your beloved Joey in a new light:

LISK Joey mm73

If Joey can use fake screen names to write some messed up stuff, why don’t you believe he could have written some of the other messed up stuff? I’m beginning to understand why you don’t like me, I’m like “kryptonite to a hypocrite”.

Hey Joey, you still reading? I hope so ’cause I wanna share what I find as the most pitiful comment you wrote:

LISK Joey mm74

You actually use the Doc’s wife as a sock puppet screen name to praise you own mom. Now that’s f*cked up! Maybe you need some more time on the couch…

For Those I Have Mentioned


This is for those of you from LISK.com that I have mentioned in this blog, with the exception of Cristin, Jen, and Dorothy, I have separate posts for you coming soon.

But from Too Close Too Home to Linda, from Cheryl to PS149, to all of you I have written about somewhere in this blog.

I really hope you read my second disclaimer, if not you really should. I know you all only as screen names and by what you tell me or others tell me about you. I do not claim to know who any of you are really, though I have a better idea today than when I first started reading LISK.com. I’m not sure which of you are outsiders like me and which of you are connected in some way. Which of you have shared e-mails or phone calls is unknown to me.  But it is somewhat clear to me that most screen names still commenting are separate people and not sock puppets for some one else. In fact the only one I still have my doubts on is PS149. At this moment I don’t believe PS149 is a separate person but a screen name someone created to ither help MM7’s story or expose it. Well I know who is trying hardest to expose it, so you might get who I think PS149 is. But I wouldn’t put it past DPH or MM7 to create the screen name to help them look like victims. Point is I don’t think PS149’s identity is so unknown.

Again, not fact, but it is what makes sense to me after all I have read. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but we all know PS149 has not made many comments here. I think there are a few screen names afraid to because I might figure them out. Meaning you Fluke and PS149.  Although there was lots of talk about sock puppets, I think most fake screen names came as a direct link to Cristin’s and Jen’s game. I don’t want to leave JS or Dorothy out of that, because they had their parts to play.

So there, I know it’s not much, but it’s something right? Those of you who were like me and only trying to understand why these games were being played got brought into the accusations for no other reason than not understanding or not believing hype and BS. To a point where even now I couldn’t tell you if anyone was actually involved in this case (other than the ones who put themselves in it).

Also to any of you who actually spoke with Cristin on the phone, although I do not believe JS or MM7’s phone was bugged, she has said that she recorded quite a few of her calls.  She gave me a list of people she has talked to, I don’t know how many of them were by phone, but if you did talk to MM7 over the phone, there is a chance it was recorded. Hopefully anyone recorded by her knows they were recorded, because that is one thing I know is not legal.

And as for the Fieldnotes interview that we all know now didn’t happen. I myself just found this out recently, another part of this game that they will play off as something else then it actualy is, a lie plain and simple.  I remember this is when I first heard of DPH because PS149 (if I remember right) said Fieldnotes said he never talked to MM7 but had a call from someone named Dorothy claiming to be MM7. (one of the biggest clues to who PS149 is right there, MHO) All BS and all of them wrapped up in it.

Why? Maybe to get close to Mari, maybe to get money (there is a definite underline dialog here that people are asking for help with bills etc. but again not my place to go into) maybe a book as some have suggested. But I doubt any of them actually think they are close to solving this case like they would lead everyone to believe. Cristin has already backed off most everyone they have connected including DPH’s husband, which is funny because DPH wrote me saying her and Cristin had proof that her husband and CPH knew each other and that they were part of this big Crime Ring they both were about to expose. Cristin stepped back from her accusations of CPH long enough to say he may not be the killer but is evolved in this group of guys who think paying for sex is a good hobby. Depending on which day, some or all of them are killers or involved in human trafficking. But are any of these people connected? Again, it sounds to me like the only one Cristin is still claiming as her POI is CPH. Which is good, because DPH can now remove all those names she sends out to people (she don’t even know) as criminals.

Again I don’t know who is involved in any real criminal activity, so far none of them have been able to crack any case nor get the police to make any arrest. So it seems a few of you had a good idea back on LISK.com as to what was going on here. I compliment those of you who stuck with this ( I wasn’t always nice to all of you). Again though some of you had e-mails and phone calls etc. to know what you knew. I got there eventually, lol.

One last thing, and this is gonna sting a little, but I can no longer keep this in the shadows. I was asked at first not to post this for fear it would then disappear like everything else has.  I did not want to post it because it is not a nice blog and I felt bad reading it. But it seems to be real (although I will let you decide for yourself) if not then I will wait for some other reason it exist. Take a look your self, quick because it may go away now that I put it out there. Here is the link that was sent to me:


I have a few comments about this blog, but since I am not totally sure of why it was written or why it is still out there I will wait on those comments.

But I will say this… several things in this blog are things that were leaked out on LISK.com and then said was a reason that phones must be bugged. MM7 wrote in public and in private to me, these were things she only discussed with Joey and since she did not think he told anyone else about them her conversations must have been listened too. But then some one sends me a blog from 2008 showing all of these things. Am I missing something? Any one could have read these.

Again, this is why I call this a game, and please don’t anyone think I’m looking to play. Those of you privy to info, this is just to show you that EVERYONE is privy to info. And for those of you not privy to info, I’m gonna do my best to make you part of that EVERYONE.

We were outsiders, some trying to help, some just looking for honest information, but others wanted to turn it into something else. Not our fault. They are the only ones who can come clean and stop this.



These creeps have no off-switch. They’re EVERYHWERE. Especially Online.
They work very hard to be liked. But they are an infection. They’re a disease.
Now let me tell you how I really feel….

Cheryl on August 31st, 2011 at 8:36 am

I’m assuming that this is the same commenter as Cheryl#1, if I am wrong I hope someone will correct me. If I’m right then Cheryl is a good bridge from old posts to last posts, because Cheryl was there through most of it and stayed out of most of the finger-pointing. To me Cheryl seemed to be real, not a sock-puppet for someone else.  A free-thinker.  But Cheryl did doubt some of the “inside” info:


I doubt seriously that SCPD is leaking information to any Oak Beach resident.

Any “inside” information is either a lie, or actully coming from


And I doubt PH killed a woman’s daughter near his home, left her there, discarded her personal effects in his back yard, then called the victim’s mother to make sure she’d know he was, perhaps, the last people to have seen her alive.

Someone framing him would do all these things.

I’m not even sure WHO made the call from Hackett’s home. Hackett himself may have called. His behavior is strange. But why?

As for his possible stalker,
Only an obsessed individual would pour over Hackett’s income tax returns – or claim to.
Conclusions reached from that is purely speculative – junk really.

Stating as FACT that Hackett partied with hookers and drugs – leads to the reaonable conlusion that the accuser was also present. They were there- or it’s untrue.
Either Way.
This is BAD.
Personality disorder – AT BEST
I focus on Brewer and whoever else was with Shannan that night.
Absolutely NO ONE has been ruled out of this investigation
(How far would a father closely connected to LE go in order to protect his child?)

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Cheryl also pointed out how easy it would be for someone to comment as someone else, ANYONE else:

By The Way

I’m not sure WHY
But anyone can post using another person’s name on this website

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:38 pm

I’m not. I’m Cheryl (#1) using the same email address I always use.

Catch My Drift?

Mari Gilbert on December 27th, 2011 at 7:42 pm

That should not post

Cheryl on December 27th, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Cheryl commented as Mari to show how someone could comment under any name, even if they were already commenting under another. But earlier someone else had posted as Mari:

I am so Happy that FlukeYou has a Good mind, and talks so well because I am so sick of the lies, and two-face people.
Thank you Fluke!

Mari Gilbert on November 6th, 2011 at 10:11 pm

Now, was this also Cheryl poking fun at Flukeyou, or was this what Cheryl saw and realized people may be commenting as others. So then was this Mari? I know that some of the victims families have talked to some of those who commented on this site. But this comment came out of nowhere. Was it Flukeyou?

Cheryl was one of the few on LISK.com who did not seem to have a hidden agenda or hidden info. So their insights are import.

Joey Scalice Jr.


I’m not here to try and change anybody’s opinion, only to offer mine. I’ve also seen the video of JS jr.acting,believe it or not, more reserved than normal while dealing with a neighbor. He must have known the cameras were on. He’s a guy with some serious anger problems. I don’t consider that a video of a resident acting poorly towards a victims family member.
Jenny, please be aware that I’ve been following this story since it began and have watched all the shows, read all the stories and seen all the videos. I’ve also lurked around on a few different web sites that discuss it.
NO WAY, sorry you got a bad impression of OB. As far as the property value argument, most people I know wouldn’t leave the beach for all the money in the world.
People are not always going to see things the same way, and should be able to discuss why they see the same thing differently, without it turning into an attack on anyone. Not that I feel at all attacked, or feel that I’ve attacked anyone.
mcme on February 8th, 2012 at 3:35 pm 

The first mentions of Joey all seem to be about an Oak Beach resident who is seen on the News.  Mentions of J.S. Jr. on the news with neighbor Gus. I did not see these news programs, I do not know who J.S. Jr. is, but due to so many early posts of him on the news and the mentions of him being a neighbor in Oak Beach, leads me to believe the Scalice Family lived in the gated community.  This is why I’m not capable to really sleuth this case, I don’t even know if the Scalice family lived in Oak Beach, but again, many comments from different sleuthers  say that they were.

And from the beginning it seems there were some people on the site that thought Flukeyou was Joey. And I’m guessing MM7 knew (or thought) Flukeyou was Joey. Yet even when PS149 accused Flukeyou of being Joey (at the time I thought this was a new accusation, now I know it has been going on for a while) there is still some hesitation for anyone to come right out and say Flukeyou is Joey, even though everyone seems to know this.

If Joey is Flukeyou a lot makes sense and a lot more can be focused on. So Joey has reasons to target CPH and has been on sites using different screen names ( I believe Too Close had noticed on at least one post I read where Fluke forgot to change his name Brendan before posting). I also think Flukeyou was behind some of the comments on MM7s blog, like Gus and Barbra H., but that’s just my opinon. But the Brendan thing confuses me because then who is Brendan/Truthspider. They seem to be 2 different people connected maybe through something to do with lifeguards. So why was Flukeyou posting under his buddies name?

What I’m getting at is there are screen names on both sides that seem may be connected to A. Flukeyou or B. Too Close Too Home. And a lot of these screen names had already stopped posting before I started reading. Did they stop posting or did they change screen names or were they just retired sock puppets?

Too Close To Home


its ok for brendan to call me a twit. its ok for fluke to accuse his neighbors falsely. if i point out a lie – I am argumentive.

it is MY OPINION that flukeyou is – at the very least – involved in this case. MY OPINION that FLUKEYOU is deliberately misleading readers. that is not an attack – it is my opinion.

i would still like to hear ONE THING that i was wrong about. and a shred of evidence to support any of the claims that flukeyou has stated as FACT.

but this will most likely be deleted.

too close to home on March 6th, 2012 at 7:56 am

Too Close To Home strongly disagreed with Flukeyou, and the two of them would argue back and forth through comments, Flukeyou commenting on his belief the Doc was guilty and Too Close commenting that Fluke was trying to frame the Doc.  So who was this Too Close To Home who had his own inside info and was coming after the Fluke? Flukeyou had some ideas:

To close to “canning”

Flukeyou on June 28th, 2011 at 8:04 pm

This seems to imply that Flukeyou thinks Too Close might be one of his neighbors he has placed at the Brewer house in earlier comments. But Too Close say’s no:

flukyou – nope…is paranoia setting in yet?

I do not live at OB, although it was my stomping grounds of yesteryear. I have met some of the people that flukyou has mentioned , but do not “know” them. I still have some ties to the community and know the basic geographical layout, however, some houses are newer, so some minor changes. I have been reading this site for a long time: my only goal to help in anyway to catch this creep. I only post if I know a fact to be true..or to answer any questions that I can. I know that there are a few intelligent minds here.. the vector control ditches were not excavated until March and the one that flukyou speaks of near the Dr.s house was done in May. they were done becasue they were inaccessible – you couldn’t get to them to treat them for mosquito population. The video cameras are on a loop that tapes over itself. there is ONE shed, located in a small park behind the mailboxes. it doesn’t have a lock and is used to store seasonal decorations and some basketballs, etc.. stuff for the park. everyone has access to it. flukyou has a better knowledge because he lives there – but – definately is manipulating truths…and that is making me look a lot harder at him..there are more reasons to look at him, and im hoping LE picks up on it..dont want to say too much because if LE is on at least one toe (doubtful) they will..

too close to home on June 29th, 2011 at 8:22 am

And what else did Too Close have to say:

omg! I just thought of something…flukyou grew up at OB and West Islip..attended W.Islip schools. JB grew up in W. Islip – same age group(40′s) – flukyou was a mate at captree in his 20′s… worked in the city… but the bigger question, the one that s got my wheels turning.. is WHY? WHY take truths and weave tales.. why point so many fingers? why all of a sudden? where was flukyou for the last 13months if he knew so much? and why did we not hear of him getting that reward money?

too close to home on June 29th, 2011 at 8:37 am

Too Close had an eye on Fluke and at one point seemed to have caught him in “Sock Puppetry“. On Feb. 8th of 2012 Flukeyou posted 2 comments in a row, in a post made by JENNY:


just another post to say f#$% the poster calling themself Brendan with a capital B, they aren’t me. I have followed what you have said and watched since May how many of the things you stated about this case later become public knowledge. This makes you credible, unlike the others in this wasteland of garbage information.

Flukeyou on February 8th, 2012 at 7:46 pm


I stand behind Fluke all the way. 2c2h really seems to be hiding something and every time Flukeyou points this out he goes nuts! Stay strong Fluke.

Salty is right on —- 2 close has a lot of info that he’s not sharing with LE in order to protect his gang buddies

Flukeyou on February 8th, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Too Close To Home saw these and thought he caught Fluke forgetting to change his Screen Name before sending these comments to himself:


just another post to say f#$% the poster calling themself Brendan with a capital B, they aren’t me. I have followed what you have said and watched since May how many of the things you stated about this case later become public knowledge. This makes you credible, unlike the others in this wasteland of garbage information.

Flukeyou on February 8th, 2012 at 7:46 pm

look – fluke forgot to change his name when commenting to himself. not the first time.

too close to home on March 1st, 2012 at 11:22 am

Too Close reposted Fluke’s comment to show everyone. And I have to admit it looks to me like someone pretending to be someone eles talking to him. This seems to be a perfect example of a Sock Puppet… so who was this comment suppose to be from?

Brendan would soon after reply to Too Close:

@too close, that was fluke retweeting my post to him, we are not the same, smh twit

brendan on March 2nd, 2012 at 7:47 am

A good explanation, but I’m not sure I buy it, and I’m pretty sure Too Close didn’t ither. For one, Flukeyou never says in the comments “this is a tweet from Brendan” or anything like that to explain his posted comments, and I would think he would have wanted to state that he was posting something tweeted to him, if only to stop such confusion. Is it me or did we just find at least one of these Sock Puppets? Was and is Truthspider and Flukeyou one and the same? Well TruthSpider was already known to be Brendan Murphy, an amateur detective from Long Island who had been interviewed for an article in GQ Magazine, but Too Close and others would hint at Flukeyou being someone else. An Oak Beach resident named Joey Scalise. So if Flukeyou was Truthspider who were they? Brendan or Joey?

Sock Puppets & Trolls


If you have read my other blog, or been to MM7’s blog or LISK.com you have heard the phrase “Sock Puppet“. The Urban Dictionary‘s definition of Sock Puppet is as follows:

1.  Sock Puppet

An account made on an internet message board, by a person who already has an account, for the purpose of posting more-or-less anonymously.

2. Sock Puppet
1: A fake personality, usually a ‘friend’ or ‘sister,’ created by a drama queen/king for the sake of defending him/herself against others in an online forum.
2: Someone who might be an actual person but behaves like the above, defending someone who really deserves no defense.
After mskyootie44 left the board in a snit, she made a sock puppet claiming to be her sister that told us we should all be ashamed of how mean we were because mskyootie was cutting herself in the bathroom
Kind of a harsh example left there, but it helps with understanding the phrase, especially as it was used in association with the LISK site. Some of the posters believed that other comments were being left by “Sock Puppets”.  And while there are plenty of examples of where it does indeed look like sock puppets are at work, others insist that these are just “Trolls” and should just be ignored. What does the Urban dictionary have to say about Trolls?
1. Trolls
One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
2. Trolls
One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. ‘you’re nothing but a fanboy’ is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevance to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.
So, they are close to the same thing, the general difference being, the reason they do it.  A sock puppet has motives behind what they do, while trolls just like to mess with people. At least that’s how I read it.
And to me I see reason to believe both were/are going on here. The hard part is deciphering between the 2. One or more of these posters are very good at what they do. It is almost impossible to know who is who. There are some ways, which we will later discus, to connect them however.  But now that sites and posts are disappearing it is a little harder to do.  It’s a Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma.  Shall we get started?