200+ Comments Concluded


So let’s get the rest of the 200+ out-of-the-way. Last comments I posted were about the red tags and they were about to get into the viruses. Shall we?

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So by the end of that first summer at LISK.com it’s owner was already thinking about taking it down. Reading through the comments to whether the site should stay or go shows us the site owner had reason to think the site was in trouble and might need to come down. Personal info, viruses, sock puppet screen names, and a neighborhood feud that was getting really nasty. But the site continued, and not much had changed by the time I found it in February of 2013. Some of the screen names were gone and some new ones were now involved but still the same thing. Flukeyou accusing his neighbors of being involved in parties and coverup of murder and yet none of it had yet to pan out. And even now, today, after LISK.com is long gone and the games have been exposed, Junior is still calling out the same crap and not one part of it has been proven and no arrests or confessions from any of the neighbors. And why won’t the neighbors help back up Juniors stories? Because they hate the Scalice’s so much they will let a murdered girls family go without knowing the truth and a killer walk free. That’s right isn’t it Fluke? They have a vendetta against you? Or is it one of your other explanations, that the Doc has something on all of them and they are afraid of him?  How did anyone buy this crap?

Please Fluke, please MM7, please anyone (accept Dorothy) tell me where I have this wrong…

DPH Sighting


Spring to Summer 2014: a friend further south traced threatening posts on a blog re: Long Island serial killings to Centerreach, Blue Point and other locations within Suffolk County. We WILL find out who was there at Joseph (“Rosy”) Brewer’s invite-only party in Oak Beach from April 30, 2010 to May 1, 2010. One guy (married, with three children) posted “Good times”. Shannan sends her strength from above in Heaven.

DPH Sighting


Well, well, well. We are fighting hard for Suffolk County Police Dept to release the content of Shannan Gilbert’s 22-minute call to 911 on May 1, 2010 (several FOIA requests) as my ex was there — is friends with Joseph Brewer who hosted the parties. Brewer lied to the Suffolk County Police who went back later 2010 to interview him. He was NOT home alone that night. I bet Jimmy Burke and Peter Tartaglia both know who was there. Let the FBI put Burke and Tartaglia on lie detector tests and bring in the experts.
These were not harmless “poker night” parties as my ex would tell the kids and me, but FAR MORE nefarious. Just look up snuff movies.  Shannan was brave to run, just as the other woman did years before that and also the woman who escaped in Atlantic City. The killer slashed her throat and SHE GOT AWAY. Wheels are turning.

Latest E-Mail From Dorothy


From Dorothy Hill
To Zero Dinh

I do not lie. I am HORRIFIED as I Just found out from Cristin that someone set up a fake Twitter account and has been sending tweets from it! YOU are one of the followers! that is NOT me! I am going to take this all the way through criminal investigations to have the person arrested and fully prosecuted under State of NY, State of CA and FEDERAL laws. I am SO DONE with this crime ring

I think I know who ps149 and “linda” are

TWO men, one in Massapequa and other in Manhasset…two copycat serial killers…..who ARE responsible for Shannan’s death. Now we are going to go prove it.

JOEY BREWER has been quiet the last two years…..he has so much to hide. That BASTARD> HE HOSTED wild sex/orgy/drug parties. WERE THERE any police at thost parties and if so, who? WAS PETER TARTAGLIA there? I am filing criminal charges against that bastard this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He works for Suffolk County Thomas Spota and he is COVERING UP THE CRIME RING!!!!!!

This was sent to me an hour ago, and really I’m just tired myself of these games. Is this really DPH sending me all this stuff? Is that really JJ Fieldnotes or Mike D.commenting about being PS149?  Which would fit right into where people like NERD have hinted lately who was PS149. And all that comes with that comment…  Yea… this is truly crazy people. I’ve done all I can to help you all come out of your emails and DO THE RIGHT THING! I’ve called LE, I’ve sent an IM to Mari, I’ve pointed out all I can . I have read through hundreds and hundreds of posts, comments, and emails.  Each time I do something there seems to be ripples, so hopefully posting  this latest e-mail will bring cracks with those ripples.